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read and find out

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~A week later, November 21st~

It has been a week since I broke up with Frankie
because of him cheating on me, and we havent
talked since. He hasnt been at school and he wont answer
his phone and he hasnt been ay band practice.

"Kheziah, you ok in their?" asked Alicia
"nope" I said and emptied my contents into the toilet.
You've been like this for a week now" she said as she came into the bathroom and I puked again and then waited another minute before I was fine and then stood up and brushed my teeth.
"Alicia, I need to tell you something" I said and we walked out of the bathroom and sat down on my bed
"whats up?"
"well...uh..ummm... two weeks ago Frankie and I had sex, and uh...I think I'm pregnant"
"no way"
"well come lets go find out"
"alright" I said and we went downstairs and got our shoes on and went out to her car and went to the clinic

~1 hour later~

"Alicia, Alicia, Alicia" I said as I got back into the car
"what is it what did the doctor say?"
"I'm pregnant"
"no way"
"oh my god congrats" she said and we hugged
"what about Frankie?"
"what about him?"
"this is his kid and we are not even talking anymore"
"I dunno, you have to tell him somehow"
"your right" I said and we went back to my house.

~Later that day (At the mall)~

Right now I am at the mall with Alicia, and Bob. I have decided
that I am gunna tell bob first because he is my older brother. Step brother
in that case.

"I'm bored" said Alicia
"Bob I need to tell you something" I said and we stopped and I leaned up against a wall
"whats up?"
"its really important that you dont tell my mum, your dad, or anybody"
"I wont, but whats up?"
"I'm pregnant"
"no seriously"
"I'm pregnant"
"with who's?"
"but you two arent together anymore"
"I know, but before we broke up is when we had, you know what"
"does he know?"
"are you gunna tell him?"
"yes, but I dont know when"
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