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Chapter 2

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New boy to her class. She's annoyed by him.

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“OMG! Mel! He said yes! He said that he’d go out with me!” squealed Dan.

I squealed with him, “I know isn’t that cute! He likes you!”

“Thanks so much Mel, I couldn’t have done this without you” he hugged me.

I chuckled, “Anything for you, darling”

I let go of Dan when the bell rang, “I gotta go babe, see you at lunch!” I said and rushed towards my Ancient History class. I’ve been late to class all the time last year and I didn’t want to make another bad impression to my teacher. I arrived to my room and noticed that I was the first one.

“Nice to see you early, Melody” said my teacher Ms. Low.

I smiled at her, “Yes it is nice” and went to my table.

It took about 5 minutes for the whole class to come in and get ready for the lesson and meanwhile I took out my books and my reading book called ‘Vanished’ by Karen Robards, I love reading unlike my friends most of my classes I read instead of listening to the teacher babbling on about crap.

I open my book and began to read, I heard my teacher say something about a new student from another class starting this lesson for the first time and I didn’t actually capture his name, I think it was James or something. All of a sudden I felt someone sit next to me; I don’t allow anyone to sit next to me in this class. I looked up and noticed that it was the boy that sat in Jason’s group (you know, Dan’s date) he was so punk and dirty. He had his long hair dyed black, I can tell because of how fake it looks, and he had dull hazel eyes and he was so pale. He was wearing those hoodies and those black jeans, ew, this guy cannot sit next to me I mean, he’s emo! He’s a freak! I stopped reading my book and started writing what Ms. Low has written on the whiteboard.

“Hey princess, can I borrow a pen?” he asked in his sluggish voice.

Ew, he even smells like cigarettes! Before I could even answer him, he pulled out a pen out of my pencil case and started copying the board. I just gave him a death glare and continue my work.

When the bell rang for our next class, Ms. Low came to us and gave her oh-so-sweet smiles, “Melody have you got your work from last year here?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Thanks great! Then you wouldn’t mind helping our new student” she made a hand gesture to the freak sitting next to me, “Catch up on the work” and she walked away.

I scoffed what?! I am so not helping this freak! No way in hell! It will so ruin my reputation! People will gossip about me hanging out with an emo!

“I guess I’ll see ya at the library at lunch princess” said James and threw my pen on my table and walked off.

I scoffed again. He didn’t even ask me if I was busy! Why does my first day have to be such a bitch to me?
I packed my stuff up and went to my Textiles class.

I was actually arguing my head if I should go to the library or not but in the end I gave up and decided to go so I could get over it and plus it’s in the library; no one goes to the library.

I walked in and couldn’t see James anywhere, damn that freak! I decided to sit down and wait for 5 minutes while reading my book. I was in a interesting part where the mother got a phone call from her daughter who was vanished 5 years ago, when the freak James greeted me, “Hey Princess, sorry about my lateness I was hanging out with my friends”

What a dickhead! I glared at him as he sat down. “Ok lets get this over with” I said and got out my Ancient History book.

“So what music are you into?” he asked randomly.

I looked up at him, “Why?”

“Just wanna know if we have any chemical reaction between us” he shrugged his shoulders.

I glared at him before I uttered a word, “Well if you have to know, I like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls and I like Evermore too”

He gave a weird face, “Ok…”

“What do you like?” I asked for the sake of it.

“You wouldn’t know but I like Iron Maiden and stuff”

He was right; I didn’t know what ever that band was.

“Hey princess, I have a band and we play gigs every Friday night at that Coogee Beach café. It’s a whole lot better than your RnB shit”

You looked at him for a moment in disbelief. "Look, I don’t want to be here and I don’t like you at all and obviously I don't want to see your band! I have my own shit to do rather than sit here talking to you about Ancient History”

He looked at me and smirked, “Sorry Princess, tell me about this Ancient History shit, I’ll listen now”

“Why are you calling me ‘princess’? I have a name you know!” I asked while gritting my teeth, he’s getting me annoyed.

“You wanna know why?” he narrowed his eyes.

I glared at him as way of saying yes.

"I call you that because you are obviously a spoiled little brat that cannot lower herself to help another person out just because he is different to you. You have everything you could ever want, you bitch, you are just so wrapped up in yourself and worried about missing lunch with your friends in your BMW to care. So fuck you, ok?” he said in his deep angry voice. He then looked down at the table and started drawing on it.

“I’m so sorry that you are so jealous of me” I mumbled barely as my eyes were welled up with tears. I quickly packed everything and jogged out of the library and into the toilet. I looked at the mirror and wondered why his words bothered me so much that my tears were running down my face.

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