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Chapter 1

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Based (but not really) off the book or play "Metamorphosis". What happens when Joe Trohman wakes up to be not what he was.

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Chapter 1

"And I never wanna see you again!" Breauna shouted as she slammed the door to our apartment. I don't even see how she could kick me out it was mine before we even got together! That's okay though because right now I don't need her or my apartment.

I walked to my car, finding it unlocked, and sat inside. It would do me a lot of good if I had my favorite guitar with me but its with Breauna and I'm not wanted, And apparently, neither are my keys because they are nowhere to be found!

After what seemed to be 5 days later I found myself in front on a porch, staring into the eyes of what looked like an annoyed, half naked blond haired boy.

"Do you have any idea what time it is Joe?!" I was going to answer him but I looked at my nonexistent watch. 'Oh yeah! Breauna said I needed a new one. She was going to go to Freedman's today!' That memory was all it took to set the water works off.

"Dude? Dude, are you okay?" I flung myself onto his shoulder not even caring about the 5 or 7 inch difference between us was killing my back.

"She kicked me out! I went home to find her and set everything straight and she kicked me out! Can I stay here for the night, week, month- who knows?!"

I told him everything. I told him about this fan girl that said 'You are the best guitar player ever! I wish you could teach me how to play instead of my brother.' I felt like being nice so I grabbed my guitar and a spare. I tried showing her cords that way but she just didn't get it. After awhile I got frustrated and just put her in my arms to help guide her.

"...and that's when Breauna walked in."

"She'll come around Joe. It was all just a big misunderstanding. Until then get some sleep, me and the boys are making you feel better tomorrow."

Being the good guy that Breauna knew I was, I listened to Patrick and walked towards his guestroom. Yeah, I could've very well stayed on his couch but due to past experiences. I knew it was highly uncomfortable to sleep on. Plus, he had sex on it. I haven't seen him with my own eyes yet, and trust me I don't plan to, but I just know it.
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