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Kim Possible: So the Drama: Talk

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What if Kim had told Ron to move on? this. Oneshot. Sad and dark.

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Sorry, i've only seen the movie from the electric scooter bit to the credits. and i forget if Ron has a scooter. This might have some errors in it, but please dont hate me for it. Enjoy!
Kim made her way to Bueno Nacho to have a heart-to-heart talk with Ron. he was acting different around her. Maybe he's in love with me she had first thought, but dismissed it as silly. But in her sleep, it plauged her, swamping her dreams. She thought some more after that, and after more thought, concluded that Ron indeed loved her. She decided to tell him that her and Eric were a couple now, and that it was time to move on.

She walked in and saw Ron, sitting alone, eating nachos topped with melted chedder covering them. The type they had both shared so many times. She walked over to his table and sat down. He looked up and saw her. She had a concerned look oh her face. "Ron, we need to talk." she said. He sat up straight and looked into Kim's eyes. "About what?" he asked. "Us." she said. Ron just knew this was gonna be bad news.

"Its just that you've been acting differently since i've been with Eric, and i think... I-i think you might be crushing on me." she finished, with a slight tremble in her voice.

"Listen, KP, i'm..."

"Ron, i just came to tell you that i think we... Should move on." she finished, with a sad gleam in her eye.

Ron stopped chewing. He looked hurt, and after a few minutes, he said his last words ever to Kim ever.

"I see."

His voice was void of emotion. His eyes had a sudden dead look. He got up, put the rest of the nachos in the trash and walked out the door. Kim tried to stop him, but he just kept on walking, oblivious to the soft, warm hand on his sholder.

He hopped on his scooter and rode home. He went upstairs without a sound. "i'm sorry for this. Rufus." he said to his naked mole rat pet. he got a small bowl of water and held Rufus's head down until he stopped struggling. He got he thickest rope he could find, and started wrapping. In about 1 hour he had a decent noose.

He used a harpoon thing to make a hole in the roof. He also made a huge knot in the noose at the top, bigger then the hole in the roof. Using some fabric softner and brute force, he got the knot through.

he waited an hour or so. Then he put his head through the noose. Well, this is it. The end of my life. he thought. Ron's mother walked in to put his laundry away just as Ron tipped the chair. She screamed and fainted, alerting Mr. Stoppable. He rushed up the stairs. As soon as he saw his son, he froze up. Mrs. Stoppable woke up and openly wept into Mr. Stoppable's shoulder.


Kim was on the mission to save Eric. She was sad that Ron walked away, but she needed to save Eric. She put on the battlesuit and (after a few hours) went to Bueno Nacho HQ. She fought Shego with a burning hatred. Of course she won. Eric revealed himself as Symphodrone 901, shocking her.

She woke up and was chained to a pillar. She was forced to watch the world be taken over. After that she was knocked out. She woke up to find a team of villans facing her with intentions. Dirty intentions.

They chained her in different positions and raped her. Again and again and again. By the end of it, she wanted to kill herself. She made her way home. at the door, she got the harpoon thing out her bag and shot it through her head. it flew through the door. Head attached.


Ron's and Kim's parents were a part of rebals, dedicated to stopping Drakken. they had a small funeral underground for Ron and Kim. they said their goodbyes, then buried them. The dirt forced Ron's and Kim's hands together. And, somewhere in the Australian rebel group, on the same day, 2 kids were born in different families. one had red hair and lots of freckles. one had blond hair and slight freckles. and, by complete luck, they were named Kim and Ron.

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