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read and find out

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~A week later, November 14th~

It has now been a week since Frankie and I did
what we did. I am actually proud of what we did.
Right now I am with Alicia and we are walking to the mall
so that we can buy some stuff. I want to buy some new eyeliner
and some blonde hair dye (I want to put bits of blonde in my dark hair).

"so what are you gunna buy Alicia?"
"Not sure yet, you?"
"blonde hair dye, to dye bits blonde, and some eyeliner" I said and looked over
at her and she had this look on her face "you dont want me to buy blonde hair dye?"
"no i-its n-not that, I t-think you might w-wanna look over t-their" she said and pointed over to the right.

I looked and I could not believe my eyes. My heart was torn into millions of pieces because their stood Frankie kissing kissing this girl from school named Caysie. I stood their with tears rolling down my face and when he looked and saw me, he had the 'Oh shit I'm caught' look on his face.

"how could you" I cried
"Kheziah I can explaine" he said
"explaine what?"
"Frankie, who's she?" said Caysie
"I was his girlfriend but not anymore" I cried and Caysie slapped him and walked away and turned to walk away
"Kheziah" said Frankie and grabbed my shoulder
"please" he said and I turned around
"Fuck off Frankie" I said
"let me explaine"
"explaine what Frankie?" said Alicia, "how you've been cheating on her, how long?"
"a week" he barely said
"a week?" I cried
"Kheziah please"
"I dont date losers who cheat, Frankie. I thought I loved you but I guess I was wrong" I said and turned and ran.

"Kheziah" I heard Alicia call as she ran after me. I tunred around and I wanted to see Frankie running after me but I didnt. I cried even harder, and Alicia came and wrapped her arms around me
"Kheziah, its ok" she cooed
"no its not ok Alicia, I loved him with all my heart only to find him kissing another girl"

Alicia came back to my house and we locked ourselves up in
my room and watched movies for the rst of the day and night.
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