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Run Away

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Breaking free from his world may be harder then Frank thought.

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Here is the next chapter. Things are begining to get a bit more interesting. Hope you like it.

Gerard’s POV

I stared at the door to Franks house for a time. I couldn’t remember the last time I had knocked on that door, I always went around back and snuck in through Frank’s window. Quickly, I strode away, just in case his father was looking outside. Making my way to Frank’s window, I peered inside. He lay on his bed, fast asleep. He was still wearing his clothes from yesterday and he was curled into a ball. His chest rose and fell with his gentle breathing. He looked so beautiful when he slept, like an angel. I didn’t want to wake him, but I had to hear his voice, had to look into his gorgeous eyes. I knocked softly on the window pane, but Frank didn’t wake up. I pulled the window up quickly and climbed into his room, and then I jumped on his bed and wrapped him in my arms.

“Good morning baby!” I greeted him.

“Go away,” Frank mumbled sleepily.

“But it’s time to wake up,” I cooed. Frank swatted at me playfully, then he rolled over and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey baby,” he yawned. He then proceeded to curl up in my arms and he began to fall back asleep.

“Awww, please wake up Frankie?” I asked. He mumbled something into his pillow and shook his head. In answer, I began to tickle him relentlessly. He tried to resist, but soon his laughter filled the room and he flipped over to face me.

“Yay! You’re awake!” I cheered. I leaned in and my lips met his. Frank smiled into the kiss as I held him tightly.

“Good morning Gerard,” he grinned after we had broken apart.

“Guess what we’re going to do today?” I asked Frankie.

“Go back to sleep?” Frank questioned hopefully.

“No silly. We’re going to get you out of here. I’m not going to let your father hurt you any longer.” Frank’s face filled with hope, then he slowly pulled away from me.

“I can’t leave,” he whispered. “He will find me, he always does. The last time I ran away…” Frank shuddered.

“Then we will move away,” I responded. “He can’t find you if he doesn’t know where to look. I can get a new apartment and you will never see him again.” I could see Frank seriously considering my offer.

“Why would you want to stay?” I asked solemnly. With those words, Frank looked me in the eyes and nodded.

“Let’s get out of here,” he agreed. I let out a sigh of relief. I had been worried that Frank might have been too scared to leave, but his courage had beaten his fears. I was so proud of him.

“Let me just pack some stuff really quick,” Frank said excitedly.

“No problem baby,” I smiled. “I’m going to go get my car quick and I’ll be right back.” As I jumped out the window and headed back to my apartment, my heart soared with happiness. Frank and I were finally going to live together! Everything was going perfect.

Frank’s POV

As I threw all the things I needed in a backpack, I couldn’t help but smile. Gerard was going to take me out of my horrible life and take me to a place where I could finally be happy. I put the last of my clothes in my bag and I looked around my room one last time. I wouldn’t miss it, that was for sure. Just then I noticed my guitar, I couldn’t leave that. I leaned over to pick up the beaten case when suddenly, my head exploded in pain. It was worse then it had ever been before, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t move. I fell to the floor in agony, clutching my head. Wave after wave of burning pain overwhelmed me.

“Gerard!” I cried, as tears poured down my face, but he had already left. It was too much, I couldn’t take it! I fell into blackness, sinking away from my floor into a world of emptiness. My last conscious thought was of Gerard.

So Frank is getting worse. I will have the next chapter up tomorrow or the next day. I love all of your reviews, they make me want to keep writing.
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