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Her and thingy?

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Mikey, Ray and Betsy.

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I got into Mikey’s car and by the time we got home everything was straightened out. I wasn’t mad anymore and Mikey was excited about his impending move. Plus we had time to go get a MacDonald’s save us cooking. We shared an eight bedroom house each with our own wing and a shared kitchen and cinema room. So when we get sick of each other I can lock him out of the kitchen and go watch a movie.

After we ate we went to my lounge and put on the TV. We spent most of our time in my half of the house. It was decorated in deep reds and blacks with mahogany floors. Mikey’s half was much more minimalist and mostly white with coloured furniture. Hence my half was homier to the point Mikey usual crashed in one of my spare rooms and had half his junk in there. Partly because minimalist means he’s short on storage for all his crap. As usual nothing but re-runs of friends and scrubs was on. It was the one where the girls take on the guys at poker and Rachel doesn’t get the job. Which got us onto our current debate…

“You can’t honestly say that a woman can race as well as we can!”

“Dude, you haven’t seen her. She got rookie of the year man. I’m telling you, watch your back.”

“But what happens when she turns into PMS Queen!? I don’t want to be rammed off the track every four weeks because I didn’t let her overtake me.” Mikey just stared at me before throwing a packet of chips at me.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” He did that annoying looking over the tops of his glasses thing. I can’t wait for him to get his new batch of contacts.

“Shut up douche, I have. There was, you know. Her and thingy. Ew salted, got any salt and vinegar?”

“No I ate those last night. Her and thingy? Any relation to cousin It?!”

“Fuck off.” I threw the salted back at him, but he ducked and they landed on a stack of CD’s. Mikey got up and retrieved my chips. I have no idea how he eats so much crap and is like a frickin’ rake. Yeah I had a MacDonald’s, but I also spend 5 hours at the gym 5 days a week.

“If you mean Christine she doesn’t count.”

“That’s her! Why doesn’t she count?” God I can’t remember the last time I saw her. Wonder what she does now?

“You went out for 6 days in 7th grade Gee. That’s not even friend, let alone girlfriend!” He swung over the side of the couch and landed next to me with a thud.

“Oh, and you would know Mr. still lives with his brother and has the biggest porn collection this side of the Atlantic. The biggest being all the porn you have in storage at Mom’s” I folded my arms and sulked. He can’t talk. I share this house. I know home many women he’s brought home.

“Don’t start with me about porn Mr. doesn’t delete his cookies and recent history” Shit. I could feel my cheeks burning up. Mikey just sat there grinning. My internet habits are beside the point anyways.

“Shut up Mikes. I’m being serious here. I can’t race with a woman. I need you.” Mikey’s smirk faltered a bit at this but returned as he tried to put a good spin on the situation.

“I know. But we are still living together, and we are going on the team bonding thing to that place down south, Devonshire? And I will still kick your ass at Indy.” He’s right, except about Indy.

“Oh yeah, how’d that go last year when I got a podium and you came, what was it? 8th?” I said as I pointed out the 3rd place trophy on the shelf.

“Hey, you know that’s because Benji clipped me on the carousel and gave me a puncture!” He punched me in the arm which resulted in a full on wrestling match in the middle of my lounge, tables and drinks going flying.

I was driving down the motorway in my blue Audi A3, with Ray sat flipping through a CD wallet in the passenger’s seat. Suddenly I herd a loud slam and Ray sat with the wallet shut and his arms crossed.

“Seriously dude, stop being such a lil’ bitch” Ray whined, putting my cd’s back in the glove box and turning on the radio.

“Fuck off. I will be civil and that’s it”. I focused back on the road, gripping the leather steering wheel till my knuckles went white.

“You shouldn’t hate her before you’ve even seen her. Trust me you will soon be singing her praises.” Ray reclined back in the sport seat and rested his feet on the glove box.

“Do not put your gross Lugs all over my interior or I will kill you in your sleep. And let me guess, she’s an f1 driver/ super model/ playboy bunny/ Nobel Prize winner?”

“Think Natalie Portman in a fire suit” He smirked at me knowing Natalie is my one weakness. A least he doesn’t know about the life-size poster in my wardrobe….

“Garden state?” I asked. Dam she looked fine in that.

“Nope.” He smirked again, but this time evilly. I tried to think of all her films and one instantly set the alarms off.

“Oh god, V for Vendetta?! She bald!” I put my foot down and passed the slowest Porsche I have ever seen. Who drives at 70 when you own a Porsche?

“God help whoever is stupid enough to marry you. Just shut up, play nice and don’t show yourself up. And watch your dam speed. How’s it gonna look when Gerard Way gets disqualified for speeding?”

I shrugged and thought for a moment before replying with a cheeky grin.
“Like I’m good at my job?”


Finally after hours of driving and trying not to kill the stray horses on the moors we pulled into the driveway of a decent sized log cabin/lodge. The cabin was only 2 storeys, but there was a room in the attic with a balcony that looked out to the driveway and beyond. A few trees and a picnic bench were off to the side, with a fence that stood between the house and the wildlife of the moors. Not exactly the Savoy, but it’s hardly a trailer park. Out front was an Aston Martin DB9, one of the best British luxury coupes ever. And not cheap.

“Wow, nice Aston. Did Bob finally get rid of Betsy?” I sat staring at what’s possibly my favourite car in the world as Ray got out his side of the car. But I don’t see the point in spending so much on a car I would only drive in the off season.

“He’s not told me anything. He loves that old jag way too much. Sweet ride though. Help me grab the bags would ya?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m coming” Taking a last look at the Aston I got out and made a mental note to steal Bob’s car keys. I’m sure he won’t mind me taking it for a test drive.

We walked into the log cabin to be greeted by a massive staircase in a massive open plan room. It’s like the tardis in here! The staircase was on the left; on the back wall was what I assume was the kitchen, all granite and pine. All the floors were wooden. On the right wall was a big folding window door thing with a massive long table in front. You could see for miles from it. A bunch of couches were set up around a log fire which remained unlit on the wall opposite the kitchen. As we stood in the entrance taking in the lodge, Bob came walking up to me with two people in tow.
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