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A hospital waiting room

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Raising her tierd green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her, He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own.

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Chapter 2
She had never been that close to Brian, she thought as she sat in the hospital waiting room. She was five years older than hi and had moved out when he was just eleven. But she loved him, if she had known what was going on, that he was suffering from the same cruelty that she to had suffered she would have let him live with her sooner. Raising her tired green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her; He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own. As they locked eyes, she heard her name being called; regretfully she broke eye contact, standing and turning to see a haggard looking nurse with pitying eyes. She had always known, he had of course tried before on many occasions but never succeeded. As she walked towards the nurse all she wanted to do was turn and run, run from the pity that oozed out of the nurse. She stood bracing herself for what she knew lay ahead.

“I’m so sorry.” Was all the nurse had to say. She asked if she could see him, just one last time. The nurse agreed and led her along a painfully white hallway. She left her outside the room saying that a police officer would be along soon to answer any of her questions. She knew of cause that it would be her answering questions. Taking a huge breath she pushed the door open. As if in a trance she walked to the bed and lifted the white sheet that covered her brothers head. What she saw didn’t shock her, didn’t make her break down, in fact not even a single tear graced her perfect face. Instead a small smile flitted across her pink lips. He was at peace, finally allowed to sleep unperturbed by nightmares, something they both had been denied of. He was safe, safe from him and for that she was eternally thankful. A small cough echoed from behind her. Turning she met the eyes of a police officer. His face was grave but other than that he showed no emotion.
“We are terribly sorry for your loss Miss,”
“Monroe” she replied almost blankly “Bella Monroe”
“Ah, yes well there isn’t much that we can say other than it was suicide.”
“how?” she asked know she wasn’t going to like the reply that followed.
:sleeping pills and, and Vodka. I’m afraid I will have to ask you some questions Miss Monroe,: Here it comes she thought, the questions. He rattled off the usual prattle, his and hers full name, address, phone number, he asked whether he had been depressed and if she thought he had any reason to want to die. She answered in the same guarded monotone as she always had when answer these type of questions when he suddenly asked her something she hadn’t planned on answering.
“Are you his legal guardian Miss Monroe, or do I need to contact parents?” She stared at him, no one had asked her about them for so long.
“Our mother died over two years ago, officer.” She spoke in little more than a whisper.
“And your father?” he probed.
“He isn’t very well.” She replied quickly a little to quickly
“In what way?” The officer wouldn’t let up, he was curious now and wanted an answer.
“Ill enough for me to become Brian’s legal guardian.” She snapped “And if you don’t mind officer I have a few people to call and then I have to get to collage.” With that she turned back to the bed and the lifeless shape that used to be her brother.
“Thank you Miss Monroe, and once again please except our deepest sympathize.” Bella heard him turn to leave, opening the door and it closing quietly behind him. She pulled her eyes closed, her black eyelashes coming together releasing a deep sigh she opened them again. Flattening her brother’s hair, and planting a kiss on his forehead she left. Walking slowly but quietly down the freakishly clean New York hospital corridor and into the waiting room.
She left the front desk with her details so the undertakers could contact her. She pulled her phone from her back pocket, scanning the room for the man she had seen earlier. She couldn’t see him and felt slightly disappointed, brushing this feeling aside she raised the phone to her ear and walked through the doors that led her to the cold car park. As she neared her beaten up blue Audi the phone connected. The tired voice of her Gran could be heard on the other end. Gathering up all of her courage she began to talk. This was the bit she had dreaded the most not him dying, not the over sympathetic teachers at her collage but telling her grandparent that there only grandson had killed himself. Sighing once more to herself she slid into the car still retelling the recent events.
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