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Aubrey and Brooke had been HUGE Jonas Brother fans since they first heard Year 3000 on Disney Channel in 2006 and ever since those boys had completely comsumed their minds. Since the girls had gott...

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Height- 5’6”
Looks- dirty blonde hair, eyes can never find a color (most people just say hazel but it changes daily), wears a lot of jeans with cute shirts sometimes tees, always blushing, layered lightly wavy hair with side swept bangs, not skinny or really fat just average.
Personality- very outgoing, funny, obsessed with music, loves friends (especially Brooke) and family, puts a lot of effort into everything she does.
Likes- JONAS BROTHERS! (Especially Joe) Friends, family, music, singing, etc.
Dislikes- pickles, fakers, mean people, scary movies

Age- 16
Height- 5’4”
Looks- blonde, blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders, crystal blue eyes with some gray in them, wears skirts or jeans and tees, really skinny but not like anorexic.
Personality- kinda shy until you get to know her, loves her friends(especially Aubrey) has some problems with her family though, has to be really convinced to put any effort into anything.
Likes- Jonas Brothers (especially Kevin) her best friend music scary movies etc.
Dislikes- sometimes her family, fakers, really cruel people

Joe Jonas:
Ok you should no everything about him already ok

Nick Jonas:
You should no everything about him already ok

Kevin Jonas:
Same as his other bros.

Ok the story will be told from Aubrey’s pov. If I want it in another pov ill say so before I write it ok…ok good well lets let the fun begin!
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