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Chapter 8

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Fun and games...well maybe not...

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“Sleepy head…” I heard a far away whisper. “Sleepy head get up.” the whisper got closer. “Sleepy head GET UP GET UP!” Brookes voice rang through my ears and I opened my eyes only to see Brookes face right above me. “Ahh!” I shouted. Brooke started to laugh historically, however, I didn’t think this was so funny.
“What do you want Brooke!” I said in a sleepy voice. “Well I wanted tell you this is our last full day and I would hate for you to miss it because your sleeping.” she said being calm with me because I was still half asleep. Oh crap it was we would have to leave tomorrow. I leapt up out of bed. And ran and got dressed and did my makeup in like 15 minutes.
“Wow your quick when you wanna be.” Brooke laughed as I walked over to her out of breath. “Ya well what can I say anything for the Jonas Brothers.” we laughed. Right as we were about to walk over to the Jonas Brothers’ room Joe pounced through the door humming the mission impossible theme. Then Nick and Kevin walked in normally. (Joe was still walking around all “sneaky” like)
“we were just about to come over.” Brooke said lightly giggling at Joe’s “special” entering. “Well we beat ya.” Nick said looking over at Joe who was still being weird. Joe looked up at us, “Well its clear.” he said as he stood up straight. “Ya Joe I’m so happy that you checked out room for any evil criminals.” I said sarcastically. “Your welcome!” he said smiling at me.
“So what do you guys wanna do for our last day?” I asked trying not to be sad. Joe’s eyes widened. Oh god what was he thinking of now. “We should play games like hide-n-go-seek and board games and other stuff!” he shouted as he flailed his arms around. We all kinda looked at him but went along with it. We came up with a deal.
Our deal was that each of us got to pick a game to play and the rest of us had to play no matter what it was. So we started off. “Brooke you pick first ok?” Joe said to Brooke awaiting the next game as he rocked back and forth. “Uh…hide-n-go-seek?” Brooke questioned hoping she said a good game. “YES!” all the boys shouted. Well now I know that they are all childish not just Joe.
“Since we aren’t all even we cant do teams. So where do you wanna play?” Nick said. “Well we could play in that one room in the Hotel that was huge but it said it was off limits…” I said sadly that room would’ve been perfect. I caught a peek of it when we first got to the hotel. “Oh I remember that room! It would be perfect!” Joe exclaimed. “But Joe its off limits…” me and Brooke said. “Well I haven’t seen anyone go in there so it must be empty.” Kevin started, “We could sneak in I mean it wouldn’t be hard…” I looked at Kevin in slight shock he was the last person I thought would say that. “I don’t know…” I said Brooke looked over at me with begging eyes. “Come on Aubee!” she said and stuck out her bottom lip. “Oh Fine!” I said. Joe ran out the door.


I have never ever done anything bad. Yes I know this isn’t even all that bad but gosh my heart was just racing so fast. We finally got in the room was HUGE! The whole room had a billion things you could hide in and all these little nooks and corners. I had to admit this almost was worth it. We closed the door behind us. No one had even looked up at us even with Joe humming the mission impossible theme again and be “sneaky”.
We walked in and now we had to decide who would be the seeker. We voted and Kevin was the one that was gonna seek. He said fine and walked over to the corner and started to count. “One…two…three…etc.”


Me and Brooke grabbed hands and darted off. Where to hide? Ahh there was a huge box in a small cranny in the back. We both looked at each other and got into the box. Right as we did I seen Joe get into this closet thing that was laying down on the floor. I didn’t see Nick but I assumed he had a good hiding spot.
“Ninety eight…ninety nine…one hundred! Ready or Not here I come!” Kevin shouted as he started to look around. I heard his steps come near us then walk away. He found Joe apparently because Joe was Shouting that Kevin had cheated. Joe started to help Kevin look for everyone.
We heard some whining as they found Nick. It had been forever! They were never gonna find us.
We felt three people sit on top of the box. Wow they are so close and they don’t even know it. Something finally struck Joe. “Hey Kevin did you ever check in this box?” we felt them get off the box and the lid come up. “That’s where you two were!” all the boys shouted. They helped Brooke and me get out of the humongous box that probably could of fit three people.
“Ya I cant believe it took you guys this long to find us!” I said smiling since we won. “Well now that this game is over what should we do next?” Nick asked changing the subject. We all looked over at Kevin. “Uh tag?” he said (more like asked). “Ok!” Joe yelled and touched Nick. “YOU’RE IT!”


