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i loved you from the first time i saw you

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This is the Last chapter so I hope you all like it

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"wow", I said affter braking away from the kiss that me and Mikey had just shaired. I couldn't belive me and him had just kissed! Wait I was dating Frankie one Mikeys best friends. This was bad.
"Mikey I need to talk to Frankie"
"I'm sorry"
"Mikey I never said what you did was bad I just need some time to think. Can I call you latter and if I don't then I will talk to you at school ok?" he then left and hugged me bye.
I ran up to my room and called my boyfriend
"hey baby we need to talk"
"did Mikey come over and talk to you"
"yea and that was kinda what I wanted to talk to you about. Me and him worked eveything out and I wanna just be friends with you"
" you two kissed hug"
"look Massie I know how much you two love eachother and I knew that this would happen so I'm not mad at you."
"Wait you knew and you still had him come over here"
"Yea. You see I talked to Gerard today and he told me that Mikey dumped Ash for you wanting you to become friends again so I had Mikey go over and talk to you and from the sound of it I was right again"
" ok you were right. Hey I'm gonna call Mikey now"
I hung up laughing to myself at what he had done. I was waiting for my momo to wake me up from this dream that I was having. I then called Mikey.
"hello", he answerd affter the 3rd ring.
"hey Mikey its me"
"what did Frank say"
"he told me that this was all part of some plan that him and your brother cooked up"
"its so funny how he always right about us"
"yea. Mikey do you maybe wanna become my boyfriend"
"he would love to. He has liked you all year", came Gerard's voice on the other line.
"Get off the phone"
"is he off"
"so how about it?"
"cool so me and you are now boyfriend and girlfriend, I love you" I said before hanging up the phone.
School the next day
"hey Massie can we talk to you", my old friends asked me.
"ok what"
"do you wanna be friends again"I looked at them and laughed, "no, you guys left me and if you were really my friends then that would have never happened so no", I told them walking over to my boyfriend. I was now no longer the most popular girl at school but I was fine with that, I had everything that I needed right here and I wouldn't give it up for anything.
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