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A Fight that Started with Jello

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Yea, not much to say here, just that it's still Tre's POV.

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Billie had been released from the hospital. We were now sitting at Billie's kitchen table. We had put some Jello out in front of him, he was holding a spoon full of Jello, just staring at it. I could tell that Mike was getting aggravated, but Billie needed his time, other wise we were going to get nowhere with this.

Mike's big ass vein was bigger than the time when me and Bj were making out in front of his daughter. (he he).

"Billie, do you want to try later?" I asked. He nodded.

"No Billie, we are all going to sit here until you eat." Mike said, louder than he probably should have.

"I don't want to." Billie said putting the spoon down.

"Billie, you are going to eat weather you like it or not!" Mike yelled, picking up the spoon and shoving it in Billie's mouth.

"It is Jello Billie, it is not going to to make you fat, do you want to die, 'cause if you do I will let you go in a God damn corner and die!" He screamed. Billie started sobbing.

"Look what you did Mike, you could be at least under standing, this would be hard for you to." I screamed back, trying to defend Billie.

Mike then threw his fist at me, it landed square on my jaw, I fell to the ground.

"I'll be back in a bit, I need to think." Mike said grabbing his keys. I suddenly gained my strength back. I stood up and ran after him, jumping tackling him to the ground.

"Mike, Billie needs his God damn time to eat again, you have NO rite to force him!" I yelled in his face.

"Now, you can go out and think, don't come back 'till tomorrow, I don't think Billie needs you right now." I said climbing off of him. He got up and walked out the door. i went back to the kitchen to see how Billie was. He was in a fatal position in the corner, tears streaming down his face.

"Billie, are you OK?" I asked, he shook his head.

I pulled him off the ground, carrying him up to his bed room. I helped him get in to his pajamas, he was still very weak. I took him in to the bathroom brushed his teeth, brushed out his hair, and washed his tear stained face and behind his ears. I realized I was treating him like a baby, but I couldn't help it, he seemed so weak and Innocent.

"I'm tired," He said. I got him off the counter where I was cleaning him, and escorted him to his bed. He got in and I put the covers on him and kissed his head, and I walked tourds the door.

"Will you stay with me?" He asked in the most innocent voice.

"OK Billie." I said walking back to the bed. I took off my shoes and climbed in. I put my arms around him, and in seconds he was asleep. A few minutes later I joined him off in lala land.
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