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Chapter 5

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I rang the doorbell several times before he answered.
It was goddamn freezing outside, so I was real glad when Mikey finally answered the door and let me inside.

“Hey Ash, ‘sup? You sounded kinda... well, I don’t know, worried, on the phone.” he said, taking my coat and leading me into the front room.
“Did you send me this text, Mikey?” I flicked through my inbox frantically, trying to find the message I knew I hadn’t deleted.
“What text? No, I haven’t sent you a text.” Mikey frowned, looking puzzled.
“Where the fuck is it?” I asked myself sharply.
“Where the fuck is what?” Mikey asked.
“That text you sent me! I swear I didn’t delete it. I fucking swear. I deliberately saved it to show you, you said to meet you at… Gerard.” I paused. Gerard was stood in the doorway.
“Ah. Officer, how nice of you to drop by.” he smirked, “coffee?”
“Umm, sure.” I replied, watching him turn and leave the room.
“What the fuck?” Mikey said.
“Never mind. Ive had a rough day at work. I guess I just wanted to talk to you, y’know catch up.” I said, lying as Gerard came back into the room with a black coffee. He handed it to me and turned to walk away.
“I’ll leave you two in peace” he said. I heard the front door slam.

After about 2 hours of listening to Mikey tell me about everything I missed during the years we hadn’t been in contact, all the while I was thinking about Gerard, I finally decided it was time to leave.
“Oh my god, how did you get that?” Mikey cried, pointing out the scar on my neck, before I even had the chance to tell him I was leaving.
“Oh, umm, some guy I arrested cut me a few days back.” I answered honestly, missing out the fact that it was his brother who had done it to me.
“Oh my god.” Mikey repeated.
“Seriously, it’s fine. Didn’t even hurt, I don’t really care, its normal.” I lied. If Gerard is normal, then pigs have wings.
“Anyway, Id better get going,” I said, standing up and looking at the clock.
“Don’t get caught up with my brother.” Mikey spluttered.
“What?” I said, stunned, before sitting back down to listen.
“He’s pretty messed up. I saw the way he looked at you, and im just warning you, don’t get caught up with him. It’s not a good idea, he’ll never let go.” Mikey looked down at his feet.
“Umm, okay. I think ive figured that out for myself though,” I smiled, lifting Mikey’s head back up with my fingers, so he was looking directly at me.
“Ash I…” Mikey began.
“You what, Mikey?” I smiled at him.
“You remember when…” he paused.
“When?” I urged him to continue.
“That time at the mall when…” he shook his head, “fuck.”
“When you kissed me?” I smiled, looking into his eyes, “Never forget it, why?”
“You made my stomach tingle, and that’s how I feel right now.” he pulled a face, “you think im weird, don’t you?”
“Of course not, Mikey mouse,” I giggled, “remember that’s what I called you.”
“How could I fucking forget? You got everybody calling me that, even that fat kid in the grade above said it every fucking time I went to the cafeteria,” Mikey began to laugh.
“Yeah, and that really skinny first year kid…”
“With the freckles!” Mikey laughed and finished my sentence.
“Those were the days,” I giggled as the door opened.
“Hey, the officer is still here. You sound like you’re having fun,” Gerard said, sitting down in the chair opposite us.
“Actually I was just leaving…” I said, standing up.
“Oh no, don’t leave on my account, sit.” Gerard ordered.
I was too scared of what he might do if I disobeyed him, so I sat down without question.
“She’s not a dog, Gerard.” Mikey said, standing up for me.
“I never said she was did I?” Gerard smirked at me.
“Yeah well you don’t have to treat her like that.” Mikey snapped.
“That’s no way to speak to your brother, is it? What do you think officer?” Gerard grinned.
I began to stutter, not making any sense. He was fucking enjoying this, I knew he was.
“See Mikey, your friend agrees with me, don’t you?” He smirked.
“Oh fuck off Gee, go and mess with somebody else.” Mikey frowned.
Gerard stood and put his hands up in the air, “Fine, whatever. See you later, officer,” he said, making his way upstairs.
“Uhm, bye,” was all that I could bring myself to say, “I’d better be going then, I’ll see you some other time, yeah?” I stood up and headed for the door, this time I was going to fucking leave the house. Mikey followed.
“See you again soon,” He said, opening the door for me and hugging me goodbye, “Bye.”

My phone beeped: Tonight. You and me. Be there, you wouldn’t want my friend to have an accident now would you officer?”
I froze half way through putting on my seatbelt, as I read Gerard’s words. My whole body shuddered. It was then that I remembered that it was Bob’s birthday party at work tonight. I figured I should send Gerard a reply, hoping that he would understand that I had plans, but when I looked down the message had gone and there was no trace of it anywhere on my phone.
I looked out of my window to see Gerard in the upstairs window of the house. He waved as I put my foot down as hard as possible; I needed to get away from him, fast.

I dumped my stuff on the floor by the sofa as I entered my apartment. All I could think about was tonight. Im sure he wont be too mad. Will he? Fuck what am I saying of course he will be fucking mad, its Gerard the psycho remember. Oh my god, and he didn’t even say where I had to be. Oh Shit shit shit. I held my head in my hands, as I realised I was talking out loud. He had messed with my head to the point where I was talking to myself.

Another text message popped up on my phone screen.
I was reluctant to open it, but I figured things couldn’t get much worse, so I pressed the button that showed me the message.
Am I annoying you, officer? Am I being too much of a ‘psycho’ for you to handle. Don’t worry that you have plans, ‘cause what I have planned will fit nicely around it, I’ll make sure of it. See you tonight, officer.

I pushed my finger down on the red button of my phone so hard that it turned off and the button got stuck inside. I picked at it until it eventually came loose and rose back to its normal position.
What the fuck? Now he can hear what im saying, in my own apartment? Maybe he has this place bugged or something. Maybe im just being irrational. No, it can’t be me, don’t blame yourself Ash, your not crazy, that’s just what he wants you to think. He’s the psycho, not you. I thought to myself, being careful not to speak aloud.
My phone switched itself on again, as the word Psycho and a smiley face popped up on the screen.
I threw the phone at the wall. Why, why, why?

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