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Just The Beginning...

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As we arrive at the end we realize that this is only the beginning.

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Yeah, so, even though I didn't get the two reviews like I'm supposed to for each update, I'm still finishing this. It's just an ending chapter so it's short, simple, and to the point. Please review this one too though! Thanks for all your guys's support through the story and stuff. =)




As we lay in bed I almost fall asleep. I could tell I was forgetting something, but what? Oh yeah! The handcuffs. As I lift myself to undo Frank's handcuffs I realize that the sheets are stained with blood and semen. I would have to clean this up rather quickly, seeing as we lived with three other people at the moment. Someday Frank and I would live by ourselves, peaceful and carefree. Just like we were meant to be from the start.
After I've undone Frankie's handcuffs I see that he has fallen asleep rather quickly. I couldn't blame him though, I was really tired myself. The handcuffs were returned to their spot in the nightstand and I managed to pull the blankets off the bed without waking my angel. Now it was time to move him to a better spot. There really wasn't another place to put him except for Mikey's bed, so I figured it would do. I placed him gently on the bed and covered him with a fresh blanket.
After cleaning up the mess I managed to find some extra sheets in the closet, they would have to do for now. I laid them on the bed, not bothering to make it, Mikey could do that himself. It was now time to lay with Frank in a much needed sleep. I crawled in next to him, his hands curled up in front of his face like a little animal. I grabbed his fingers in my own and his eyes fluttered open. We stared at each other for a moment,
"I love you Gee." He told me.
"I love you too Princess." I gave him a small kiss on the forehead and we both fell asleep.


"What the hell?!" What a pleasant voice to wakeup to.
Mikey was probably wondering why his bed was now our bed, why we were naked, and why I hadn't bothered to make his bed.
"Ask questions in the morning Mikes." I whined like a little kid, scrunching my eyes closed again.
"It is the morning Gerard!" He said, throwing his hands up.
I rolled over to look at the alarm clock. It was already 9:16 AM.
"Holy shit, it's the morning." I said to myself.
"Wh-whaa?" I heard a tired voice say behind me.
I rolled over once again to find Frank staring at me, his eyes watery with sleep and his face squinted.
"Good morning darling." I said to him, pulling him close.
"My ass hurts..." He told me, nuzzling into my neck.
Mikey must have heard because he freaked out.
"I knew it! Oh my God you guys did have man sex in my bed! I'm so glad I didn't fucking sleep there last night!" I'm taking it they all fell asleep on the couch then.
"Sorry babe." I told Frankie, wiggling him into me closer.
We sat there for a few seconds while Mikey rambled on about how he didn't appreciate our actions and how we should think about it next time and blah, blah blah, blah blah.
"Mikey if you don't get out in three second you're going to see my naked body," I told him, releasing Frank and turning toward Mikes.
"Okay! Okay! I'm out!" Mikey said, fast walking out of the room.
Today would be a good day. I could feel it in my bones.


We both got cleaned up and Frank had managed to ignore th pain in the ass most of the way, he still hobbled a bit though. I thought it was kind of cute actually. Ray and Bob said nothing to Frank as he wiggled about the hotel, eating his breakfast and sipping coffee. I guess it was really awkward to them. Now that I thought about it we had been kind of discluding them for a while. Maybe today should be a 'just guys' day. It sounded cheesy but I really did want to spend some time with them.
"You guys wanna go out for some lunch today?" I asked, sipping my coffee at the counter.
They all looked up from what they were doing, it was like it surprised them almost.
"Sure, Gee." Mikey said.
His smile was genuine and I could never ask for anything more from my sweet little brother. I really did miss spending time with him, just like the old days. After a while of talking we settled on, of course, going to a coffee place for lunch. We had a few hours so I decided to go for a walk, it was a nice day today and I wanted to soak it up.
Just as I was about the head out the door I felt Frankie grab my arm,
"Gerard? Can I come?" He asked shyly.
"Of course you can babe. But aren't you in... bad condition for walking?" I asked nervously.
"Not when I'm with you Gee." He smiled up at me softly.
I brought our lips together for a few seconds, savoring his soft lips instead of smashing them like we had been doing. I stroked his cheek gently before breaking the kiss and heading out the door, hand in hand.
We had finally made it out of the hotel, the elevator ride seemed extra long, as usual when I was with Frank. The sun was shining in the sky already, it was about 10:30. We walked along the sidewalks of Portland, taking in the sounds of the hustle and bustle which we had so been missing for the past few months. Frank had been stuck in the hospital for so long, and when he got back we spent most of our time inside, it felt right to take him out.
After a while Frank stopped and pulled me down onto a bench,
"Owie." He said to me, frowing.
Obviously he was talking about the pain in his posterior.
"I told you you weren't in good condition, babe." I laughed and kissed him lightly.
We sat in silence for a few moments, watching some birds fly overhead and some cars pass by. It was times like this that I really wondered how I got to be so lucky. I'm famous. I'm in a band with my best friends. I have an amazing boyfriend. What more could I want? Maybe I could use... Frank's trust.
"Frankie..." I said, looking up at the sky.
"Hm?" He asked, staring at me despite my gaze back at him.
"This time. I promise."
"Promise what, Gee?"
"I promise. I really do promise that I'll eat more. And I wont throw it up." It was hard telling him that. Actually promising with all my heart. His only response was leaning into my chest, breathing in my smell. I ran my fingers through his hair, petting him gently.
"These past months," He said, looking up at me now.
"We've been through so much." He looked back down.
I chuckled as the thought came to my head. I looked down at him and kissed the top of his head.
"It's only the beginning Frankie. Only the beginning."


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