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Revealing a Secret

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 12: Revealing a Secret.

Blackness, nothing but blackness, except for the one spot of white light in the distance, coming closer, he could feel consciousness returning, the light getting bigger all the time, his senses returning, touch first, he was on something soft, a bed probably, with a comforting weight draped across his chest, a comforting warmth spreading from his right side.

The next sense to return was taste; he could taste the familiar vile taste of the pepper-up potion on his tongue.

Next came smell, he could smell strawberries mixed in with the scent of healing potions.

Then he started to hear what was going on around him.

"I can't believe he absorbed an Avada Kedavra." came the awed voice of Ron to his left.

"Well believe it Weasley, 'cause it happened." Blaise said, sounding half asleep, snuggled up to Harry's right side, arm draped across his chest, he breath on his neck sending a shiver down his spine.

"When will the pepper-up potion start to work?" Rose asked from the foot of the bed while Harry idly though that he had to have healing potions too often if he now knows them apart by taste alone.

"Haven't got a clue, should be soon...hopefully, but this sort of thing has never happened before, we don't know how long it will take to work." Hermione said from next to Ron.

Harry's sight had returned to him by now, he could see his surroundings, he was in his bed at Grimmauld place, no one appeared to have noticed that he was awake, he turned his head slowly to look at Blaise who had her eyes closed, his movement had caught everyone else's attention, and they were looking at him to see what he was going to do.

He slowly inched forwards until his eyes were looking straight at her closed eyelids, before he kissed her softly but with all of the love in his heart behind it.

Her eyes snapped open to meet his emerald green eyes shining with love for her, her eyes fluttered closed a second later, caught in the emotion that fuelled the kiss.

They would have kept kissing like that for hours, but madam Pomfrey chose that moment to come into the room, causing them to spring apart as though scolded.

"Lets see how you are now." Pomfrey stated as she got to work examining him.

"What happened?" Harry asked the room in general.

"You, you stupid pillock, stepped in front of an Avada Kedavra." Blaise said as she smacked Harry upside of the head.

"Oh yeah, well what else was I supposed to do?"

"Let it hit me?"

"Out of the question, I would step in front of a hundred Avada Kedavra's for you."

"You lot out, he need rest, he survived a highly fatal dose of negative energy, you can argue about what spells your willing to step in front of tomorrow." Madam Pomfrey interrupted. "And you, sleep." She finished pointing at Harry, who had just noticed how worn out he was, before leaving the room.

"Night." Harry muttered before dropping of to sleep seconds later, Blaise curled up next to him, sleep claiming her before anyone had even left their chairs.


"But I'm fine." Harry insisted, determined to get out of his bed.

"No your not, you need rest, you took an Avada Kedavra to the chest, you.are.not.fine." the woman retorted.

"I can rest after breakfast."

"Breakfast can be sent up."


"No, and don't give me those puppy dog eyes, they don't work on me."

"Pretty please."

"Fine, but if you collapse its not my fault."

"Thank you madam Pomfrey."

"Go before I change my mind."

Harry was out of the door as fast as he could move, pulling his jumper on as he went, heading straight for the kitchen.

Opening the door he saw that everyone he planned to tell his secret to was there, except for Neville and Luna.

Only Blaise seemed to notice that he was there, waving him over to sit next to her, which he gladly obliged, he noticed that everyone was turning there attention to him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"We were waiting for the headmaster to come and tell us."

"What happened at Azkaban?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well the order got out in time, no casualties, Kingsley'll be in St Mungo's for a while, Mad-eye'll need a replacement eye, other than that its mainly cuts and bruises." Remus stated.

"And the Aurors?" Harry asked apprehensively.

"Fifteen on guard duty, I took your warning to heart and went to the ministry before I went to Azkaban, and they sent over 30 more Aurors, seven are dead, three crippled and five are in St Mungo's but'll recover, all of them have at least a few cuts and bruises." Tonks said in an emotionless voice.

"What about the prison, and prisoners?" Blaise asked.

"Gone, those that weren't released were killed in the blast that destroyed the prison." Tonks answered.

"The Death Eaters?" Hermione asked.

"150 plus were broken out, about 100 of those escaped, the rest were either recaptured or killed by the blast, another fifty DEs were captured, about thirty more were killed in the blast, the other 200 or so that escaped unscathed or with light injuries apparated out to Privet Drive." Tonks answered again.

"What about the wards?" Hermione asked in confusion.

"They were ripped apart by Voldemort. The blast was caused by the wards being sucked into a concentrated beam of energy that was aimed at a muggle satellite; before the satellite was destroyed it deflected some of its energy to number four Privet Drive. Most of the energy was absorbed by the wards before they collapsed, what was left blew the house to shreds." Remus answered after a few moments deliberation on how complicated to make his answer.

"What's going to happen now that you have proof that Narcissa Malfoy and Mr. Zabini are Death Eaters?" Harry asked.

"Nothing much we can do at the moment, just put them on the wanted list and hope they're found before they can kill anyone." Tonks, answered gravely. Being an Auror, she knew how little they could do until they show themselves.

"What about their Gringotts vaults?" Harry asked curiously.

