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When You Go [Part 2]

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When Ophelia leaves, she changes her name, so once Gerard figures that out [in this chapterrr] she will not be Ophelia any more, she will be Christi. Thanks for reading :D


Gerard's POV

I sat in a small coffee shop in Chicago. I had gone there to check on Ophelia.
I went to the small shop that she worked in (I was wearing sunglasses and a hat). She designed a lot of the clothes that they sold there. That had always been her dream. To be a designer. While I was there I made it a point to observe her carefully.
Observation one
Her nametag said "Hey, I'm Christi" not "Hey, I'm Ophelia"
Observation two
Her Liverpool accent, gone. She sounded like she had grown up in upstate New York.
Observation three
She wasn't wearing her wedding ring.
She was wearing a plastic, purple, star shaped ring on her left middle finger.
Observation four
Some guy came in and was all over her.
Observation five
He had a matching ring on his left middle finger.
Observation six
She was happy with him.

I turned and walked out of the shop just in time to hear her say "Jeeze, Pete, can't you wait til we get home?" I sat on a bench outside of the shop until she left around seven that night. When she got on a bus, I got on it too. I sat in the row behind her, and watched her text Pete for the entire twenty minute ride. We got off at some club, she got in free. I had to pay twenty-five bucks. No big deal. The band playing there was Fall Out Boy. They had a CD dropping in three days. I waited in the very back of the club, taking my hat and sun glasses off. When the band came out, I couldn't help but laugh. Pete was in it. He played bass. By the end of the night, I had a major headache, and had decided that I would never buy a CD from these guys. After the show was over, Pete bullshitted into the mike. I was in a rush to leave. I just wanted to go home. But after he said "Buy a T-shirt, my girlfriend desgined it." I stopped and bought one. I'd never wear it, but at least I had something to remember her by. I knew that if I ever wanted her back, I was going to have to change... A LOT.
When I got back to my hotel room, I called Lucy.
"Is she coming home?"
"I didn't talk to her."
"Oh, Gerard, why not?"
"She's different. Her name isn't Ophelia any more, it's Christi. She doesn't have an accent any more, and she's living with some guy. I jumped ship. I have to make some changes, but I'm going to get her back."
"Well, on a lighter note, her mother took her last box today. The house is all ours. Stacey's jumping with excitement, because I told her that she could have her room."
"I can't wait to see what you gys do with it. I'll be home tomorrow."
"Oh, Gerard, you're supposed to be there for a week. Stay aand enjoy yourself."
"I'll be home tomorrow, Lucy." and I hung up. I had a lot of things I needed to do to try to get her back, and I wanted to start right then.
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