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Destructive Power

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 10: Destructive Power.

It was chaos, absolute chaos, and he loved it.

Using the battle in the lower levels as a distraction, Lord Voldemort had portkeyed into the central control room for Azkaban prison, the room that happened to be the concentration point for the wards protecting both the prison from attack and the world from escaping prisoners.

The concentration point for the second most powerful wards ever built, and only someone as powerful as Lord Voldemort could even survive what the said person was about to do because the wards were the only energy source powerful enough to destroy the wards on that brats house.

Simply because the original builders had been unable to channel so much energy into the wards, so instead they created a concentration of magic from sacrificed victims to power their wards, magic that had to be so tightly leashed it was almost completely unstable. It was in a constant state of fluctuation. It was chaos; it was like trying to stop a hungry Hungarian horntail from eating a juicy fat pig by tying a piece of string around its neck and to a tree, one jerk and the pigs gone to a fiery grave.

'Time to start, Lucius now has 10 minutes to get out before he gets fried.' the Dark Lord thought happily as he started marking the floor.


Harry was sat on his bed, Blaise on his lap, Rose next to him. Ron was sat on his bed, Hermione on his right, Ginny on his left; they were discussing anything except the attack on Azkaban, anything to keep their minds off it.

But despite Harry's growing skill at Occlumency, the chaos of power surrounding Voldemort was making his scar throb with pain. Rubbing it absentmindedly he kept his mind on his girlfriend, who happened to be the only person looking at him as he rubbed at his famous scar.

"Harry, are you alright? Is your scar bothering you?" she asked, concerned about him, causing him to stop and think about his answer, because no matter how good he was at Occlumency, Blaise always knew when he was lying so a simple 'no, I'm fine.' wouldn't work on her.

"Yeah, it hurts like hell, I didn't realise it until you said. I wonder why, my Occlumency keeps him out now, even the pain." he said confused about how Voldemort could get through his shields.

The pain continued to grow as Harry's friends looked at him in concern, before a sudden pain shot through him, causing him to collapse back onto the bed.

Despite the pain Harry kept his eyes open, locked on Blaise's helpless blue orbs staring right back.

The sounds of his friends' screams of alarm were suddenly drowned out by a sadistic snake - like voice echoing in his mind.

"Close your eyes, I want you to see your death..."

Harry, unable to disobey the voice, closed his eyes. What he saw was not what he had expected, as he looked through Voldemort's eyes, he realised that wherever he was appeared to be an island, in some sort of fortress. Where in the fortress, he had no idea. He could smell the salty sea, the smell of death, battle, feel the crackling maelstrom of power surrounding Voldemort.

Then it hit him:

Voldemort was on Azkaban.

"Feel that Potter, that's what your death feels like, intoxicating isn't it." he stated, and it was. Harry could feel his body, back at Grimmauld place as it began listening to his deepest desires, the darkest thoughts, the longing for power, begging him to just reach out and pull the power through the link he shared with Voldemort, the temptation was more powerful than anything he had ever felt.

But he also felt his logic mind slipping into place. Was this a trick? This much power could not possibly be held by one person, it could only possibly be contained in some powerful wards, and they took several ridiculously powerful wizards to erect even the weakest ones, no one body could hold this much power.

With this thought Harry squashed his temptation and attempted to pull out of Voldemort's mind, only to find himself being held there.

"You don't want power boy? Foolish child, I shall enjoy draining the remains of these wards once I'm finished with them, now watch your death being formed, created, brought forth and moulded. Feel the power I will use to obliterate the wards protecting your home." the sinister voice of Voldemort hissed in his mind.

Harry watched in fascination as the maelstrom began contracting into a crackling ball of pure chaotic magic in front of Voldemort, getting smaller and smaller, Harry could sense the strain on his worst enemy, the power of a ritual of some kind helping to contain the power, stop the chaos from erupting in a cataclysmic explosion.