"What do you mean?"

"While he was on the run, Sirius bought me a Firebolt because he still had access to his vault. Now they're confirmed, can't the vault be frozen, or passed on to the next in line to get access?"

"You know, we never thought of that, I'll look in to it, but no promises, the goblins are outside our law, unless they pick sides, then we're stuck on that." Tonks said.

"Okay, when will the headmaster arrive?"

"Don't know but until he arrives you can tell us what you were keeping a secret until now."

"Ok, do you guys know the exact wording of what you were guarding last year?" he asked the order members present.

"No, we just know that it was a prophecy." Remus answered for the group.

"Well the headmaster told me because he was the one that originally heard it." Harry stated in a dead voice. " Voldemort knows the first part of the prophecy, which states that at the end of the seventh month, July, a child would be born to parents that had thrice defied him, that child would hade the power to 'vanquish' the Dark Lord, that's all that Voldie knows." Harry said taking a deep breath before continuing.

"Only two couples that had a child at the end of July of that year had defied him three times, one of them was the Potters, my parents." he said deliberately leaving out Neville's parents. "The next part of the prophecy Voldie doesn't know, if he did, then he wouldn't have come after me, it says that the Dark Lord will mark that child as his equal, this scar marks me as his equal, then it says that I'll have a power the dark lord doesn't know about, the headmaster says he knows about it but doesn't comprehend it's power, underestimates it, or something like that." Harry took a shaky breath before continuing.

"Then it says that 'either must die at the hand of the other', that means either I kill him, or he kills me, if he dies, the light wins, if I die, then not even Dumbledore can save the world. The last bit says that 'neither can live while the other survives', that means that my life is dedicated to beating him, and his is dedicated to beating me." Harry finished in a dead, emotionless voice.

"Who was the one that made the prophecy?"

"Professor Dumbledore told me at the end of our third year that professor Trelawny had made two true prophecy's, the second one I heard, telling of Pettigrews escape, the first one I just told you about."

"That old fraud?" Hermione snorted in disgust.

"This one wasn't a fake, Dumbledore showed me his memory of it in his pensieve, having heard a true prophecy from her before and I can tell you that it's no fake."

"But...But, don't you have a choice in your future, don't you have any control over it?" Hermione asked desperately.

"Yes. I can live in guilt, hiding from him, watching him torture people through his own eyes, I can go and fight him now and end up dead, or I can train, learn everything I can and stand a half-decent chance against him in the final battle." Harry said, determination echoing in his voice. "Don't bother looking for information on prophecy's in books, I don't want to know about them, and I've already worked out that they don't 'predict' the future, they give information on the possible outcomes to help guide people's choices."

"What about when they predict the birth of a hero centuries before he arrives, that's predicting the future."

"No, it's giving information, so people will be on the lookout, and help guide them in their struggles, that's why Dumbledore heard the prophecy, he was supposed to help me, he still needs to take up that job properly, all of my information has been gotten myself or when it was to late to be useful." he finished with a growl of anger.

"An interesting theory Harry, but what about the one detailing Peter's escape?" professor Dumbledore asked from the doorway.

"I heard it because I have to kill Voldie, it was meant to put me on my guard, Pettigrew was going to escape, he was going to bring Voldie back, it was to tell me that I had to get ready to kill him, I had to prepare, but I forgot about it with all of the excitement about Buckbeak and such." Harry stated in an emotionless matter-of-fact voice.

Professor Dumbledore seemed to deflate at the realisation that he had failed in his job to protect Harry because he had gone about it the wrong way, he had tried to teach him to live, to enjoy life when he should have been teaching him to fight properly, should have protected him by giving him the information to make the right decision, he shouldn't have hoped he would sit down and have fun like a good little boy and let him deal with the bad people.

"So, professor, why am I still alive?" Harry asked as though he was discussing the weather.

"As you explained at Roses home, the blood protection effects the curses sent at you by everyone except Voldemort."

"Why did I absorb the curse, not reflect it, like with Voldie's curse?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"Do you think that that perhaps has something to do with 'neither can live while the other survives' or the 'as his equal' parts of the prophecy?"

"Perhaps, it points out that you are as powerful as Voldemort is, it also sent him to being less powerful than a baby, a cursed life, yes I suppose it fits, yes, that's the best description we have for now."

Everyone in the room appeared to be pulling themselves out of their shock at hearing that a 16year old boy had the weight of the world on his shoulders, the women were tearing up and the men had grave expressions on their faces.

"Harry, I'll help in any way I can, I'll research for you, that sort of thing." Hermione offered.

"I'll keep the DEs off your back in the fight." Ginny said.

"I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say that we'll watch your back and keep the Death Eaters off it." Blaise stated. Her emotions closed off although Harry could feel her worry, and determination to help shining through.


Over the course of the next few weeks Harry and his friends fell into a routine of studying, practicing, eating and sleeping. They learnt everything they could, apparating, portkey making, strategy, Arithmancy, ancient runes, anything that could give them an edge in a fight or help them escape one.

On top of that they practiced duelling with the order and each other every day to increase their skill.
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