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All good things must come to an end.

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Here's the next chapter. It kind of explains Frank and Gerard's past. So basically it fills in a lot of their lives before now. Hope you like it.

Gerard's POV

I walked quickly through the gloomy streets. The rain drizzled down slowly, making the air feel gloomy and oppressive. I pulled my coat closed, trying to keep out the seeping cold. A mantra was playing in my head over and over. I’m going to save Frankie, I’m going to save Frankie. I couldn’t let him live like this any longer. I was going to take him out of his father’s house forever. We would run away and be free together. I know that it’ll be hard to convince Frank to leave, but I have to. I mean, what did Frank have keeping him here? He had just graduated high school and he doesn’t have any close friends who live here. All our old friends had left after they graduated.

Frank was always the baby of the group. Ray, Bob, and I all graduated two years before Frank did. But my brother Mikey had been in school with Frank for a time, and they became good friends. I was in college now, studying art. Ray and Bob had left New Jersey for a California, and I didn’t blame them. I missed them all.

In high school we were all best friends. It didn’t matter that we were the weird kids that no one really talked to, because we always had each other. Our circle began to break after Bob, Ray, and I graduated. My parents moved away, taking Mikey with them. I miss my little bro terribly, but I just can’t leave Jersey just yet. And after Ray and Bob left it was just me and Frank. When it was just the five of us, everything seemed better, we could laugh off all of our problems. Everything just seemed easier when we were all there for each other. It wasn’t like we weren’t still friends anymore, it was just that they had all moved on, and Frank and I were still stuck in this hell hole called Jersey. They had asked me to come with them, but I couldn’t leave Frankie. I loved him way too much and he needs me now more then ever.

I sighed regretfully. I truly wish that I could go back in time, just so I could relive the days when I didn’t have to pace my room in fear, worrying about Frank. Back then we always had someone watching out for Frankie, he stayed the night at one of our houses almost every night. That is, until his father found out that Frank was gay. His dad was so upset that he locked Frank up for weeks with hardly any food or water. It was terrible. Finally, Bob managed to break Frankie out. Frank lived with Mikey and I until his father found him. Strangely enough, he apologized to Frank and asked him to come home. Frank followed him out the door, despite my pleadings. For a time, Frank’s dad was better, and we all began to hope for the best. Then his dad came home drunk one night and broke Frank’s arm. All my hope was gone.

The only good that had come out of this was our love. Frank had told me about his problems long before anyone else knew. It brought us so close together that we were inseparable. The day that Frankie told me he loved me was the best day of my life. He stammered and stumbled over the words, and the only answer I had for him was a kiss, so sweet and tender. It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. We have been together ever since. Our friends all support us, but Frank’s father is an ever growing shadow on our shining love. He was a thorn in our side and today I was determined to remove it. And I know that no matter how hard things get, we will always be there for each other.

My thoughts were interrupted by a small, normal looking white house. Frank’s house.

So what do you think. The chapter was a little longer this time, but I wanted to explain in detail what had happened. Reviews are always welcome.
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