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Twisted Trust

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Mike's angry. Tre's POV.

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We were in the waiting room, waiting obviously. I thought Mike said he was getting better, I can't believe he lied to me! I hate him right now, he knew that Billie was sick and he didn't do anything to help! The doctor came out of Billie's room.

"How is he?" Mike (Grr!) said getting out of the chair.

"I am sorry to say your friend has been diagnosed with bulimia." Dr. Jimmy said.

"Can we see him?" I asked.

"Yes, and he can be released later today." Dr. Jimmy said then smiled and walked off.

I cautiously walked up to the bed. Mike took a seat, I pulled up a chair and sat next to him.
Billie was awake, just lying there looking at the ceiling.

"Why?" Mike asked. Billie didn't answer.

"Billie, please answer me." Mike said in a more demanding voice. Billie still didn't answer.

"Mike, give him a little time, maybe he doesn't want to answer right now!" I yelled at him.

Mike stood up and grabbed Billie's shoulders. "Billie, why did you lie to me!" Mike yelled practically at the top of his lungs.

"MIKE!" I yelled, making him loosen his grip on Billie. "I think you need to go take a little walk, calm down a bit."

He only nodded and walked out of the room. I walked over to Billie, I could see tears in his his eyes.

"Oh, Billie, you know he didn't mean it, he just looses his temper some times." I said, trying to calm him. He nodded but he started to sob. I rushed over and wrapped my arms around him. He did the same and and cryed in to my shirt.

"I'm sorry!" he sobbed.

"For what?" I asked.

"For lying to you guys." He said and continued sobbing.

"Its OK Billie, its OK."
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