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Chapter 5

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my chemical romance.

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“That movie was hilarious!” Kelly exclaimed.

I laughed, “Well that’s Jack Black for you”

Me, Kelly, Dan and Jason has spent our Saturday together at the movies. I needed time out anyway.

“Well, that’s it for me guys” Kelly said when we stood outside the cinemas in the dark.

“You’re going?” I asked.

She nodded sadly.

“Aww don’t go! Don’t leave me as a third wheel!”

She pouted her bottom lip, “I’m so sorry Mel. My mum’s waiting in the car” she hugged me tight. “Bye!” she waved at us.

I waved dramatically, “Buh bye my love!”

She giggled before she got in the car.

“Wow Mel you should be gay like us” Dan said.

I laughed. “So what are we gonna do now?”

Dan shrugged and looked at Jason.

“Um… Gerard and the others are in a band… they’re going to perform at this café down the street tonight” Jason shrugged.

My eyes widened as I remembered Gerard saying something about a band at some café or something along those lines.

Dan looked at me and grinned. “Sure, we’ll go”

I pressed my lips together and frowned at Dan.

“It’ll be fine” he reassured me and patted my back; slightly pushing me to walk.

I sighed and followed them down the crowded street.

I grabbed Dan’s arm as we entered the dark café that was full of emos, Goths and punks. I felt weird. I felt scared. I felt left out. Why would a popular girl like me be here anyway? I didn’t wanna be a loser like them.

“Dan, why don’t we just go” I suggested to him before we sat in the back corner.

“Mel, it will be fine. I just wanna see what this Gerard guy is like outside of the school" he said as he looked at the empty stage.

I scoffed and watched the stage. The crews were finishing setting up the drums and microphone.

About 15 minutes later, everyone was quiet as they watched the stage. I looked up at the stage and watched for any signs of movement. Five guys walked onto the stage, 3 of them grabbed their guitars while one unknown guy grabbed his drumsticks as he sat behind the drums. I was surprised as I nearly gasped when I saw Gerard who somehow looked hot in his usually black clothing with the stage lights shining on him. He held the microphone and stared into the crowd.

“Hey everyone, we’re My Chemical Romance” Gerard spoke into the microphone.

Some people cheered.

“This song is called ‘cubicles’” he announced and the guitars started to play.

"It's the tearing sound of love-notes
Drowning out these gray stained windows
And the view outside is sterile
And I'm only two cubes down
I'd photocopy all the things that we could be
If you took the time to notice me
But you can't now, I don't blame you
And it's not your fault that no one ever does

But you don't work here anymore
It's just a vacant three by four
And they might fill your place
A temporary stand-in for your face
This happens all the time
And I can't help but think I'll die alone

So I'll spend my time with strangers
A condition and it's terminal
In this water-cooler romance
And it's coming to a close
We could be in the park and dancing by a tree
Kicking over blades we see
Or a dark beach with a black view
And pin-pricks in the velvet catch our fall


I know you don't work here anymore [x6]

Sometimes I think I'll die alone, sometimes I think I'll die alone
Sometimes I think I'll die alone, live and breathe and die alone
Sometimes I think I'll die alone, sometimes I think I'll die alone
Sometimes I think I'll die alone, I'd think I'd love to die alone

Just take
I think I'd love to die
Me down
I think I'd love to die
Just take
I think I'd love to die
Me down
I think I'd love to die alone [x4]
Live and breathe and die alone
I think I'd love to die alone [x2]

I think I'd love to die alone"

To be honest, I was blown away by his voice. I sat up with my jaw slightly open as the guitars played the end part of the song. This is Gerard singing? Is this how he feels? He has a breathtaking voice.

“They’re quiet amazing huh?” Jason asked.

I nodded without taking my eyes off Gerard. “They are amazing”

Before I had anything else to say Gerard started to speak again.

