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Chapter 3

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He explodes with anger.

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I sat down on the bench and stared at my god forsaken food. I wasn’t hungry, since yesterday I haven’t been in the mood for anything which frustrated me.

“Hey Mel, you ok?” Dan asked as he sat next to me.

I nodded, “It’s just that new guy who is a freak named James is so irritating that I have to help him catch up on Ancient” I sighed.

“Omg don’t Mel! You could never hang out with a freak! Its bad for your reputation!” he said over

“Tell me about it”

We sat in silence as Dan ate and occasionally waved at his new ‘boy’.

“Hey princess”

I jumped as I heard that voice that I dreaded.

I looked up and saw James looking darker than ever. He didn’t sound sarcastic like last time but more serious and angry which scared me. Why do all punks have to look scary? “What?” I snapped.

“Well that Ancient History teacher of ours is really annoying me so I thought maybe we should meet at the library and do work this time” he said in monotone.

“You can’t tell me what to do” I frowned.

“Well then it’s you who will be in trouble”

I thought for a second, great he’s right again. “Fine, at lunch”

“Ok, don’t be late” he walked off.

“What a retard” I sighed again, “’don’t be late’” I mimicked him.

“Whoa, he is really scary” Dan commented.

“Thanks, I really needed that”

“But did you see his gorgeous eyes?” he smiled.

“Omg Dan, please. You have a boyfriend. And how dare you”

“Sorry” he continued eating.

Sooner or later we were joined by our popular friends who started talking about random people in our school that they hated.

It was lunch and I slowly made my way into the library and was surprised to see James sitting at one of the tables with his book out ready to work.

“Surprised princess?” he smirked at me when I came.

I scoffed and sat down and got out my books.

I gave him some information but he kept on interrupting me about random things and apologizing after it.

“Hey princess, you know you’ll look really pretty if you wore my clothes” he interrupted me again.

I was fuming and exploded, “Listen James I don’t like you and I don’t care about what you think of me so if you interrupt me again I swear I won’t help you!”

He started to frown, “You really are a bitch” he mumbled.

“What? Just cause I told you to shut up?” I looked at him with disbelief.

“No because you are like the other preps and my name is not James!” he stood up and grabbed his books and bag, “It’s Gerard Way and this time don’t forget!” he stormed off.

My face was red hot like anything. I just embarrassed myself big time. Oh I’m such a bitch! I sighed and wrote his name on the page of my book and packed everything up before leaving the library in silence.

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