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Harry Potter....and the Amusement Park?

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Just a fluffy, fun one-shot that popped in my head! H/G fluff, Book 4 spoilers!

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Hey guys! Don't worry, I'm still writing Harry Potter and the New Powers! This is just a one-shot that got in my head today and I just had to write! Hope you enjoy!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hermione, I really don't think this is a good idea." Ron whimpered, looking nervous.

"Honestly Ronald, it will be fun, won't it Harry?" Hermione asked, looking at her green eyedand scruffy black haired frend for support.

Harry for is part, was looking a little green. "Err, I dunno Hermione. The Dursley's never let me do anything like this."

Hermione rolled her eyes, and Ginny, the final member of her group huffed and mumbled something about boys being scaredy cats. Harry strengthend his resolve, determined not to look afraid in front of the girl that was his little sister in all but blood. He was supposed to be the brave one!

"Really Harry" Hermione continued, "You've faced a dragon, a dark lord, a troll, and play quidditch! How can you be afraid of this?!"

"It's just different is all!" Harry mumbled. "Never been on a roller coaster!"

It was the summer after fourth year, and Harry had finally vanquished the Dark Lord. It had been very scary when he and Cedric had been transported to the graveyard, but Cedric had tripped, luckily dodging a killing curse as he did. Then he had gotten up, and Harry and Cedric had quickly managed to stupify Peter. Without help, the baby Voldemort had been helpless, and Harry had stupidied him as well, and turned him over to the authorities. Now it was time to celebrate!

Hermione had come up with the idea of going to a muggle amusement park, and the youngest Weasleys had been suprised to know that muggles had such crazy forms of entertainment!

They had ridden lots of rides all day, and now there was only time for one more ride, and Hermione wanted to ride a really scary rollercoaster. (I don't know what type of rollercoasters they have in England, but imagine something like Space Mountain).

Harry was very queasy, and so was very thankful when at that moment, Ginny spoke up. "Hermione, why don't you and Ronald ride it. I'm sure Harry and I can think of something to do." Hermione blushed, looking at Ron when he was busy eating the "Dog Hot" (I love how wizards mess up muggle things, lol). Hermione sighed, and Harry was relieved to be allowed to get out of riding it.

The two walked around for a while, before Ginny noticed that a water ride called "The Tunnel of Love" had a very small line. "Harry, let's go ride it, it'll be fun." Harry blushed at the name, and was uneasy about riding it, but one look at Ginny's happy and excited face melted his resolve. "Ok" he answered with a lopsided grin. "Let's go!"

Five minutes later they were on the ride, and they were laughing together, having a good time. It was fairly cheesy, with big red hearts and little cupids on the ceiling, but it was nice and slow, and the operator had smiled at them and said he would slow it down even more. They had given him a three euro tip for his kindness. That was good, because Hermione and Ron had a really long cue, and now Harry and Ginny would have an our to just enjoy each other's company. (I don't know when Euros became money, but just pretend that muggles are using them in 1995 if they weren't already.)

They talked alot, and then enjoyed the silence together. Then, as the ride came towards the end, it entered a large, open room, and music began to play.

We've been friends for a real long time
And I think that if we really try
We could be so much more
I'll be here through the low and high

Harry looked at Ginny, thinking of all they'd been through together, starting when he rescued her a few years ago. They really did know each other very well. In fact, on the really deep matters, like Voldemort, they shared an understanding nobody else could match.

I never thought that we'd be together
I never though we could make it through
You and me, in love forever
There's nothing for you I won't do

Strange, just how well this song fit their relationship. Harry had nearly died to save Ginny, and she had been so worried for him when he cam back from the graveyard. They'd both been through alot, and really, he HADN'T thought at times they would make it through.

All I want you to do
Is for you to love me
The way I've always loved you
All I want you to do
Is for you to love me
The way I've always loved you

Ginny was staring back into his eyes now, the two lost in reflective pools. Harry knew that Ginny had always loved him, and while he had always loved her, it had been a different kind of love. Now though, something had changed. Closer they came to one another, till their foreheads touched. Then they kissed, slow and tender, before deepning it and becoming lost in passion....

The ride ended with Harry and Ginny still snogging. The didn't stop until they heard a wolf whistle from a red faced Ron and a messy haired Hermione, both of whom were smiling. Harry grinned at his friends, before whispering to Ginny "I love you". Ginny whispered back "I love you to."

He had thought of her as a sister, but now he realised he had been wrong. Ginny could be so much more.

Awwwww that was so much fun :D!! I won't be continuing this though, it was just a one-shot. I though it would be funny how everyone would react in such a fun muggle setting, and I feel really bad for making Harry's friends so mean in my main story, so maybe this helps to balance that! Anyway, thanks for reading!
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