“Run!” Brooke shouted. We all took off in different directions. Nick got Kevin almost to easily. Kevin then got Brooke so she went after Joe. Ha she got him!
I looked over my shoulder only to see Joe running after me. “Ah!” I screamed as I ran into Nick on accident. “Help!” I yelled but Nick grabbed me. Joe came up and tagged me. I thought the torture was over but boy was I wrong. Joe then started to tickle me! (And I’m REALLY ticklish.)
I wriggled but Nick held me to tight. We was a lot stronger than I thought! Brooke and Kevin just stood off to the side laughing their butts off. Finally the torture stopped Nick let me go. “I hate you guys.” I mumbled as I glared furiously at them. “ok well this game is over. So Aubrey you pick the next game.” Nick said and they all looked over at me. I smiled, “Truth or Dare.” I said mischievously.


We all sat down in a small circle I had to ask the first thing. “Ok Joe truth or dare” I asked him since he was going to tie bubble wrap around his head. “Uh dare.” he said awaiting what ever I could throw at him. Thinking…oh I got it “I dare you to lick your elbow.” I said and Brooke gasped dramatically just for effect. We watched in amusement as Joe tried vigorously to lick his elbow. He threw his arms up, “Fine pick the one dare I cant do!” we all laughed.
“ok ok you guys its my turn to ask.” Joe said as he turned to me. “truth or dare Aubrey?” he said raising one eyebrow. “Truth.” I said (I never picked dare). “ok here is a reasonable question.” then he said the one question I was not expecting, “Before you met us which one of us was your favorite?” he smirked. “And no lies.” Nick said defensively. I could tell Kevin did not wanna here the answer to this one.
Brooke caught my eye. I knew she seen what I was thinking. This was terrible! Kevin could brake up with me over this! “Joe cant you ask her another question?” Brooke said trying to get me out of this. “What? I asked a simple question and she has to answer it truthfully. it’s the reason of the game.” he was right I did have to answer it. Should I lie? No I cant I don’t lie! “Well…” I hated this game why did I pick it! “My favorite WAS…” I emphasized was, “Um Joe actually.”
I felt the heat in my cheeks go up. My face was RED I just knew it. I was biting the inside of my lip almost to a bleeding point. Then their faces all looked at me, “really?” they all said in unison except Brooke who already knew this. “Yes…” I said my head bent down. “Wow you just didn’t really seem like one of those girls. You seemed more like a “Nick lover” kinda girl.” Kevin said.
I laughed the redness leaving my cheeks. I’m glad Kevin wasn’t upset. “Why would you think I was a “Nick lover” kinda girl I can be crazy when I wanna be.” I said acting as if I was insulted. Brooke laughed, “When you wanna be are you serious? Aubrey you’re crazy all the time!” she laughed and I started to laugh too.
We finished the game. Afterwards we had found out some stuff about each other but nothing to serious. Finally the game ended. “ok so Joe its your turn to pick a game.” Kevin said with a light laugh because Joe had bubble wrap around his arms. “Well… How about candy land?” he asked smiling really big. We all tilted our heads but agreed since we had to.


We set up the game since apparently Joe had brought it with him. The game went by really fast but that was ok since the other games had taken quite a while. Before we knew it Kevin had one and was jumping around saying, “I’m a winner and you all are losers…well except Aubs and Brooke because you know there cool…but you two suck!” wow this family is so much fun. “So its Nick turn now.” I said looking at Nick. “What will it be?” Kevin said as he finally say back down. “How about 7 minutes in heaven?” Nick spoke out those words and I flinched. 7 minutes in heaven! What was Nick thinking?!?!?!
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