“Thank you. This next song” his eyes stared into mine, “Is about a girl that I recently met, we didn’t get off the right side and I know we wont end up together” he gazed at the crowd, “But I could always imagine what it would be like if we were. This song is called ‘Demolition Lovers’”

"Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full
And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running

But this time, I mean it
I'll let you know just how much you mean to me
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of everything
I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold

Until the end, until this pool of blood
Until this, I mean this, I mean this
Until the end of...

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold

But this time, we'll show them
We'll show them all how much we mean
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of every...

All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this

As lead rains, will pass on through our phantoms
Forever, forever
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning
Forever, and ever
Know how much I want to show you you're the only one
Like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun

And as we're falling down, and in this pool of blood
And as we're touching hands, and as we're falling down
And in this pool of blood, and as we're falling down
I'll see your eyes, and in this pool of blood
I'll meet your eyes, I mean this forever"

I breathed out the breath that I was holding. “Wow” was all I said.

Dan looked awestruck like me. “These guys are cool! So um… why did you hate Gerard again?”

“I don’t know” I said mesmerized. “But I bet the girl is real lucky” I giggled.

He nodded in agreement.

“Thank you” Gerard said, “That’s all of us for tonight. Thank you for coming”

We cheered as they escaped the stage.

A while later I realized where I was. The songs kinda brought me into a trance where I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Dan lets go please” I nudged him.

He sighed and excused himself and left his boyfriend alone who was going backstage to meet the band and walked out with me.

“I’m sorry Dan I pouted my bottom lip.

“Aww… its cool” he smiled.

I grinned.

He suddenly halted.

“What?” I asked.

“Shit, I forgot my phone! Do you want to come to the café with me to get it?” he asked.

I shook my head. I didn’t want to get back there.

“Ok, I’ll be back babe” he blew me a kiss before he ran off down the street to the café.

I sighed and kept my eyes searching for any danger surrounding me. It wasn’t cool for a fragile girl to stand alone in the streets in the dark.

“Hey Mel” I heard Matt from behind me, he sounded drowsy. Where did he come from? I was sure I didn't see him in that café. Well he wouldn’t be there anyway.

I turned quickly with my eyes wide open in fear.

“I never thought I would see you” he stumbled to me.

I nodded, as I slowly took a step back.

“Don’t get scared babe. I’m not that drunk” he stepped towards me as he checked me out.

Wrong. I’ve seen him slightly drunk and he wasn’t like a pervert like now.

“I’m not scared. I just need get somewhere quickly that’s all” I lied.

“Oh really now. I won’t take a minute. I just needed to ask you something”

“What is it?” I asked but still stepped back.

“Why don't you want me sweetie?”

“Because I don’t”

“But why? Am I not hot enough?” he smirked.

“No it’s not that”

“Oh… you think I can’t give you hardcore pleasure huh?”

“No…” I knew where this was going to. I realized that he was inches away from me.

He grabbed my arms and pushed me to the wall.

“Um… Matt I need to go now” I tried not to put fear in my voice.

“No honey. It hasn’t been a minute yet” he breathed on my neck. The awful smell of alcohol hit
my nose.

I tried to push him off but it didn’t work as he came closer if it was possible. My legs froze and shivered when he ran his hand up my thighs. I cursed myself silently for wearing a short denim skirt.

“Matt! Get off me! Leave me alone!” I screamed loud enough for a passerby to hear and save me.

“No honey, just once” his fingers tugged onto my underwear.

“No!” I tried to push him off me but my arm was jammed in between our bodies.

“Come on, you’re a whore. You wouldn’t mind”

“No! I’m not a… I do mind!” I screamed. I wasn’t even a whore!

“Hey Matt! Leave her alone!” a silhouette of a man appeared and smashed Matt off me which made me fall hard on the floor from Matt still gripping onto my underwear which was now down around my ankles.

I slipped my underwear off and stumble up. I took major steps away from him.

The man didn’t stop there, he ran and gave Matt punches and kicks.

I panted as I watched Matt grunt and groan at every hit. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t get away from all this.

Matt lay unconscious on the floor and the man stood back up and turned to me.

I gaped as I recognized him, “Gerard?” where did he come from? How did he know I was in danger?

