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Alive Again

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Title Taken from Marianas Trench. *read.

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I opened my eyes slowly. The room I was in was bright. The white walls, blue curtain and single chair told me automatically I was in the hospital. I looked over at the side of the bed, pressing the red button signaling the nurse. Thankfully a moment later, she came in. She was a thick-bodied woman, with curly, shoulder-length, black hair, dark, dark skin and deep brown eyes.
“You’re awake.” She said, smiling. I nodded slowly.
“How long have I been here?”
“About twenty-six hours. Gave you’re sister quite a scare. She was in a panic when she phoned, but we got you here in time.”
I nodded again.
“Do you need anything? Food, water?”
I shook my head.
“No thanks.”
“Alright, well, since you don’t want nothing, there are some very eager people waiting to see you. Do you want me to let them in?”
“Yes, please.”
She smiled again.
“Alright.” She walked out of the room and closed the door. A second later I heard them coming and smiled.
“You two can go in first. I can’t let you all in, she can’t handle that.”
The door re-opened and in came Jimmy and Pansy. I smiled at them all weakly and they smiled back.
“Hi, guys.” I greeted quietly.
“Hey.” They both came over, giving me hugs, before Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed and Pansy sat in the chair.
“How are you?” Jimmy asked.
“I’m alright.”
“Tammy, why did you do this?” She asked. I looked over at the wall, sighing.
“No… that’s is no reason to try and-and, kill yourself!”
“How would you know?” I snapped, looking back at her, “You’ve never had to go through this. Everyone fucking loves you, Jimmy. I just can’t take it anymore.”
“But, Tamika, he’s just a guy.” Pansy said quietly.
“I know. It’s just hard to let go… again.”
The nurse knocked on the door then.
“Times up.”
The two girls nodded and stood, giving me hugs before leaving. After then, Frank, Chris and Mikey came in.
“Hey, kid” Chris greeted, giving me a sympathetic smile. I smiled back.
“How ya feeling?” Frank asked.
“I’m a bit tired, but otherwise fine.”
“Well, as long as you’re okay.” Chris replied.
After a few minutes of chatting, the nurse said they, too had to leave. Both Chris and Frank left, but Mikey asked for a few minutes more, which she allowed. For a second he just stood beside my bed silently before clearing his throat.
“This isn’t how I expected you to deal with this.
I shrugged.
“I couldn’t take it anymore. Twice is too much.”
“Gerard wanted to be here, but I told him it probably wasn’t a good idea.”
I nodded, looking down at my lap. Mikey leaned over, taking my hand.
“Tammy, what did my brother say?”
I opened my mouth to reply when we heard a commotion outside. He stood up straight, dropping my hand, and went to investigate. I could hear Jimmy yelling from the hall.
“You fuck! What the fuck are you doing here?”
There was silence for a moment before she continued.
“I’m not letting you fucking near her!”
“Miss, please calm down.”
Mikey came back in, shrugging and I heard Jimmy yell again.
“No! This fuck-face almost killed my sister! Then he fucking has the nerve to show up here?”
I heard the low voice of who I guessed was Gerard retort, but I couldn’t hear the words.
“Fine, you go and fucking look. Go look at what she did because of you.”
I looked at Mikey.
“Your brother is here?”
He began to nod.
“Would you rather I leave?”
I looked up at the doorway where Gerard was standing. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie, holding a bunch of roses.
“Mikey, could you leave us alone?” He asked. His younger brother nodded, walking out. He looked up at me through his messy, damp hair, his hazel eyes shining, and he stepped forward. He took a second before he stalked over quickly to the bed, dropping the flowers on the chair, and hugging me. I was surprised as he stepped back.
“Tammy,” He mumbled, “Oh, fuck. I’m so sorry. I never meant for this. Fuck. I’m so fucking sorry.”
For a moment, I was happy, but then I remembered why I was in there and glared at him.
“Fuck you. Do you think some silly fucking sorry is going to make it all better?”
He kneeled down, shaking his head.
“No, but I still mean it. Tammy, I came here to apologize properly. I know you can never forgive me, but just, hear me out?”
I nodded, signaling for him to continue.
“I am sorry I cheated on you. I know it was wrong and I know it hurt you, but I never meant to. I would never hurt you on purpose. I love you so much, I can’t even describe it. It’s like, without you, I disappear. Like I never existed, and like I never will again.
“I’m such a stupid fuck for letting you go and, when you said you hated me, it was so painful… I could have died…” He took my hand and flipped it over, examining my wrist, “I’m not worth this. I don’t deserve you. I never did. But I have to ask, and I understand if you say no, will you take me back; If not as a boyfriend, then as just a friend? I couldn’t imagine being without you for another day.” He flipped my hand back over and kissed it softly, “Please?”
I sighed, looking up at him and nodded.
“As a friend.”
He smiled.
“On one condition.”
“You have to stop drinking.”
His face fell instantaneously.
“You have to quit drinking. You act like a fucking moron when you’re drunk, Gerard. I can’t stand it.”
He sighed, but nodded.
“Alright, for you, I’ll quit.”
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