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The Delivery to Vampuron

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Bender, Fry, and Leela must deliver a dozen coffins to the planet Vampuron, a planet inhabited by vampires!

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Futurama. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

“Good news everyone,” said the professor as he shuffled into the conference room. “We have a delivery to make to the planet Vampuron. And by we, I mean you.”

“What are we delivering?” Leela asked as she, Fry, and Bender exchanged nervous glances.

“A crate of ancient coffins.”

Fry gasped. “Coffins?”

“Wah? Who said anything about coffins?” the professor snapped. “Now hurry along, the dead won’t wait forever you know.” Mumbling complains, the Planet Express crew rose from their seats. “You’ll have to pick up the coffins from my office at the university first. But be quick, you want to be off Vampuron before night falls.”

“Yes, professor,” they muttered.


Several minutes later in the atmosphere above Mars University

“We’re just in and out,” Leela said as she began the descent. “No getting it on with college girls.”

“Yes, captain!” Fry said with a snicker, saluting her mockingly.

Mars University loomed into view. Fry and Bender raced to the window. They watched as hordes of people walked the premises. A gaggle of girls walked across the lawn and sat next to a tree. In the distance, a group of boys threw a frisbee around.

“ life,” said Fry as he reminisced.

“Fry, you never went to college,” Leela said.

“Yes I did! I was a dropout,” he announced proudly.

Leela rolled her eyes. “What a surprise.”

A minute later, they had landed in the parking lot and were walking to the nearest campus building.

“His office is just in here,” Leela said. She walked inside the building and down a hall. She turned to make sure Fry and Bender were still with her. She saw them a few feet down, talking to a couple of girls who both wore identical sportswear, save for the colour.

“Oh, I get to fly the ship to lots of planets,” Fry was saying to them.

Angry, Leela walked over to them. “We have a mission to do! Come on!”

The girls giggled. “Who is that, Fry? Your mother?”

Fry and Bender burst out laughing. Leela glared at the girl who had said this. She itched to use some karate moves but she couldn’t delay any longer: it was pertinent they got the coffins to reach Vampuron and leave it before nightfall.

“We have to get moving,” she snapped. She grabbed Fry and Bender and forced them to follow to the professor’s office. She opened the door and they stepped inside. A dozen coffins littered the ground. Bender began to precariously pick them up, knocking off some sleeping heads from a shelf.

Once they had collected the coffins, they left the office. Anxiously, Fry looked around for the two girls but they were not in sight.

“Can’t we stay here for a little while?” Fry asked. “It’s Friday, party night!”

“Wooo! Partay!” Bender called.

“No,” Leela snapped.

Ignoring the disappointed sighs, she stepped out of the building. Behind her, Fry dropped a coffin. He turned to pick it up and then looked back at the building they had just come from.

“Uh...Leela?” he said.

Leela turned around and saw Fry and Bender a few paces back, facing away from her.

“What?” she asked. She walked over to them and saw they were looking up at the building. “What is it?” Her eyes followed their gaze. “Oh no, please tell me I’m hallucinating.”

“Nope, you aren’t,” said Fry.

Muttering to herself and shaking her head, she walked back to the ship. “Come on! We have to hurry!”


What did Bender, Fry, and Leela see? Find out in part two.


See any mistakes? Any suggestions? Reviews are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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