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just when things couldnt get any worse...they did

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" why did you leave early anyway", Mikey asked me as I talked to him on the phone for the first time in 2weeks. Mikey had been dating Ashley and I hadn't seen as much of him and it kinda pissed me off. I know that it wasn't his fault but still. To keep my mind off them I had been hanging out with Frankie and Gerard...mostly Frankie we had become very close and I was starting to see he wasn't that bad of a guy and he was kinda hot to. But everytime I thought of her and Mikey I wanted to puke, I gusse you could say I was a tinney bit jelous. "oh I wasn't feeling good", is what I told him. It was sorta true I did wanna pass out affter I saw them making out. "oh, well I'm sorry to hear that. Look how bout-oh fuck she is gonna be here any minute! Can I call you later?" I wanted to scream no you stay on the phone and pay attention to me, but his voice was so sweet that I couldn't stay mad at him so I said, "sure. Have fun"
Ever sences they had started to date it seemed as though Mikey didn't have anytime for me, when I had asked Frankie he said that it wasn't me Mikey hadn't been hanging out with hardly anyone. I couldn't stand school with out Mikey. When everyone had truned away from me he was there and always made me feel better. I heard the faint ding of my IM and I went to see who it was. I smiled to myself as I saw that it was from Frank. It was werid but as Mikey hung out with Ashley more me and Frank had become closer, I had even started calling him Frankie.
Frank: Hey mass r u bussey
Mi: No ?
Frank: da guys r all coming over BC ash is hanging wit Mike wanna come over
Me: sure tell me were you live and I will b over in a few.
Affter he typed me his address I singhed off and went to tell my driver were to take me. On the whole drive I was thinking about how I could get my revenge on Ashley. For once in my life I couldn't think of anything, I gusse it was because she hadn't done anything to me. All I could think of was braking her and Mikey up but there would be a chance that I would hurt Mikey and nothing was worth that.
When the car pulled up to Frankie's house I saw that he was standing outside. As if he was waiting for me.
"Now don't be mad", he told me when I got up to him," but Ashley and Mikey are here" "why"" she heard me talking to Gee and she said that she wanted to hang with me and the guys because we never do anything together"
"no one would blame me if she 'triprd' down the stairs and you 'accidently' left some knives there that were pointing up and she landed on" I said in a inocent voice as I walked inside
"hey guys", I said as I got in the living room. The first thing that I noticed was that Mikey didn't hug me and that he was glued to Ashley. Gerard looked like he wanted to kill Ashley and shake Mikey and ask what the hell was wrong with him. It was hard to tell what he wanted to do more. I personly wanted to vomit. Frankie made a noise in his throt and the happy cuple broke apart. " hey mass how long have you been there", Mikey asked me. I wanted to scream I have been here the whole fucking time but you were sucking your girlfriends face off to fucking notice! Me not being able to get mad at him just said, " I just got here'
some time latter Gerard and Frankie were having one of their guy talks and Mikey and Ashley had reteined to sucking face. Befor she came around me and Mikey would go upstairs and play video games so that was what I went to do. They would all make their way up here. Almost as if on cue I heard footsteps on the stairs, truning around I saw that it was Ashley.
"Stay away from Gerard", she said closing the door. I was about to tell her that I wasn't trying to take Mikey when I noticed that she had said Gerard?!
"don't you mean Mikey?"
"no. And I know that you heard me say Gerard"
"then why are you dating Mikey if you like his brother?"
"I'm only dating him so I can get close to Gee and because you like him"
"not befor I tell Mikey what your doing"
"who do you think he will belive? His jelous friend or his girlfirend?"
"me",I said more confidently then I felt. She obvously saw this because she said ," so what is little ms. Perfect gonna do? Tell the guy she likes what is going on and risk him never speaking to her again or wach as he gets his heart broken?"
"why are you doing this to me?"
"you don't rembre me? Well let me remind you, brace face lezbo?"
"you'll never get away with this"
"then let the game begain"
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