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"What's Wrong With You?"

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This one's a filler, but Part two comes tomorrow, so it won't be a filler any more.

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Christi's POV

I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, but I took a detour as soon as I saw that bright yellow stickynote on the refrigerator.

Went to the bar.
Back by 3.
Tuck Julia in for me?

I smiled and practically ran back up the stairs. I dug through my suitcase until I found the tightest pair of skinny jeans that I had. I settled on the bright red pair, and pulled out my black silk shirt. I was going to that bar, and I was going dressed to kill.

Gerard's POV

When I saw Christi walk through the door, I finished my entire beer in one swallow. I had come here hoping to get away from her, and she'd followed me.
"Look at that babe." Mikey whispered into my ear.
"Mikey, that's Ophelia."
"That's Ophelia?!?"
"That's Ophelia."
"Frankie, that fox over there is Ophelia." Mikey whisper screamed across the pool table.
"Ophelia!" Frankie screamed. Christi rushed over, a hug for everyone, even me.
"Hey Guys!" Ophelia said as she sat down on a bar stool.
"You really work for Pete Wentz?" Mikey asked.
"Nope. I work with him. I own Starr designs, I just sell my stuff in his store."
"You really boning Pete Wentz?" Frankie asked. Christi glared. "Sorry." Frankie mumbled.
"Whose shot is it?" I quickly asked.
"Yours." Ray said throwing me his que. I took my shot, and missed. I wasn't concentrating any more. I watched, jealously, as Christi was given drink after drink from random guys at the bar. I watched disgustedly as she stumbled around, drunk.
"Hey Frankie, when are you going to tell Gerard that you're in love with him?" Christi asked. Her Liverpool accent, back.
"I... I don't... I... You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!"
"Oh, please, like they couldn't tell that you're gay."
"Christi, please stop!" Frankie begged, tears coming to his eyes. He looked over at me, my mouth hung open, and ran out to his car. Everybody's gaze moved slowly from the door to Christi, who started to cry hysterically. The more we tried to calm her down, the more upset she got. It got to the point where she looked like a 2-year-old throwing a fit after being told that she couldn't have a cookie.After about twenty minutes of that, I picked her up, threw her into the car, brought her home, and signed the divorce papers.

Christi's POV

When I woke up the next morning, the papers were on the pillow next to my head.I sighed, signed them, put them into their envelope, and put them into the mail. Then I got into my car and sped to Frankie's mom's house. Luckily, he still lived there.
"What do you want?" He mumbled.
"I wanted to apologize."
"Sure you do."
"Frankie, I'm being serious! You trusted me with that secret almost ten years ago, and I promised that I would never tell anyone, and in one fucking night I ruined it." I explained.
"Hey... you're using your accent again."
"Being here, I don't feel like Christi any more. I feel like Ophelia again. I admitted. Frankie smiled.
"You wanna come inside, Ophelia?"
"No... I have seven years of catching up to do with my daughter, and if I don't get started now, I'll never do it." I said as I turned adn walked away.
"See you around!" Frankie called out. I almost laughed. If he thought I was coming back after I left on Tuesday, he was insane.
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