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Chapter 4

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I dropped my bag on the tile floor when I arrived home. I got out early from school as I lied that I was sick. My face was still hot from that big embarrassment. I stomped upstairs and changed from my tight clothes to my pyjamas. I sat in front of the TV with my favourite cookie and cream ice cream. I took a big chunk out of the tub and started eating it. How could I have embarrassed myself like that? I shouldn’t even have mentioned his name! Now his name was imprinted in my head. His yell was still echoing in my ears, ‘its Gerard Way and this time don’t forget!’ I shivered not from the ice cream but the freakiness of his voice. How could I the most popular girl in the school embarrass myself like that? I sighed. I didn’t want to be seen in front of him again.

My phone started buzzing and it was Dan calling. I didn’t answer. I didn’t want him to hear my sobbing.

“But mum!”

“Melody, just get up! You’re not sick. Time for school” Mum pulled my blanket off me.

I hugged myself, “Just one day!”

“No” she ordered. “I’ll be making breakfast, I want to see you in there in 15” and with that
she left my room.

I groaned and rubbed my eyes. I didn’t want to go to school. Not now. Not when this situation, this embarrassment is still fresh.

“And why are you so quiet Mel?” this girl whom I secretly hate who sat in our group named Charlotte asked.

I looked up from my food looking innocent.

“I bet she’s thinking about Matt!” said Kate a little too loudly so maybe Matt who somehow was walking passed with his friend heard.

I shut my eyes and hope that he didn’t hear.

“Really?” I heard his voice.

I sighed. I opened my eyes and looked at Kate. “No, I was actually thinking about something else” I was going to kill her. “Don’t worry Matt, you do what you’re doing” I smiled sweetly before looking back at my food.

“OMG, why did you do that?” Kate asked.

I looked back up again. Matt was gone, thankfully. “Because maybe I don’t like him”

“Are you sure about that honey?” Charlotte asked. “You seem quiet ever since Kelly told you
about him liking you”

I rolled my eyes. These are the people who I sit with. “Yes I’m sure, I don’t like him”

“Oh fine, don’t kill yourself if you see him going out with someone else” she said.

“Whatever” I stood up. “I’m gone people” I gave a quick wave and walked to my next class.

I kept my eyes on the floor and rarely looked up. I didn’t want to bump into anyone and start talking.

“Oi princess!”

I slightly groaned when I heard James… I mean Gerard’s voice. I stopped in my steps and waited for him to come to me.

He and a short boy with also dyed black hair came up to me.

I looked around and saw no one that I know that would gossip about me and looked back at them. “Yes?” I tried to keep my voice steady. But it was really hard. They just looked like they will attack me at any moment.

“What was my name?” Gerard asked as he leaned in.

“Gerard” I spat out.

“Good, just use your soft voice now and make it sound sexy this time. So say Gerard again”

I raised an eyebrow. “In your dreams honey”

“That’s good!” Gerard turned to the short boy. “See Frank, her voice is a turn on now. All I have to do now is to imagine her saying my name”

The short boy who I think is Frank giggled.

I wondered if they were being sarcastic. They should be being sarcastic. “Ok, it’s very funny. Why did you call me for?”

Gerard stopped giggling. “Oh yeah. I just came here to tell you that I forgive you princess and that I would like some time with you in the library so I can catch up on ancient history”

Some time with me? I narrowed my eyes. Just misunderstanding. I sighed. I guess this can be the only way of getting away from my group. “Fine” I nodded. “You better be there at lunch”

“I will, don’t you worry princess” he saluted me and walked off giggling with Frank.

I rolled my eyes and continued walking to class.

I sat in the back and waited for Dan to come. My Chemistry teacher kept his eyes locked on me.
I sighed. It was always uncomfortable.

“Hey gorgeous” Dan came to class and sat next to me.

I hugged him and smiled, “So how’s you and your boy?”

“We are hot!” he squealed.

I laughed.

“But, I’m worried about you sweetheart” he looked at me with sympathy.

I pressed my lips together. “Really, it’s nothing”

He gave me that look that was translated to ‘I don’t believe you’.

I sighed, “The new guy” I lowered my voice. “The emo scary one”

He nodded, “What happened to him?”

“Nothing, I just clearly embarrassed myself by calling him James, his name is Gerard and every time I help him catch up with work he always ends up screaming at me”

“Why?! He shouldn’t do that”

“It’s because I’m a bitch apparently” I sighed. “What he says affects me so much. I just want to be normal with him like the other people in school”

Dan smirked. “Well… just don’t act like a bitch then”

“You calling me a bitch?” I frowned at him.


“Dan, please be quiet” the teacher called out.

I smirked. I could never get in trouble in this class.

“Sorry sir” Dan said and pretended to do his work.

“Hey where are you going?” Dan asked as I went the opposite direction to him.

“The library… again” I groaned.

“Good luck honey!” he blowed me a kiss.

I grinned and hurried through the crowd. I didn’t want to look like an idiot again.

I slightly panted when I reached the library. Gerard was already there playing with his pens.
He looked up when he saw me and smirked.

“Nice to see you have come princess” he said when I sat across him.

I nodded. “You too”

“Let’s get this work done then” he rubbed his hands together.

I raised an eyebrow at the sudden change of mood. “Okay” I pulled out my history work.

“Let’s start on Cleopatra” he said.

“But we were working on Augustus”

“Well I’m bored of him. All he does is manipulate people”

“But he’s very smart about it. He made the people believe that they were controlling Rome when only he was”

“Wow princess. For a blonde you are pretty smart”

“Thanks” I smiled.

He smiled back.

That moment was quickly stopped when we both went back to our own selves.

“Cleopatra is hot. She controls the people by fucking them”

“She is not a slut. She was only with 2 men and that was Julius Caesar and Mark Antony”

“Oh how do you know?”

“The sources tell me”

“Whatever” he rolled his eyes.

And that’s how that lunch went. We just debated on Cleopatra being a whore or not.

“Well princess, nice having a little debate with you. I’ll catch you Monday lunch then” he said as he stood up.

I nodded. “Will be here”

I sighed when he went. I was glad he didn’t tell me off again.

LOL! Ha Ha Ha. I'm at school again and instead of doing my IT work I'm doing this. I'm so bad! Anyways. I know this is like boring chappie. But the next one will be exciting actually :D
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