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i miss you

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Me and Frankie had been dating almost a month now! I couldn't belive that me and him had ended up dating, then again nothing about this year was like anything that I could have planed. I was also shocked by how good a kisser he was and when I pointed this out to him he had said that it was because we had lip rings and that they made making out more fun.
While I really cared about Frankie I still sometimes wished that it was Mikey but me and him hadn't spoken for a month. Mikey was also ignoring Frankie, but he had now started to talk to him a week ago affter this talk that they had had. It was lunch time and I was sitting alone waiting for the guys to come. I was about to text Frankie when I felt arms wrap around me from behind and someone kissing the top of my head saying" gusse who?" I truned around to see that it was Frankie. I gave him a kiss, affter a few seconds someone said, "gross! My eyes! My vegain eyes!" I looked up to see that it was Bob, " what's wrong with me and her doing this", he asked kissing me and pulling me really close to him. He then stared to play with my lip ring. "you guys need to stop that", I heard Gerard say. I noticed a slight edge to his voice that was there usally. I broke away from Frankie slowly and looked up and saw that Mikey had just entered. I felt butterflies in my stomache and had nothing to do with how good Frankie kissed.
Latter that night
Frankie had told me that he was kidnapping me and taking me to a movie. He had said that it was really important and that he wouldn't take no so I was getting dressed. Half a hour latter I heard a knock on the door,"I'll get it", I yelled running down the stairs to meet Frankie.
When I opened the door I met not my boyfriend but Mikey.
"oh hey, I wasn't excpecting you"
"yea I know. Frank said that I should talk to you"
"so he isn't taking me to the movies. That bitch. I'm only joking"I said stepping outside
" so why are you dating him"
"he is sweet and funny"
"look Massie I'm really sorry. I should have belived you about Ashley and not yelled at you"
"its ok Mikey"
"that day when me and you were done talking I saw her kissing Gerard"
"I'm so sorry"
"don't be. You tryrd to tell me"
"so can we go back to the way things were"
"I missed you so I would like that"we then leaned in and kissed.
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