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Chapter 1

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It started out just a normal day...who knew?

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I got on the computer as usual. Man, I missed Brooke ever since she moved to Mississippi I have been so lonely.
Brooke and I have been best friends since we were in Kindergarten! Then when we were in 4th grade she moved to a neighboring town, so we still seen each other. Then in 7th grade she moved to Ohio for 2 months then came home for the summer and then told me she had to move to Mississippi! I am now a sophomore and so is she and we see each other on holidays but I still miss her so much.
I went on my My Space. Of course, I added the JB because I am only like obsessed with them. A new bulletin was up from them. I clicked on it. “Win a week with the Jonas Brothers! Including two tickets and backstage passes to their concert in L.A. with plane tickets! Many will enter few will win!” I sighed how spastastic it would be to get to go. I clicked on the link and read all about it. I decided to enter, what could it hurt.


I checked my MySpace I had a message:
I screamed. My first thought was to call Brooke. I called her and told her everything and I asked her to come with me. She asked her mom and she said yes I asked mine and she said yes. Omg I am gonna meet the Jonas brothers!


Brooke came up to my house and we laughed, yelled, and hugged. We were ready for the concert.
After getting our cute outfits on, we got the plane tickets and we were off. The plane ride was fun all we could talk about were the Jonas Brothers. Finally, the plane landed and we got off. A taxi drove us to our hotel. The hotel was amazing! We took our room and started to get ready for the concert.


We thought we would ride a taxi there but boy were we wrong! My phone rang.
Me- A

A: hello?
K: Um hello is this Aubrey Peters?
A: Yes this is her.
K: well hello I’m Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.
A: are you serious?
K: yes
A: wow!!!! squeals
K: chuckles well I just wanted to say that we will be there in 5 minutes.
A: so your gonna pick us up?
K: well yes what kinda people would we be not picking up the winners!
A: YES! I mean I cant wait.
K: laughs ok see ya then.
hangs up

“brooke I have something to tell you we cant get a taxi.” I said

“What why?” brooke sounded sad.

“because the JB are picking us up!”

We screamed as loud as we could. We ran out of the door and downstairs. A huge limo pulls up. Nick, Kevin, and then Joe gets out. Mine and Brookes mouths drop open. We look at each other like wow these are like the hottest things we have ever set our eyes on look. “Well hello ladies.” Joe said in his charming voice. “hi” I managed to squeak out. He laughed. wow his laugh is nice. “well get in” Kevin broke the silence.
Me and Brooke went in first the limo was awesome! It was mostly silent with the exception of Joes odd outbreaks of weird noises which we all laughed at. Finally the limo pulled up to the concert place. It was huge! We stepped out.
“well you guys can hang out here for a little bit and go get your seats but we have to go get ready.” Kevin announced. Nick finally spoke, “well we’ll see you at the concert and after.” they walked away. Me and Brooke went in and got the center front row seats. We looked at each other and smiled. everything is perfect…I sighed.
People started coming in by the twenties then thirties and then by so many I couldn’t count. All the seats filled. The concert was about to begin! Brooke grabbed my hand and squeezed. I laughed. “this is the best thing ever!” we said at the same time. We turned and laughed. A guy came out and yelled, “Are you ready for the Jonas Brothers?” everyone in the crowd screamed as loud as they could. “Well here they are!” the boys ran out on stage. They glanced at me and Brooke before they began.
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