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They have a concert. Starts Mike's POV.

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It's been three weeks since I found out Billie was sick. But things are getting better, I think. Billie has been eating more, but still really skinny, well he'll gain it back if keeps on eating. Tonight, we have our first show in like 2 years. We're all very excited, well excepted Billie. I think thats because he tired, he'll perk up before the show.

Billie's POV

'I hate lying to him, but if I want to get skinnier I have to', I thought sitting my room. "Hey,can i come in?" I heard Mike say.

"Yea, sure."

Every time he's around I feel guilty.

"The shows in a hour, wanna practice?"

"Na, need to save energy.'' I said, it was true, if i stood up now I might pass out.

''Oh, OK, why don't you get some sleep then, I'll wake you up in 30 minutes.''

"OK, see you in 30 then." I said, and i fell asleep.

Time Lapse

"Billie, Bill, Billie Joe wake up, 30 minutes till were on." Thats what I heard as I awoke.

"OK, OK, I'm up." I said getting up off the couch, wishing I hadn't for it was the cause of a huge head rush.

"Wow, Billie, you OK." Mike said concerned.

"Yea, just a head rush."

"OK, well we have to go on in 20 minutes now."

I stood up and walked out of the dressing room, Mike followed.

"Hey there Bj, haven't seen you ALL day!" Our overly happy friend practically yelled in my ear.

"I was tired so I took a nap in the dressing room." I said.

"OK!" He yelled happily, and ran off to God knows where.

"10 minutes till on!" Someone screamed.

"OK, we didn't get any practice, but hopefully we'll be OK." Mike said.

We got our instruments and then we had to go on stage.

Mike's POV

We started out with 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'. Even though we had no practice, we were still pretty damn good. Billie wasn't singing as good as he was in the beginning of the song. He sounded as if he was about to fall asleep.

He was starting to miss notes, and that when he collapsed. I thought quick, I dropped my bass, and ran over to him. Tre was trying to get the fans to calm down, but they continued to scream as thought Hell was being unleashed.

I quickly grabbed my cell and shakily dialed 911, they told me they'd be here in 10 minutes. And then I realized, Billie lied to me.
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