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For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic [ParamoreXPanic]

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[They are both too different, and yet too the same.] Experimental fic, [BrendonXHayley ParamoreXPanic] READD ;]

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I'm not too sure about this chapter, in fact I'm not entirely sure about this fic, i've written up to chapter four. Please leave a review and i shall update as soon as possible. And in my opinion Paramore and Panic are the coolest bands ever :] AND should tour together because it would be amazing ;]

Chapter One: For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic.

My fingers were like skeletons, as I rolled them over the cold piano keys. It took up about a quarter of my apartment, the piano that is, it was my prized possession, the only thing I could lose myself in. Especially since I was Brendon Urie. The notes were like another language, and only a handful of the people that knew me understood this.

“Aww Brendon’s stroking his baby again,” Ryan cooed as he jumped onto the sofa on the opposite side of the room.

“Fuck you Ryan,” I laughed while pulling my hood up over my hair.

I glanced at him stuff his face with ice cream, he’d been staying with me for a while, six weeks maybe. He had recently torn it off with his girlfriend and it just so happened to be her apartment he was accommodating himself in. I didn’t mind, I was the kind of guy that when I didn’t like something I would get my point across, especially around someone like Ryan. I smiled intently as he watched my hands roll over the keys; gently puncturing notes I bit my bottom lip and felt the adrenaline shaft through my body.

“Yeah we’re feeling so good,” I murmured while striking my fingers over the last couple of notes.

“You know if you were as good with girls as you as piano you’d have a front door key to the playboy mansion,” Ryan laughed while skipping out of the room like a sheep.

“You know I don’t know whether to be offended,” I smirked while hearing a laugh come from the study.

I sighed and sank deeper into my chair, he was right; I was clueless, contact with the opposite sex was hell for me. I glanced out the window while stroking my silky chocolate hair out of my eyes. I could sense my hollow hazy eyes melting into the depths of the mid-afternoon sky; well at least I'm sure they would have if my cell hadn’t started blaring in my pocket. I quickly rolled my fingers over the answer button but it halted...immediately followed by my doorbell. The ringing echoed in my ear as noticed Ryan slugging his way to the door, his eyes crossed with mine and immediately we were racing for the cold handle.

“Mine...!” I cried with a hint of laughter as I pulled the door open to reveal three faces.
Ryan almost fell out the door as I opened it since he was still in sprinting mode, “Brendon you douche,” He moaned as he rubbed his leg where he had stupidly hit it.

“Not my fault you seem to think you can make doors appear,” I smirked before drawing my attention back to our visitors.

“Well hey guys,” Pete smirked while waving his broad smile at the two of us.

I smirked and slowly rolled my eyes over the two other figures that were waiting in the doorway. The first was a familiar male with striking brown hair that flopped above his eyes; he was tall a lot taller than Pete and the other figure. My eyes soon drew to the second build; she had the most striking red hair which outlined the autumn colors in her beautiful eyes, she wasn't the tallest person i'd ever seen but she had a sense of happiness going around her.

“We were in the neighborhood and well...this is Josh Farro,” Pete started as me and Ryan exchanged smiles with him, “And this is Hayley Williams,” He smiled while raising his eyebrows slightly.

I knew what he was implying and she was pretty, well heck, she was gorgeous and I could tell by the look that Josh was giving the pair of us, the ‘touch her and you’ll die’ look, I shouldn’t count my eggs really.

“Well yeah cool...come in then,” Ryan mumbled sarcastically as the three of them made their way over to the lounge.

“Oh we will,” Pete smirked as he eyed the ice cream that Ryan had left on the floor.

I watched both of their eyes widen as they dived for the infamous tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Personally I hated the stuff, or at least the flavour Ryan had, on the plus side though watching them fight over it on the floor was priceless.

“Pete don’t be so gay it’s my fucking ice cream,” Ryan pouted as he slumped on the floor.

“Dude that’s a little mean,” I laughed as Pete purposely ate the contents as slow as possible to taunt Ryan.

“The sugar takes it away,” He smirked as he sat on the sofa next to Josh and Hayley.

“This kinda sucks because now we don’t have any,” I heard Hayley murmur to Josh.

It was only in an earshot, but I found my feet carrying me over to the fridge and pulling out my tub, its icy touch numbed my skin as I gently tapped her shoulder and passed it to her with a small smile.

“Have mine,” I smiled while watching both of their faces light up like I’d just offered them a record deal.

“You’re my new best friend,” Hayley smiled while tearing the top off slightly viciously if you asked me.

“What about me I did sign you...!?” Pete gasped.

I gently watched her eyes roll and with exchanging a smile with me she hit back, “Yes but did you offer me ice cream...? No.” She smirked while watching him nod his head slightly.

Slowly I jumped on the sofa which hadn’t been occupied and lolled my full body over it; I could tense questions building up in my hazy mind, like why exactly they were here. As a band we didn’t know Paramore that well, the only connection we had was the record label and knowing Pete. I smiled and watched Pete to continue to taunt Ryan, his blue hat hid his shaggy hair that had been continuing to grow over the last four months, mine wasn’t that far behind. Gently

I rolled my fingers through my reasonably straight fringe, “I don’t mean to sound informal...but what exactly are you guys doing here?” I asked while watching Pete’s face suddenly turn serious.

“Well funny story...this is half of the band you will be on the warped tour with you next month, we were in the neighborhood so I thought we’d come and see you two and shit,” He explained with half a mouthful of ice cream.

“I’d prefer it if you took a shit in your own house Pete,” Ryan smirked while gaining a glare from him.

“Ryan that’s disgusting...” I mumbled while watching his face engulf a sarcastic smirk, “Anyway...sweet you guys will be touring with us...we’re not that crazy,” I smirked while exchanging a smile with Josh.

“Of course not,” He smirked, “It should be fun,” He added while exchanging firm smiles from Hayley and Ryan.

Little did they know on our last tour we managed to drink over 200 cans of red bull, half of which ended up on the coach floor, Ryan managed to electrocute himself...twice. And we left Spencer at a rest stop, six times. The noises coming from his bedroom at night weren’t great either, but hey I wasn’t gonna tell them about that, like Josh said it should be fun.

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