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Kristin sat in the cab next to Gabe, sonogram picture in hand. She was in fact pregnant and 3 months along. She soon would be showing and she knew that she had a lot to do. She had to tell Pete and probably get dumped, then tell her ex, Blake, who would probably blow her off and then get ready to have a baby. Gabe stared at Kristin completely unsure of what to do. He thought that she was just doing that thing girls do when they freak out for nothing, he didn't expect it to e true and so so real. His best friends were probably about to break up too, which made him even more nervous. Gabe pulled Kristin into a hug and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm here for you okay?" Gabe whispered in her ear and she just nodded.

"How will I tell Pete?" She asked and looked up at Gabe.

"I have no idea. You should talk to Patrick, he'll know what to do." Gabe said. Some help that was Kristin thought before leaning back in her seat.

Kristin made it back into the hotel rom just minutes before Pete walked through the door. She was laying on the bed and watching TV.

"Hey sexy," he cooed and hopped onto the bed next to her and kissed her passionately.

"Well hello Peter Peter," she said smiling and continued to kiss him. Pete leaned into her body, causing her to lay back. Pete reached his hand up and cupped Kristin's cheek, their lips meshing together perfectly. Pete pulled away slowly and looked into Kristin's eyes.

"I love you," he said softly before leaning down and kissing her again. Kristin instantly felt guilty and wished she had never met Blake. The best thing that ever happened to her was about to be ruined. Pete's phone began to ring and he silenced it. After about a minute it rang again and Pete groaned as he leaned over to answer it.

"Hello?" He asked whoever was on the other end, annoyed. Pete ran his hand through his hair and smiled at Kristin. She smiled back weakly, got up and walked into the bathroom. Oh my god, I can't do this! I am so fucking scared to tell him! And he loves me! God I love him too and this is going to be so much harder for me to tell him. Kristin freaked out in her head and after a minute there was a knock on the door.

"Hey, I have to go downstairs for a magazine interview. I'll be back later. We should order room service and watch crappy TV all night." Pete said through the door. Kristin walked over and opened the door. Pete smiled that gorgeous, blinding smile.

"Sounds good Pete," she said and kissed him softly. "I love you too." Pete's face lit up and he kissed her again tenderly. There was a knock on the hotel room door.

"I'm coming!" Pete called and hugged Kristin goodbye before leaving.


Everyone was at Angels & Kings partying. Kristin sipped on her virgin drink in order to try and keep attention off the fact that she wasn't getting drunk with the rest of the group. Pete was of course mingling around as usual, which was fine with Kristin. She sat at a table with Patrick and tried to devise a plan to tell Pete.

"I can't just come out and say it!" Kristin stated and sipped her drink.

"Well, you can't keep it a secret for much longer. I mean, you'll start showing in a month because you're so tiny! And your boobs are already getting bigger." Patrick stated half serious and half teasing.

"Shut up! You guys will never leave me alone about my boobs will you?" Kristin laughed. Patrick shook his head laughing.

"They're too big to not mention for your tiny body. Plus, they really have started to swell slightly."

"I know, my bra almost doesn't fit anymore," Kristin frowned. Gabe sat down next to her.

"Tell him yet?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Yes, that's why Pete seems so fucking happy Gabe." Kristin replied sarcastically.

"Wow, mood swings this early?" Gabe said and ducked as Kristin swung to slap him on the back of his head. Patrick and Gabe laughed causing Kristin to laugh. Wow, I bet I'm going to be a really really mean pregnant lady. Pete better get out while he can! A hand popped in front of Kristin's face with a martini in hand. Pete sat down next to her and put the martini in her hand. It was so sweet of him to remember her favorite drink every time they went out, but tonight she couldn't drink it and she was afraid to tell him why.

"Thanks Pete," she said and kissed his cheek. Gabe and Patrick eyed her drink while she just sat there, drink in hand. Pete stayed for a little while before Travi dragged him off to do something. Gabe took the drink from Kristin and downed it. Might as well let Gabe have twice as much fun since I can't Kristin thought.

Kristin spent the whole night avoiding actually drinking everything that Pete brought her, and Gabe was officially annihilated. Patrick and Travi helped Gabe into the cab.

"How did Gabe get so drunk?" Pete asked Kristin confused.

"I have no idea?" She responded as if she hadn't been giving him drinks all night long.

"I got Gabe guys, Peace Deezy!" Travi said and closed the door as the cab pulled away from the curb. The valet pulled the rental car up to the curb and everyone climbed in. Since Pete never drank, he climbed into the driver's seat as the official DD. Patrick pulled Kristin to the side.

"You aren't acting very drunk and you've 'had' like 6 martinis," Patrick said with air quotations and all.

"Shit, he probably knows somethings up then huh?" She whispered.

"Probably," Patrick said and climbed into the back seat of the car.


Kristin laid in the bed while Pete took a shower. She knew that she needed to tell him, and soon! Patrick was right, her body was starting to change and Pete would definitely notice. She watched as Pete emerged from the bathroom in just a pair of boxers. His hair was damp still and water droplets were scatered all over his chest. Pete climbed into the bed next to Kristin and began to kiss her neck seductively.

"Pete," Kristin said softly.

"MMmmmmhhhmmmmm?" He murmurred as he continued to kiss her neck.

"I need to tell you something." Kristin's heart rate sped up and she became instantly terrified. Pete didn't know what to think so he became nervous as well. They sat up in the bed Pete just watched her face. Is she breaking up with me? Pete thought. Kristin reached into her purse and pulled out a peice of paper with black and white splotches on it. Kristin handed it to him and he glance over it for a few seconds before realizing what it was.

"You're... you're... but... how? Who?" He said and looked up at her, mouth gaping open.

"Blake," Kristin said softly. "I just found out today that I'm more than three months along." Tears started to well up in her eyes as she watched Pete's expression turn from confused to angry and then to sad.

"Blake, the one that I caught cheating on you and knocked out at Panic's album release party?" Pete said and he clenched his fist. Kristin just nodded and a few tears slipped down her cheek. She quickly wiped them away, causing Pete to give her a concerned look.

"If you want to break up Pete, I'll understand. It would be easier to end this now. I mean, we've only been dating for a month and we haven't even become an offical thing yet." Kristin rambled on and Pete took her hand, silencing her.

"Kristin, it would never be easy for me to end anything with you. I love you... I... I need you. Does it bother me that you are having that asshole's baby? Yes, I'm jealous that he's gotten the chance to be that close with you, but I know he won't be there for you and that you deserve better. I'm here for you but..."

"But..." Kristin dropped her head and let the tears stream down her cheeks.
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