Harry had never seen such a display of power before. He had never seen the power of an atomic bomb, having never watched any of the war movies that Dudley had seen, but he imagined that the power contained in this shrinking ball of pure power would rival one of a nuclear blast.

Several minutes later and a rippling electric blue ball of chaos the size of a small car was hovering a few feet above the ground in front of Voldemort, lightning blasting at the containing shields constantly. The power was phenomenal, but Harry could feel it gradually chipping away at those shields, weakening them faster and faster with each passing moment.

It was then that Harry realised what Voldemort was going to do, and that the strain it had on him had caused him to release his hold on Harry.

Yanking his mind out of Voldemort's, Harry rolled onto his side where he dutifully emptied his stomach on the floor next to his bed before leaping to his feet and charging downstairs, ignoring the pain in his scar with a burst of adrenalin, he crashed into the kitchen, startling Mrs Weasley into jumping three feet in the air.

"Mrs. Weasley...Voldemort...Dursleys...Azkaban..." he gasped out.

"Excuse me?" she asked confused.

"Get the order and Aurors out of Azkaban Voldemort's going to destroy it!" he got out, ignoring the gasps of surprise, before trying to find a way to contact the Dursleys, before his eye's stopped on Rose's Gringotts vault key hung around her neck on a fine silver chain, remembering the day he found it.

"Of course." he muttered to himself as he took a seat, making his first attempt at telepathy.

Having no idea of how to do it, he decided to go on instinct, concentrating on the faces of the three Dursleys, willing them to hear him calling them.


'What was that? God now I'm hearing that boy in my mind.' Vernon thought to himself before the sound of his nephew once again sounded in his head, sounding almost relieved, repeatedly telling him to get out of the house.

Looking at the faces of the rest of the room's occupants told him that he had heard correctly, the boy was in their minds.

'What are you doing in my head boy!?' Vernon thought furiously.

"Get out of the house, you'll find out why in a minute, just get out and hope I'm wrong."

Vernon decided to do as he was told and took his wife and son outside, grabbing their coats on the way, walking down the drive, past the car and into the middle of the street. Looking around he saw nothing to be worried about.

When a bright blue beam of light shot into the sky on the horizon, the neighbours started to step out side to see what the 'normal' people were doing outside. Seeing the light they realised that something strange was going to happen, and being partial to a bit of gossip every now and then they decided to stay outside.


The blue beam of magical energy shot skywards on its way to space. Being about nine foot thick and glowing intensely, it could be seen as far away as northern Scotland, even France, crackling with energy it obliterated anything within its path, ripping straight through the roof of the room it was launched from, shredding an aeroplane that was unlucky enough to be heading to France and at that moment being directly in the slightly diagonal path of the destructive beam.

Behind it was a ruin, the backwash from the launch had knocked Voldemort down, as the building collapsed around him. The backwash had done more damage to the retreating Aurors and advancing Death Eaters than to Voldemort. Those that hadn't escaped to the ministry or Death Eater Headquarters were killed instantly by the destructive energy.

But the beam kept going, hitting a muggle thing Voldemort had heard of 'a sabbatite' or whatever they're called. Being a muggle invention he obviously wanted to destroy it, but he could get some use out of it first.

The as the beam struck the object, it began to be deflected back to earth when the shear power of the beam destroyed the orbiting...thingymajigy.

The part of the beam deflected back into the earth's atmosphere blasted through at hypersonic speeds, heading for a small town in Surrey, called Little Whinging.

As it got closer it was obviously headed for Privet Drive, or more specifically, Number four Privet Drive.

Hitting with the force of a meteor it didn't destroy the shields around the house, it obliterated them.

Luckily most of the energy was used up in the travelling, the instant changing of direction, re-entry and ripping open the shields. Meaning the blast that destroyed the house was relatively small, although still big enough to send a shockwave through the earth that flipped over several cars, brought some of the houses nearby crashing down and causing major structural damage to others.
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