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Positive Mental Attitude

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Cesario Raleigh has just joined TRW racing. But her dream move brings opposition from Gerard Way, her team mate and title challenger. Her arrival caused Gerard’s brother to be demoted to a lesser...

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So this is my new fic, based on Formula 1. Let me know if I get to technical. More MCR and a few FOB guys appear later on. I’m still learning so I apologise for the inevitable mistakes. Enjoy.


“You can’t do this!” I stood up and slammed my hands down on the boardroom table, making Bob and Ray flinch. They were sat either side of my new boss, Ville Valo. Owner of Team Roger Williamson F1. Valo is Finish but educated in England and talks like he’s royalty. He’s the typical bachelor using his family name and money to get whatever he wants.

Valo, being the arrogant prick he is, just sat there and flicked through his paperwork like he was bored. “This isn’t your decision Gerard.”

“It’s a team decision. I’m part of this team. We’ve been team-mates since he started karting. You can’t do this.”

I glanced at Bob for some kind of support, but he seemed oddly interested in the air conditioning unit. How can he not back me up!? Bobs been our team principle since we joined TRW but he’s also one of my closest friends. Or at least I thought he was.

Valo’s voice snapped my attention back to him. “I can and I have. He’s still your team mate. You will just be in different garages.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. One team wasn’t good enough for Mr playboy.

“This is bull shit. He’s not my team mate. He’s in last year’s car running in a rookie team you bought because you couldn’t decide which team to have and bought both. This is not a sweater you saw and couldn’t decide if you prefer it in blue or black. And what about Ray?”

“I’m staying with you. Patrick is the new engineer for Team David Purley.” The Executive Director of Engineering’s fro swayed as his head snapped up at the mention of his name. Ray had the potential to be a driver; he just couldn’t get a helmet over that fro. Ray joined TRW at the same time as Bob and again was one of my closest friends. Both of them turned TRW from a rookie team to a constructor’s championship contender.

Least I still have Ray. If I lost Ray too I may have to kill Valo. I sat back down trying to process everything. “Who the hell is Patrick?”

“Patrick was chief engineer at PKV Racing.” Ville responded as ray shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

CHAMP CARS!? What the hell does he know about F1? They don’t even develop their own aero and still use turbo’s!”

“He’s worked for several teams including Formula Three outfits. We wouldn’t employ him if he didn’t know his stuff.” Ville glanced at the clock, for the fifth time in five minutes. What the hell is this guy’s problem?

“Right. Because you have so much experience in running one team let alone two. And who hell is replacing Mikey? Some cocky upstart barely outa’ diapers?” Ville picked up a CV in front of him.

“No. Raleigh. Won Most Promising Road Racer of The Year 2005 raced in Champ Cars, the Atlantic Series, Formula Ford, and Formula 3 and got us to 2nd in the Nations Cup.”

Up until then, I was only angry. A whole different word is needed to describe my current frame of mind. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself enough to form a coherent sentence.

“Let me get this straight. You buy TRW, then buy a second rate outfit on the brink of bankruptcy, change the name to Purley, give them our last seasons car, put my brother and team mate for the last ten years in it and then hire a god dam WOMAN TO REPLACE HIM!?” I looked Valo square in the eye, but all he did was blink and hold my gaze.

“Yes.” He answered simply and began gathering his papers. “May I remind you Gerard that I am in charge now, and if you do not show me and the team the same commitment and respect as you did last season I will not hesitate to partner you with Mikey. And it won’t be Mikey re-joining ¬¬TRW. If you have quite finished, I will see you at the team bonding week.” Ville stood up and with a short nod to Bob and Ray, left me dumbstruck in the completely white boardroom.

I don’t believe it. How the hell can they do this? He has no god dam right to do this. We have the same contracts. We’re a team. How long have they known?

“Gerard….” Ray had come stood behind me without me realising and put a hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off and walked over to the window which looked out across our test track. Typical, pissing it down.


“How long?” I asked, becoming aware that Bob and Ray were both next to me now, sharing nervous glances which reflected off the mass of glass wall. Both are fidgeting nervously.

“A month.” Bob spoke.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Who else knew?”

“Your parents, Mikey, Ray. Couple TDP guys. I couldn’t tell as I knew how you’d react. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? SORRY? Did you not think I would rather hear it from you than some jumped up arrogant Finnish dickhead playboy wanna-be?” I turned around and made for the door, but both Bob and Ray stopped me.

“Your right. But it’s not easy for us ya’ know. How do you think it is for us to pretend that Mikey’s not leaving us and lie to your face? Ville put us in a shitty position we really didn’t want to be in. And have you even thought about Mikey in all this? This is a good thing for him Gee. He’s always been the ‘other’ Way, this is his chance to build a team and develop a car. He’s just as cut up about it as you, but he’s got a great opportunity out of it so try to be happy for him.” Bob put his hand on my shoulder this time but I didn’t shrug it off. Everything he said was right.

And the winner of selfish prick of the year is… Gerard Way. Congratulations Gerard. Unfortunately Gerard can’t be with us tonight as he is at the centre of the universe whilst everything else revolves around him but we do have a live satellite link. So Gerard, how does it feel to be prick of the year? Pretty shit.

“Your right. Sorry.” I mumbled.

“You should go talk to Mikey; he’s waiting in the car park for you. He’s been freaking about how you would take it.”

“I’m so blind. I wondered why he was so evasive the past few weeks. I’ll go down there now. You guys are right, this is good for him in the long term. Just sucks right know.” I fished my car keys out my pocket and grabbed my jacket off the chair.

“Could be worse, least you still have us!” Ray smiled.

“Think I got the raw deal…..” I muttered. Before I could move Ray had me in a head lock whilst Bob gave me a noogie.

“Get off me you bastards! I was joking! Anything but my hair!”
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