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New Friend

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The powerpuff girls move to endsville and meet Billy and Mandy and a new guy named Will. But when they come back from the underworld they are thrust into a situation no teenager should have to deal...

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Parents of Circumstance
Chapter 1: New Friend

It was a warm summer day in Endsville, a pleasant day, especially as far as days in Endsville went. Billy was walking home from Irwin’s house after playing Dungeons and Dinobinoids. Billy was walking down the sidewalk tossing his ten sided dice in the air and catching it again. Billy’s orange/red hair was bounding up and down as he walked, his red cap resting comfortably on his head, being thirteen he was starting to show signs of manhood as his baby fat had slightly burned away, yes so far puberty had been good to him, except for one thing, his nose. His nose no longer seemed to grow, instead he finally seemed to be growing into his nose, to the point at which someday his nose would look at a normal size. However, Billy was not thinking about this as he walked, he just happily tossed his dice high in the air, to high, it came down and bounced off his head, and rolled away. Billy recovered from his momentary confusion and chased after his prized die. He struggled, trying to reach the die before it reached the fast approaching intersection. The die stopped on the edge of the curb, Billy dove for it, just as someone rounded the corner from the merging sidewalk, and Billy unable to stop in midair crashed into him. Billy fought off a wave of pain and dizziness and opened his eyes to find his die at the end of his nose. He got up and put the die in his pocket, then he heard a groan, he had forgotten that he had run into someone. “Oops, sorry”, Billy said cheerfully “I didn’t sees you.”

“Oh, uh it’s okay”, the guy said “I should’ve heard you coming.” the guy stood up and brushed himself off. He was a full centimeter taller than Billy, he had dark brown hair, hazel eyes and he had a small build. He wore a Spitfire hat and an orange shirt that said “On the seventh day, God gave Canadians beer so they wouldn’t take over the world.” He wore black snap pants with a red stripe going down the length of his legs.

Billy however took no notice of his appearance and simply said “wanna be friends?”

“Uh, okaaaay, he replied. I’m William, but you can call me Will, I’m new around here.”

Billy then decided to bring him to see Grim, as he liked to show off that he was best friends with the Grim Reaper. “I’m Billy”, he said “come on lets go to my house, I want you to meet my friends.”

“Uh ok”

So Billy took him took him down the sidewalk to his house. While they walked Will was trying to figure Billy out, he seemed nice enough, but a little hyperactive, like a little kid. “How old are you Billy”, Will asked.


“Hey me too”

“Wow”, Billy exclaimed “What are the chances of that.”
Will laughed.

Billy stepped ahead to open the gate, “this is my house”

Will gazed at the house at the end of the walk as they stepped into Billy’s yard. The house looked a little old and run down, but still looked very homey. Inside however was different, as he noticed as Billy opened the front door. The walls were a faded blue, with burn marks and cracks, and the carpet was so dirty that it looked almost black. He was wondering why until he saw Billy walking across the carpet to the couch with his shoes still on. Will shrugged and followed him.

Billy stopped in front of the couch and pointed, “this is my friend, the Grim Reaper.”

Grim was watching tv, “who did you drag into the house this time Billy” he grumbled.

“Oh I didn’t drag him in Grim, he walked”

Grim rolled his eye sockets, “whatever”

“Wow”, Will said “The Grim Reaper.... your smaller then I expected”

Grim sank lower into the couch, “please mon, I feel bad enough”

“Sorry”, Will said apologetically.

“I’m going to make a snack”, Billy announced and he headed to the kitchen. He took out a large bowl and began to pour all kinds of ridiculous things into it: pickles, peanut butter, an unplucked chicken and kidney beans, and he proceeded to mix it all up. He took out his mixing spoon and carried the bowl into the living room.

Grim was telling Will all about how he ended up being friends with Billy and Mandy for ever and ever, and had just finished when Billy entered from the kitchen.

“Wow”, Will exclaimed this Mandy chick sounds like a real....Slam, Will was unable to finish his sentence as the door slammed open, the figure in the doorway cast a long menacing shadow into the room. It was a girl Will knew, simply by the shape of the figure in the doorway. Although not looking more than thirteen, judging by the amount of baby fat still on her face, she had a surprisingly well developed figure. Long slender legs supporting very beautiful smooth graceful hips, which she had her hands firmly planted on. She had a well toned waist, allowing for her hips to stand out. Her upper half had enough body and curves for the rest of her. Her face despite all the baby fat had a certain angular predatory beauty, her green eyes looked like they could pierce right to your soul. Will shook his head as he realized that it had just been an exaggerated image altered by his hormones to make her look more appealing, and noticed she did have a promising and surprisingly well developed figure for someone her age, but she was also pretty short, her hormones had probably only been working more on her figure and less on
her height. What made her less appealing was that his hormone charged imagination had left out her hair, which had been pulled back to look like a pair of horns, held back by a black hair band.

“High Mandy”, Billy yelled excitedly. “this is my new friend Will, can he come to the mall with us?”

“Whatever,” Mandy said ignoring him. “Grim”, she yelled, “get off your boney butt and get ready to take us to the mall.”

Grim grumbled, but obediently got up off the couch. “Fine”

“Charming Girl”, Will said quietly to himself, his voice thick with sarcasm.

The Mall seemed very busy, just like Christmas, parents were panicking to get any last minute school items while the back to school sales were still on, and people were taking advantage of what remained of the summer holidays. Billy and Grim pointed out all of their favorite stores, and for their remaining two hours there, they helped Mandy with her errands. At five o’clock they left the mall with Grim carrying about one hundred pounds of Mandy’s purchases. Will however had to leave the group early on so he could get home before it got dark.

“Will sure is nice”, Billy said after a while.

“It’s nice to be around someone normal for a change”, Grim agreed.

“He’s a fool” Mandy growled as they approached her house. “Come on bonehead” she said to Grim “So long pea brain.” She then walked up to her house with Grim in tow.

“Goodbye”, Billy said cheerfully as the door slammed shut.

Mandy’s mom jumped. “Oh hello sweetie” she said.

Mandy ignoring her turned to Grim. “I’m going to my room, have my dinner and packages brought up to me.” Without another word she stomped up the stars to her room.

Mandy’s mom sighed. “Stage One”

Grim cocked an eyebrow at her. “What are you talking about woman” he demanded.

“First emotional stage of Adolescence” she replied solemnly.

Grim gulped, Mandy was bad enough, puberty would make her twice as bad, Grim proceeded to cry into a pillow, knowing that she would release most of her wrath on him.
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