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If I were in your shoes [I’d Run]

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He always had a smile on his face when she was around R AND R PEOPLE

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Chapter Two: If I were in your shoes [I’d Run]

Hayley’s POV

Slowly I lugged my suitcase over the extremely gravelly surface, passing the odd bump on the way, and over to our bus. Day one, day Uno, day ein, of the warped tour, the one thing I had been looking forward too for months. I stared at our bus in comparison to the others, it was slightly smaller, but it was a lot bigger than the crummy van we lived in last year. I gently inhaled the sweet Californian air and pulled my case that little extra longer.
“Need some help getting that case up the steps…?” I heard a familiar voice ask from behind me. I instinctively turned around and my eyes linked with that chestnut haired Brendon Urie.
“Are you making a presumption that I’m short, therefore I would need help?” I asked while feeling a smile burn brightly on my ruby lips.
“Well no…I’m just being a gentleman…but yeah if you want I can watched you make an ass out of yourself as you lug it up the steps,” He smirked while inching closer towards me, hands in his pockets.
“I make twats look cool,” I hit back while watch a small laugh fall out of his composure.
“Hot don’t you mean,” He smiled while glancing into my eyes.
“I-“I paused before thinking, I wasn’t entirely sure if he was implying my hair or if he actually thought I was hot. Ever since I had become ‘famous’ as some would say I had lost my knack of reading people, therefore I was unaware of what he meant by this. I watched his deep coffee eyes roll before his hand replacing mine on the suitcase handle and lugging it up the stairs. “I’ve already watched one of your band mates struggle…it was quite amusing but because you’re you…I’ll help,” He said with a strong smile which always seemed to be plastered to his face, or at least when I saw him it was.
“Well…err…thanks Brendon.” I murmured as I took in the sleekness of the bus, it was perfect or at least now. I loved seeing it at the beginning of tours; it would be spotless in comparison to the end.
“I think I’ll go for top bunk,” I murmured as he flicked his hair out of his eyes.
“Oh gee thanks for making it easy for me,” He smirked while balancing all his weight on the balls of his feet and tossing it onto the bed, it announced its placement with a hard thud.
“Well you made it look easy,” I smiled as he creased his elbows to show off his ‘muscles.’ I couldn’t help but laugh as he did this, he was cute.
“What…?” He smiled as my laughter started to grow.
“You,” I smiled while composing myself.
“With all this bulk it was an easy job, every reason for it to be easy,” He smirked while raising a gentle eyebrow. His attention drew to his pocket which seemed to a portable speaker, blaring a familiar New Found Glory song.
“Ah,” He murmured while rolling his skeleton fingers over the soft keys, “I gotta go…Spencer wants me, apparently, I ‘stole his freaking bed,’” He mimicked while throwing me a small smile.
“Of course you didn’t…” I smirked while watching a devilish smile appear on his face.
“Obviously,” He smiled, “See you round Hayley,” He beamed again before placing his arms firmly round me, I hastily placed mine on his shoulder blades and before I knew it he was gone. I could still feel his touch burning off my skin, and his scent was still wafting up my nostrils but instead in the entrance of the bus was a confused looking Jeremy. I watched him pace up to the bunks, of which, I was standing near, and his hazel eyes trailed up to the top bunk and stared inquisitively at my bed. “He got that up there…!?” He smirked while sounding a little surprised. “I think he likes you, he just laughed at me,” He faked a pout.
“Awwh,” I cooed while wrapping my arms firmly around him, “And for the record he doesn’t like me,” I murmured while reminding myself of the ‘hot’ issue.
“Sure, I bet Josh would beg to differ,” He smirked while jumping on the bed bellow him.
“Jeremy…I can be friends with-“
“Yeah, yeah, whoever you want, I know, and I couldn’t care if he did like you, it’s good, it’s just Josh scares away every guy well yeah,” He murmured while sipping on his can of red bull.
“Yeah…they were getting on at his house the other day though,” I smiled while remembering the feel of his cold hands as he had given me that ice cream that day.
“Awwh Haylewee’s in love,” He smirked while pulling kissing faces.
“I am not…!” I gasped while throwing a pillow at him, while also knocking the red bull all over him. “Crud…” I murmured while watching a fake scowl appear on his face. I felt my feet carry towards the entrance of the bus and out into the fresh afternoon Californian sunshine. It reminded me of oranges, funny, since we were in the orange county.
“Where you going Haywee, I just wanna a hug…!” I heard him call after me followed by a strong laugh. My ruby lips were engulfed with a smile as my running halted as he picked me up in his firm arms and wrapped me into a tight bear hug.
“Jeremy…!” I cried with laughter as I could smell and feel the red bull staining through the cotton on my shirt. He eventually put me down and pulled part of his shirt up towards his lips, “At least we taste good now,” He smiled while sucking part of the drink off his shirt.
“You look so stupid,” I laughed while watching him stand there at sucking his shirt.
“So do you,” I heard someone call from behind me, I quickly flicked my head around to reveal a smirking Josh and Zack walk towards us.
“We were wandering where you two were,” Zack muttered through a mouth full of lucky charms.
“We could say the same,” Jeremy butted in carrying a mimicking tone with that.
“Do we really need this conversation…? The buses are leaving soon so let’s go get homely,” Josh ordered while he flashed a smile at me. I loved how he was so assertive; it was just another plain sign that this tour was going to be amazing.

Sorry i cba to edit it to be easier to read, ive uploaded it twices and it still spazzed. Thanks for the reviews anyway :)
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