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And If You Would Call Me Your Sweetheart I'd Maybe Then Sing You A Song

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Christi's POV

I sat on the edge of Gerard's bed, a sheet the only "clothing" I had on. I looked over at Gerard, sleeping peacefully, and smiled.

Oh the way, Your makeup stains my pillowcase, Like I'll never be the same

I hurried to answer my phone before it woke Gerard.
"Hey, Pete."
"Hey Christi. I just got back from Bren's house. They love the designs. They said that they trust you as far as fabric choice, so whenever you need to take their measurements, just give them a call."
"Oh, that's great!"
"Is Something wrong, Christi?"
"No, why?"
"Then why are you whispering?"
"Because my friend's asleep on the couch next to me, and I don't wanna wake him up. Y'know?"
"Yeah. Have you decided when you're coming home yet?"
"Um... I'm actually going to finish packing and head over to the airport right now."
"When you find out what time your flight lands, give me a call."
"I will. I love you."
"I love you too, Chris."
I stood up and dressed, quicker that I'd ever gotten dressed before. Threw everything into my suitcase, brought it to UPS, and went to the airport. I was sitting in the first class section of an airplane within 90 minutes.

Gerard's POV

I heard Christi's pohne conversation. Every second of it. Every word of love and affection a knife to my stomach. I wanted to beg her to stay, promise to move wherever her job needed her most. But the only problem with that was she'd have to want to stay with me, and deep down, I knew that she probably didn't. Once I heard her car start, I knew it was all over. I put my clothes on and went out to the porch to finish my painting of the old poolhouse. I moved my hand at a zombie-like pace for almost an hour, before kicking the easle over and jumping up and down on the canvas. Then I ran over to the poolhouse and started kicking the charred remnants of it. Then I started ripping peices of wood from it, and throwning them. Not in any particular direction, not for any particular reason, except that at that moment, I wanted something, anything, too feel as shitty as I felt.

Christi's POV

"PETE!" I called out as I ran through the airport and into his open arms. I giggled as I took in the scent of his cologne.
"I missed you." He whispered.
"I missed you too."
Ignoring the sea of people around us, calling out our names, and the flashbulbs coming from every direction, we kissed. Pete's body guard tried to pull us away and into our car, but we wouldn't move. Tourists were getting the pictures that so many magazines were dying for. Pictures of Pete and I "canodeling" which we had tried our hardest to not do in public, but we didn't care any more. We were just glad to be back together.

The car ride home was completely silent. But I didn't mind. It was enough just to be sitting next to Pete, his hand on my knee. But if everything was perfect the way it was, why did Gerard keep running through my mind?

As soon as we got home, I locked myself in my studio and started to work on the Panic coustumes. I needed to keep my mind off of things for a while, so I immersed myself in a world of green fabric.
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