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We Are All A Bunch Of Liars

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Six Years Later

Christi's POV

I walked out of the airport and across the street to the car rental place. I loved being back in New Jersey. I could walk outside without paparazzi swarming me. Ever since Pete and I announced our engagement, they had been after our picture, like Lindsay Lohan goes after coke. It was insane. It wasn;t until about a week after we started planning the wedding that I remembered one tiny little detail. Gerarad hadn't signed the divorce papers yet. I called his house, no answer. So, I decided that I was just going to show up, and stay until he signed them. I figured it wouldn't take any more than a week.

Gerard's POV

"Daddy!" Julia called from the front of the house.
"A lady in a red car is at our house."
"What?" I asked as I ran to the front window to see what she was talking about. I saw Christi looking at the house, disgustedly. [It hadn't been painted in years. I fired the gardener. I didn't mow the lawn. Things like that.] I watched her walk to the front door, perfectly dressed. Designer clothes from head to toe. Watched her try to find the key under the mat. [There wasn't one] After a few minutes, she knocked on the door.
"Who is that daddy?"
"Don;t worry."
"Gerard!" She exclaimed as I opened the door, as if it had been only days since the last time I saw her. I decided to play it up.
"Can I help you?" I asked raising an eyebrow. She looked at me nervously.
"Don't tell me you forgot me." She whined.
"Oh, I didn't forget you... I don't think we've ever met."
"Gerard, It's me Chri-Ophelia."
"Wow, I couldn't recognize you with that super long, red hair, and your nose... did you have something done to it?"
"Gerard... Of corse not. Why, does it look like I did?"
"No, of corse not, Ophelia."
"I go by Christi now. Christi Starr."
"What a ... cute... name. Did you make it up, or did Pete?"
"Oh, so you know."
"I know."
"Great! Will you sign the papers then?" She asked, pulling an envelope out of her purse.
"Uh... pass."
"You can't just pass on it. Gerard, I'm getting married in seven months, and you have to sign these before I can."
"Well... I'm not signing them."
"Why not?" She asked, stopming her foot. Julia walked around the wall and over to us.
"Daddy, who is this?" She sweetly asked.
"My name's Christi." She said sticking her hand out.
"Julia, this is your mommy." I corrected, pushing Julia toward Christi. She looked at Christi and then at me. Christi sized her up. Her dark brown hair pulled into "piggy tails" and her red and black T-Shirt dress. It's a good thing I had Lucy and Stacey there, or she'd look like a boy, poor thing.
"Really, she's my mommy?" she whispered.
"Really." I replied.
"Mommy, you're so pretty!" Julia whispered in amazement. Christi smiled.
"Thank you."
"What's your job?" Julia asked.
"I'm a clothes designer. I make clothes for Clandstein Industries. I help their bands design shirts and sweatshirts and things like that." Chrisiti explained.
"Daddy, can mommy live here?" Julia asked, turning to look at me. Her innocence nearly broke my heart. I wished that I didn't have to be the one to tell her the truth.
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