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"What's Wrong With You?" [Part 2]

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Christi's POV

Driving home in complete silence, I was able to relax for the first time since I had gotten to New Jersey.
Oh the way your makeup stains my pillow case, like I'll never be the same
"Hey, glad I caught you."
"What's up, honey?"
"Panic's manager has been calling you off the hook. They want to see the designs for their costumes for "Nine In The Afternoon" And I know you're not finished with them, but..." Pete explained.
"They're on my desk in our room. Let them know that when I get back in a few days I'll bring them the fabric swatches so they have a better idea about the costumes."
"Okay, when are you coming back, anyways?"
"I'm shooting for Tuesday, but I may be here for a little bit shorter."
"Did something happen?"
"Oh, no, actually, he signed the papers last night, so I don't really have a reason to hang around here."
"Oh, well, I miss you baby."
"I miss you too. I can't wait to see you again."
"Well, I'm going to go bring these down to the guys, so I'll call you tomorrow."
"Okay, bye."

I put my sidekick back into my oversized bag, and sped up. I wanted to get back to Gerard's house and bring Julia to the mall before her strictly enforced bed-time.

Gerard's POV

"You're not taking her anywhere."
"Gerard, I'm taking her to the mall."
"My daughter is not leaving this house."
"She's my daughter too!"
"If you wanted her all that bad you wouldn't have left her."
"Gerard, I just want to take her shopping. That's all."
"You're not taking her anywhere."
"Gerard, it's not like I'm going to go back to L.A. with her."
"That's not-"
"It is the reason you won't let me take her shopping. You're afraid that if I take her I'm going to leave and never come back."
"Before you left you and Julia were all I had, and then you left. Now all I have is her, so forgive me for not wanting to loose her too!" I screamed. Christi stared at me for a minute before turning toward the stairs. I ran after her and grabbed her arm.
"What, Gerard?"
I didn't answer her question, only pulled her into a kiss.
"Face it, you love me." I whispered to her between kisses.
"No, I don't."
"Then stop kissing me." But she didn't stop. After a few more minutes, I picked her up, carried her upstairs and into our bedroom.
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