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When You Go

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Two Weeks Later

Ophelia's POV

I put Julia in her crib and got into bed.For the last two weeks, my life had been oring, dull. I spent my days umb. I missed my father, but i knew I could never have him back. As I shut my eyes, his voice filled my head.
"Don't ruin her life like your mother ruined yours." My eyes shot open. I'd been a terrible mother the last two weeks. I panicked and sat up, careful not to wake Gerard. I went to the closet and grabbed my suitcase. I quietly packed it up and walked out the front door. I didn't want to break the promise that I had made to my father.

Gerard's POV

I woke up to the sound of Julia crying. Knowing that Ophelia had been up and down with her all night I rushed into the baby's room to see what was wrong. After a diaper change and a bottle, she fell asleep, so I put her back in her crib and went into my bedroom. I looked at the empty bed, puzzled, Ophelia hadn't been in the bathroom. I ran over to the open closet. All of her clothes were gone. I leaned against the wall, and cried, sliding further down the wall with each sob.

Ophelia's POV

"I need a one-way ticket to Chicago." I said to the woman behind the counter, handing her my credit card.
"That's going to be $120." She said after typing something.
"Thank you." I said taking the credit card and my ticket from her hand.
"Thank you for Flying with Southwest."

Gerard's POV

"Look! She just used her credit card!" Lucy said as we looked at Ophelia's card history online.
"It's a one-way ticket."
"I'll bet we could find her."
"She's going to Chicago."
"Whatever she charges to her card, we can see. We'll go wherever she goes."
"Unless she realizes that we can see what she spends."
"Gerard, she just bought McDonald's. I don't think she's catching on any."
"Lucy, If she was unhappy enough to leave, I don't want to drag her back. They say 'If you love her, let her go.' Well, I love her, and I just want her to be happy."
"Gerard, that's very noble of you. I bet she'll come back soon, anyways. She's only just seventeen, and she's not used to life on her own. And she loves you too. She's going to miss you."
"You're right."

One Year Later

Ophelia cancelled her credit card right after she got to Chicago. She caught on.
Ophelia didn't change her cell phone number. I called her every day. She only answered once.
"Gerard, I'm waiting for an important call, and you're blocking up my line. Please don't call back again."
So I didn't. I did send Bob to Chicago to see if he could find her. He saw her outside of a high school. He followed her around for the rest of that day. She worked at a clothing store after school, and had her own apartment. She'd trained herself to speak without her Liverpool accent.
She'd forgotten all about the life she left behind.


This chapter's pretty much just a filler, but I wanted to give you guys an update.
I'll have a better update by Friday :D
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