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The Game

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Ok I am now just writing as it comes into my head so I'm sorry if it sucks. I am also going to start a Gerard story but I'm not gonna say anything about it now just that I will start it soon so kee...

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I went back downstairs to see that Mikey was talking to Frank about something and that Ashley was flriting with Gerard. "Mass are you ok", I heard Frank's voice ask me. Right as I was about to say yea I felt water splash over me. Gusse I was gripping my water bottle to hard. "Frankie can you show me were your bathroom is so I can go dry off"
When we got to the bathroom he handed me a towl and made to leave but I said, "Frank I need to talk to you"
"Yea what's up"
"I need you to belive me when I tell you this and not think that this is all part of some plan of mine"
"ok I will belive you"
"well when I was in your room playing video games Ashley comes in and she tells me to stay away from Gerard"
"let me finish. So I was like don't you mean Mikey and she says no that she was using Mikey to get closer to Gerard and to hurt me"
"why would she want to hurt you? You don't even know her"
"well actally me and my friends use to make fun of her in 4th grade. But that's not the point! The point is how am I going to tell Mikey? He is never going to belive me, he will think that I am just trying brake them up and..."
"whoa. Stop. You know that Mikey isn't like that. You need to tell him. I know it won't be easy but he needs to know and it needs to come from you"
"she is never going to let me near him"
" just try", he then took my hand and led me down the stairs. I felt a jolt of electruity go through my arm were he touched me. Yea Massie start to fall for the guy you like's bestfriend that is just what you need now, the voice in my head said.
"Go", frank said pushing me towords Mikey.
"Mikey I need to talk to you", I said neverously.
I lead him up to Frank's room.
"Mikey befor I tell you anything I need you to give me your word that no matter what I say no matter how unlikely it sounds no matter how crazy, you will belive me"
"Massie you know that you can tell me anything"
"ok, you know when Ashley left the room today and went upstairs?"
"Well she told me that she likes your brother and that she is only dating you to get to him and to hurt me"
"how is her dating me going to hurt you?"
"she knows how close we are and she wanted to wach me struggle"
"but why? What did you ever do to her?"
"in 4th grade me and my friends sorta made fun of her and I feel really bad for it now"
"yea because she has the winning end in this"
"what the fuck are you talking about?"
"you know what I mean. She told me that you would do something like this I just can't belive that she was right! That you would go so low as to try and fucking brake us up!"
"Mikey I wouldn't do that"
"then what the hell do you call this?! I'm sorry massie but if you can't be happy for me and have to make shit up then maybe we should stop hanging out until you hey use to me and her", he then walked out leaving me in stunned silence. I couldn't belive that he would chose her over me. I looked up and saw that Frankie entered the room.
"I'm sorry. That isn't like him", he said putting his arms around me. I fell into his chest and begain to cry. I had now lost the most important thing in my life.
A few minutes latter Frank pulled my face up so that he was looking me in the eyes. He then brushed away the hair that was in my face. "look I know Mikey and he will come around and I know Ashley and she will do something and get caught. She has done this befor so all you have to do is wait" I leaned in and I did something that I never thought that I would ever do, I leaned in and kissed him.
I felt the shock befor he kissed me back. I felt his toung slide across my bottom lip asking for enterence wich I aloud. He explored my mouth brefly then made to play with my lip ring. I started to move my hands to the back of his neck and he had his hands in my hair playing with it.
We broke away for air. " I didn't know that you liked me like that", he said wiping some of my lipgloss from his lips. "I didn't think that I did, god this is bad"
"hey I don't kiss that bad"
"no I mean the whole Mikey thing. Your his bestfriend and this is wrong"
"how? Your not dating and he has a girlfriend"
"well do you wanna give you know us a try?"
"yea, you know its funny. I use to hate you because I thought that you were a Bitch but now I really do like you", he said leaning in to kiss me.
"Frank I can't belive you!", I heard Mikey's voice say
"why can't I date him"
"you can its just...never mind do whatever the fuck that you want", he then left the room.
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