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Billie has an eatting disorder.

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I sat down with a handful of pop-rocks, and two plates of pizza. It was cheese pizza, Billie's favorite. Lately, he had not been eating much, or at least not around me. Tre, Addie, and I had been worried lately.

"Hey, heres the pizza you never ordered but I assumed you were hungry so i brought anyway, aren't i such a wonderful person?" I said sitting down next to him. He stared at the food but didn't move.

"Not hungry?" I asked frowning.

"No, not really." Billie Joe replied. I raised my eyebrows. He seemed to louse allot of weight lately and i was worried. I wanted to scream at him to eat, but i was afraid to.

"You have not been eating much." I told him. He smiled

"Mike you worry way too much!" He exclaimed.

"OK then, if you don't have a disorder, then take a bite of the wonderful pizza i paid like ninety bucks for." I told him. He glanced at me like I was crazy.

"You didn't pay that much for this!" Billie exclaimed.

"How do you know it didn't come from Italy?" I asked, hunger flashed through his eyes. He stuffed the entire piece into his mouth. Billie bolted for the bathroom and i quickly dashed after him,. I stood in the doorway and watched my best friend puke his guts out.

"I ate too fast," he said innocently. My heart broke right there, Billie had a eating disorder. It was like my worst nightmare right before my eyes.

"No Billie Joe, your sick." I choked on the words.I turned and ran out the door so i wouldn't cry in front of him. My best friend was sick, and I couldn't help him.
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