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A morning after

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Raising her tierd green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her, He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own.

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Chapter 3
Bella sighed as she flicked her bedside light on. She had been having the same dream for almost two years now; they started just after that night in the hospital. They didn’t disturb her but, the face of that man had been growing prominent every night for almost two weeks and as she walked out of the hospital she could hear him crying, he was in pain and she knew it. Sighing she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, grabbing a towel, she glanced at the clock it flashed 6.30 back at her. It would take and hour maybe two depending on traffic for her to reach the cemetery. She pulled off her camisole and sweats and stepped into the mercifully hot water of her shower. She would of course have to phone hr grandmother and listen to her reminisce about ‘the good old days’ as she called it, then of course would come her Gran’s questions ‘how are you holding up?’ and ‘do you need us to come up and give you a hand?’ She loved her Gran but these questions did nothing but piss her off, she was twenty-three not thirteen. She turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a blood red towel around her body she walked into the kitchen and flicked the switch to her coffee machine.

Going back into her bedroom she plugged in her straighteners to heat up. Tying up her long black hair, she opened a draw and pulled out underwear and tights. She put them on and walked to her wardrobe she took out a black dress that came to just above the knee, it wasn’t to low cut, had short sleeves and a belt that pulled in at her waist showing of an hourglass figure many girls would kill for. She wasn’t model beautiful but she wasn’t ugly either. She then proceeded to brush, dry and straighten her hair, pulling up her side bangs to a small ponytail, but leaving most of her hair down. She applied some black kohl to her lower lids, mascara to her already black eyelashes and Chap Stick to her lips. She grabbed a red cardie and walked out of her room, by now the sent of coffee filled the air.

She entered the kitchen and turned the radio on. Sitting at the breakfast bar she sipped her coffee and listened to that days news headlines. Once she had finished, she put her empty mug into the small dishwasher and walked to the front door. Slipping on a pair of beaten up black pumps she grabbed her keys and purse, locking the front door behind her she walked down the hallway, past the out of order lifts and down three flights of stairs that led to the car park. Getting into her car, she glanced at the clock. She could be at work for eight, which gave her another hour before she had to leave for the cemetery. Starting the car, she tried to find something to look forward to today, but a usual her mind went blank.

ok so not my best chapter but what can you do, i wrote half of this at my Grans so. please review, it doesn't kill you, please, please? xx
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