“Are you ok?” he asked when he walked up to me.

I nodded slowly. He didn’t sound like the Gerard in school. He sounded… normal… if that could describe it.

“Do you wanna go back to Dan in the café?”

I didn’t answer from my shock. Tears fell down my face. I felt dirty and sick.

I was dazed and didn’t realize hat I was doing at the time. When my senses came back I noticed that Gerard had his arms around me as we sat on the floor while I I cried in his chest.

I wiped my tears and let go of him, “Thank you” I said quietly.

“It’s ok. So is he your boyfriend?” he asked.

I shook my head, “no, he’s just one of those guys that want me”

“Oh...” he nodded.

“You were amazing, the songs were amazing” I decided that I should change the subject and somehow compliment him.

He grinned, “Thanks”

“Did you write the lyrics?”

“Yea” he looked down at his worn out jeans.

“Wow, you are amazing”

“You mean you like the songs that we played?” he looked back up.


“And the last song that I sang?”

“Yea, the one about the girl that you like?”

He nodded.

“I love it. Seems to bring your soft side”

He grinned as he blushed.

“So who is the lucky girl that you sang that sing for anyway?”

“You wouldn’t wanna know” he blushed deeper.

“Tell me” I pleaded.

“You’ll have to guess”

I sighed and thought, “Was she in the crowd?”

“Yep” he nodded.

“Does she know that you like her?”

“Nope” he shook his head.

“Tell her before its too late”

“But she doesn’t like me back”

“How do you know that?”

“Well for one I was a bitch to her and she was a bitch to me. She thinks I’m some emo faggot” he watched my reaction.

Wow, I wasn’t the only one that thought of him like that. “Oh…” I pressed my lips
together, “But she maybe might’ve changed her mind”

“You think?”

“You’ll only know if you ask her”

He sighed, “Yea I’ll tell her later”

“You better”

We sat in silence for a moment just looking around the dark street.

“It’s really late now, you wanna go back?”

I nodded and we stood up.

“Gerard don’t tell anyone about what happened” I said.

“Um… which one? The assault that Matt did or you and me talking?” he asked.

“The assault” I gazed down.

“Why?” he looked concerned.

“Because I don’t want to make a big deal out of it”

He nodded, “And um… you wanna get my spare jeans too?”

My eyes widened as I realized that he knew that I didn’t have any underwear. I nodded hiding my face from his view.

When we were back at the half empty, Dan was making out with Jason. I sighed and followed Gerard. My heart surprisingly stopped when Gerard held my hand as we got up the really narrow stairs to back stage.

The other guys in the band looked relieved that they saw Gerard.

“Dude where were you?” the blonde big guy asked.

“Oh… I was… getting for some air” he said and let go of my hand.

The guy that I saw with Gerard once, the one that was short raised an eyebrow when he saw Gerard letting go of my hand.

Gerard ran to his black bag and pulled out his black skinny jeans and handed it to me. “There’s a toilet just behind you, you can change there” he said under his breath.

I nodded obediently.

I pulled on his pants and it was a tinsy bit loose on me. I looked at myself in the mirror. My blonde once perfect hair was all over the place. I looked like one of them except my bright pink singlet was out of order. I got out of the toilet and watched Gerard until noticed that I was out.

“Wow, you should wear skinnies more often” he smiled.

I shrugged and caught the blonde guy giving me a hard look. “I’m gonna… go back to Dan now” I said.

Gerard pressed his thin lips together. “Ok, I’ll see you Monday then”

I gave a little wave to him and went downstairs. I raised my eyebrows when I heard Gerard talk to the band.

“You didn’t have to make her uncomfortable. If only you knew what she just went through” he said.

He was defending me. I was going to stand there and try and analyze each word he said but I didn’t. Instead I went to Dan who finally finished making out with Jason and told him that I needed to go home.

“Are you ok honey?” Dan asked when he stood up to leave.

I nodded. “Let’s just go”

Jason stood up too. “I'm coming too”

We all exited the café that I hoped that no one would have seen me in.

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