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Chapter 2

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And so it begins...

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Chapter 2
The next morning I woke up expecting a kiss on a cheek and the TV to be turned on to HGTV but none came and there were no people explaining how a light shade of red was better fuchsia on walls. I then remembered my current position is Patrick’s guestroom and if he were to kiss me I would have to slap someone. Preferably him.

The covers on the bed were crushing me and I couldn’t breathe all that well. When I moved to pull them off me I saw that my hand was black and fuzzy! (‘I swear if this was one of Andy’s jokes again…’) It wasn’t. How do I know this, you ask. Well, its simple really. The rest of my body was fuzzy and black, I had two colorful wings on either side of me and my nose was huge! Well…bigger than usual-it was long and thin- it looked like a straw! ‘If my calculations are correct…then I, Joseph Mark Trohman, am a bug.’

The only way to tell, though, was to somehow reach the bathroom mirror. Using my hands-tentacle things proved to be futile so I gave my wings a try. I concentrated really hard and it was starting to hurt. For awhile this bed seemed to be my only home but then something moved! “Hooray!” I shouted.

Minutes later, I was flying. Joe Trohman was flying! Who needs Breauna when you got wings? Not I! I flew to the bathroom, almost crashing into the mirror ‘cause I had no clue as to how to stop but I did and boy did I look handsome! Or is it pretty? Awesome! I’m going with awesome. I am a fine butterfly! I have blue and black and purple wings…and…and..why?!?? Everything I do reminds me of her. Why did I have to be her favorite insect with her favorite colors?

“I hope you’re awake Joe because the boys are here and we’ve got Star Wars! Not just the movies too! We got light sabers and boxers!”

“I even managed to get that cover you have of me being Princess Leia!” Pete yelled excitedly through the door.

‘Oh no! I was so caught up in my excitement of being a butterfly I forgot about them!’

“Be out in a minute!” I yelled. I rushed around trying to find a place to hide but then I realized I’m small. Who’s gonna notice me? So I settled on the ceiling fan.

“Joe! Where are you?” Pete asked while opening the door and turning on the ceiling fan in mistake for the light.

Colors started spilling in around me and I felt so sick. Every 2 seconds I saw Patrick and Pete and then nothing and then them again. I fell to the floor, my vision dimming darker the faster I plummeted. The last thing I heard was “Ohh! A pretty butterfly!” from Andy.
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