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Leg 1, Part 4

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The race continues as the first leg is wrapped up and one team is eliminated.

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Show resumes after commercial break.

Caption: KIM and KELLY: Twin Sisters

SUSAN and CONNIE: Mother and Daughter

MARISSA and SUZANNE: Cocktail Waitresses

SUSAN: Here’s how to do it… just put the bricks like this, on the flat side, right next to one another in a big square… then when you’re done, start making another square on top of it a little smaller, like this…after a few layers, make the next one a lot smaller to give it a“step” on the side… just keep going until you get to the top of the pyramid.

(interview segment)

SUSAN: We’re continuing with the “women’s alliance”; all three of us built our pyramids side by side, and I helped out with pointers.

MARISSA: Hey, Icould’ve built it even without her instructions… I’m not dumb. Just what do college professors know about building pyramids, anyway? I keep my trays of cocktail glasses perfectly balanced, even when I’m dodging dirty old men trying to grope me… getting bricks to stay in place is child’s play in comparison.

KIM: Whatever…I’m Kim, by the way… you might mistake me for my sister Kelly if I don’t identify myself, because we’re identical twins and all…if we could think of some gimmick where we could get ahead in the race by pretending to be one another, we’d do it… every TV show or movie with identical twins has to do that plot twist, like on Sister Sister or /The Parent Trap/. But the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet.

Caption: LIZZIE and GORDO: Engaged College Students

GORDO: (standing on top of finished pyramid, grabbing clue) There you have it…pretty nice work if I say so myself.

(interview segment)

GORDO: Did you know that the ancient Aztecs practiced human sacrifices on the tops of their pyramids? They laid captives there and cut open their chests, ripping out their hearts.

LIZZIE: That’s gross, Gordo! Can’t you study some of the more pleasant things about the culture of the countries we visit?

Caption: KEITH and TAMMY: Married Couple

TAMMY: I didn’t know King Tut was Mexican…

Caption: AHMAD and AZHAR: Cousins

AZHAR: Just one more brick to go… here we are!

Caption: KATE and ETHAN: Fashion Models

KATE: Darn… I just broke a nail!

Caption: JACK and RONALD: Co-Workers

JACK: All right, already… this time it kind of slopes over on this side… is/that/ a pyramid yet?

(At the park)

LIZZIE: OK, Gordo… which way do you think the pit stop is?

GORDO: Most of the park seems to be to the left… let’s try that way.

AHMAD: Let’s follow Lizzie and Gordo… they look like smart people!

PHIL: Lizzie and Gordo, you are the fifth team to arrive.

Ahmad and Azhar, you are the sixth team to arrive.

AZHAR: Right in the middle of the pack… that’s a decent showing.

SUSAN: I think Isaw some other teams go left here… let’s try that too.

KIM: There’s the pit stop over there… we’re still in an alliance, so let’s arrive all at once… I don’t think we’re last, but we shouldn’t let one of our teams get ahead of another yet.

PHIL: Susan and Connie, Kim and Kelly, and Marissa and Suzanne, you are tied as the seventh through ninth teams to arrive.

TAMMY: Let’s go! We’re still in the race! Which way do you want to look?

KEITH: It’s anyone’s guess… let’s try going right first.

KATE: I broke/three/ nails building that thing… I don’t know /how/the Aztecs managed to maintain good hygiene.

ETHAN: I thought it was the Egyptians who built pyramids.

KATE: Follow that other team! I hope they know what they’re doing.

KEITH: It’s not here… let’s go that way now!

KATE: Look, the other team is turning around… quick, let’s go back this way too, ahead of them!

JACK: Hurry the (bleep) up… we gotta catch those other guys!

(Interview segment)

JACK: That (bleep)ing Latino museum person finally accepted my pyramid…then I fell flat on my face climbing it to get the clue… lousy Mexican bricks. If they were made in the good ol’ U.S.A., they wouldn’t collapse like that.

PHIL: Kate and Ethan, you’re the tenth team to arrive.

Keith and Tammy, you’re the eleventh team to arrive.

(The final team rushes in, just a little too late.)

PHIL: Jack and Ronald, you’re the last team to arrive, and I’m sorry to say you both have been eliminated from the race.

JACK: (Bleep) it… I knew this thing was rigged against us!

RONALD: No, it’s our own darn fault… we lost it all by ourselves.

VOICEOVER: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

(Commercial break)

On the next Amazing Race… Can the first four teams keep the lead they got from getting to the museum first? Will the girls’ alliance hold? Teams live la vida loca…

(scenes in anightclub, where a wild party seems to be going on)

…and clown around…

(scenes of some team members in clown suits)

…and something makes Kate really angry.

KATE: Now, that’s just not fair! (pouts)

Who will make it to the next leg of the race? Find out in our next episode.

(closing credits)

VOICEOVER: Jack and Ronald talk about their experience on The Amazing Race tomorrow on The Early Show. Now stay tuned for an all-new Judging Amy on CBS next.

Intermission: The McGuire House

“I bet that sore loser will still be ranting about how the whole race is rigged,” said Gordo. “I don’t think I want to hear him. It was bad enough putting up with him in the pit stop for a few hours until the producers finally sent his team home. But I guess I feel sorry for his ‘friend’ who teamed with him… I can’t imagine how and why they manage to stay friends.”

“The thing about being friends,” said Lizzie, “is that you stick together and support one another… even when the other one is being a little obnoxious.”

“I hope I’m never like that guy… am I?”, said Gordo.

“Well, not like that…but you can be a little hard to deal with sometimes,” said Lizzie.

“Oh, yeah, like you’re always easy to deal with?”, said Gordo.

“Let’s finish this conversation in the car… it’s a pretty long drive back to campus, and we’ve both got classes tomorrow,” said Lizzie.

“Yeah… we’ve got classes too, and our campus is even further… we’d better be going,” said Miranda.

“Hey, all of you… now that you’ve been aired on TV, you’re all gonna be celebrities,” said Matt. “Would you like to hire my services as manager, to deal with all the fans? I’ve done that for Lizzie before.”

“You mean when you sold Mr. Snuggles to a reporter?”, asked Lizzie.

“I got him back, didn’t I?”, said Matt.

“I think we can deal with our fans ourselves,” said Miranda.

“It was nice having all of you over; see you next week!”, said Jo.


[Author's note: Actually, I wrote this a while back, so the reference to "Judging Amy" (and "Joan of Arcadia" last time) is a bit dated given that neither of those shows are on the air any more!]
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