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Chapter 3

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Screams and sadistic smiles.

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Chapter 3
When I came to, my vision was blurry and I could barely make out 3 people staring at me. One had red hair, another blond and the last black. It took me awhile to get my mind back but I finally realized Andy, Patrick and Pete were staring at me. It felt good for once to not be acknowledged for only my rare moments of stupidity. I felt loved!

"Is it just me or does this butterfly have a super huge nose?" Andy spoke up. Pete and Patrick looked at each other in consideration and bursted out into laughter.
"Dude, look, this dude totally has extra fuzz at the top of his head!"

"It looks like a hobo!"

Since I couldn't exactly speak, I did the next best thing. The super huge weird-shaped head's facial expression slowly changed from awe to confusion to realization and at last anger.

"He just called you a b-word in hand signals!"

"I don't know why you're laughing Patrick. He's doing the same thing to you."

The two offended boys left the room, its only inhabitance Andy and I.

"You look familiar...I'm going to name you Joe." I was touched. Someone named me after me! I mean, a butterfly after me! Andy is so my new bestest buddy. "Because you remind me of him and he’s currently missing. Now I have to play Star Wars by myself..."

When Pete and Patrick came back, still mad, I was sleeping. I awoke to yelling or mumbling...everything was louder when you're my size.

"He has to go."

"Will you stop being stupid Patrick? Just because you and Wentz over here were being stupid and Joe got-"

"What does Joe have to do with this? He deserted us in his time of need! It was a boy's night in!"

"Not Trohman, the butterfly! And where's he going to go to? Breauna kicked him out of his apartment. We're all he's got."

"There's Jon! We are in Chicago, you know." Patrick retorted.



"Don't even, Pete."

I wanted so much to scream 'I'm right here!' but I figure butterflies are like silent movies, you gotta watch them to understand. I surveyed my surroundings of this see through plastic thing I awoke in. It didn't look too stable and I guess they thought I was too dumb to actually leave. I should leave. As a matter of fact, I think I will.

I flew out of a crack when the boys weren't paying attention and I found myself in a world I've never noticed before. No, I haven't gone outside. I was still in Patrick's house. Its just that its not as clean as it appeared to be. There were bugs everywhere, well, there were only gnats but that's beside the point. If they were visible Patrick might freak and move out.

"Are you new to the Wentz Community?" a random ladybug asked me.

"Yes but, wait...Wentz Community..? Patrick lives here..."

"You must be talking about the owner of the land. He's evil and because of him I am now and orphan. Wentz is who brings us here. Sometimes we come in his hooded clothing and other times in gifts he presents to the owner of the land...or 'Patrick' as you seem to know him by. We get a home but at his expense. Wentz says he loves it buy we think he may be lying because strange guys come to kill us after we reveal ourselves to the owner of the land."

'Please don't let that last gift Pete gave me be full of bugs...' I thought in my fuzzy black head.

"You seem to know lots about the big people. Were you ever one of them?"

'Is it weird or normal that I woke up to be a bug? Don't worry about it Trohman, just answer the ladybug!'

"Yes. I wasn't always like this. I just got turned into a butterfly today."

"You resemble the Giant with hair who mysteriously disappeared. He always left crumbs and we were happy. With him gone we might starve. You are him, aren't you?"

I'm pretty sure this lady bug thinks I'm insane but who doesn't think that already?

"You're not the only one in your clan to have this done to them."

"Really? You mean I have a chance of turning back?"

"It happened in Vegas to-" A scream sounded in the air. It was loud and girly and I could only assume it was Patrick.

"Holy crap! There are bugs in here!" He pulled out his cell phone and pushed speed dial and from the sadistic smile on his face there can be only one number he called, the exterminator.

The ladybug scampered off. "No! Wait, who did it happen to? What should I do? How can you actually hear me?!?"

'Curse you Patrick! I was so close to getting back.'
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