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Chapter 9

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Seven Minutes in not so heaven, now lets forget it happened.

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“So its Nick turn now.” I said looking at Nick. “What will it be?” Kevin said as he finally say back down. “How about 7 minutes in heaven?” Nick spoke out those words and I flinched. 7 minutes in heaven! What was Nick thinking?!?!?!

“Nick um I don’t think that game is…appropriate.” Kevin said looking at me as he said this. I gave him a sympathetic look. “well you guys did agree that any game was aloud and it is a game.” nick was right we made a deal. “Fine.” Kevin said. We looked around in the room and found a good sized closet to use.
All of us wrote down our names on pieces of paper. We decided that one of the girls would have to go twice since there is three boys and only two. Our names went into Kevin’s hat that he had on.
“Ok well we have to explain all the rules.” Kevin said. “When you draw a name the person you go in the closet with you MUST kiss no exceptions.” as he spoke I could tell this was not a game he liked. “But what if we get a girl or you guys get a guy?” I asked thinking how weird that would be. “Then you draw again there is no girl on girl or guy on guy.” Nick said. “And no farther then 3rd base!” Kevin warned. (mainly towards Joe) Kevin picked out a name he opened up the piece of paper it said…


I reached into the hat and pulled out a name I looked at it. It said Brooke. crap. It wasn’t that she wasn’t absolutely beautiful but I did have a girlfriend. After this game me and Nick are having a talk. “Uh Brooke.” I said she looked up. Aubrey whispered something in her ear and it seemed to make her feel a bit better.
We stepped into the closet. “Well Aubrey told me it was ok if we just kiss and get it over with so ya…” Brooke said. Wow she was pretty when she was nervous. Wait what am I thinking! Ahh I hate mixed emotions! “well umm here it goes.” she leaned in he lips barely touched mine but it was kinda nice. Wait no it wasn’t nice! It cant be nice! A few minutes passed by and Nick opened the door. We stepped out.

I looked over at Brooke as she sat down next to me. She leaned over next to my ear, “All we did was a small peck and then spent the rest of the time in complete awkwardness.” I smiled. Brooke was always a good friend.
We seen Nick walk over to the hat to draw out a name. He looked up and showed us the paper it said Aubrey. My eyes got wide I knew I would have to get picked eventually but I hoped Brooke would have to go in and not me. I know selfish but I didn’t wanna mess things up with Kevin. I walked into the closet.
“Well lets get this over with.” I laughed trying to lighten the mood. “Is it really that bad?” he asked seeming hurt. “Well no its just I have a boyfriend, otherwise known as your brother, and you have girls crawling all over you.” I spoke hoping it made him feel better. “Well when you say it like that…” he chuckled. Nick walked over to me slowly. He put his hands on my waist as we kissed very lightly. Me trying to do the least amount required for the game. Nick pulled me into him. He seemed to want more but I AM dating his brother!
I was really close to him his lips still on mine. My mind tried and tried to pull away but my body just wouldn’t budge. Darn my stupid body! If this had been a week ago this really would be heaven but as it was it couldn’t be the tiniest bit good. Then I felt his tongue on my lips. This couldn’t go any farther! I finally got my body to pull away from Nick’s lips.
“I-I’m so sorry…” Nick said sincerely. My body was still in shock. Kevin then flung the door open. Thank god! I didn’t know if I could hold back much longer. Wait no thinking that is bad! We stepped out. Joe didn’t wanna play because he didn’t want to get sloppy seconds. Brooke and I glared at him. Well the games were over and it was about four-o-clock in the after noon. “Well lets get back our Mom and Dad are going to be here tonight so we can get ready to leave and if they see our hotel in a mess we’ll be in trouble. Kevin said breaking the silence. We all went back to our rooms. Kevin gave me a small kiss and went into his room. I felt so guilty. I felt so guilty and so…so…well so…absolutely dirty!
“man today has been fun!” Brooke said plopping down on one of the beds. “ya Brookey its been real fun.” I said my voice came out extremely sarcastic. “Ok well except for the last game.” Brooke then sat up and looked at me. “What did you and Nick do anyways?” Darn Brooke for asking!
“Ok…Brooke?” I asked. “Ya” she said softly just like how I spoke as if someone could here us. “Nick and me kissed but it wasn’t just a peck. I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. then when his tongue touched my lips I managed to pull away. But I feel so…dirty.” I held my head down in shame. “Aubrey it will be ok.” her eyes were full of sympathy. “And anyway were leaving tomorrow.” she was right we were leaving tomorrow. I cant believe this but I don’t wanna leave I want to stay here with my boyfriend and his brother who is probably only hitting on me to make his brother jealous which it just annoying. My phone rang.


The moment I got back into the room I started to talk. “Nick what was your deal. Why did you do that to all of us? Just to make us all totally uncomfortable?” I was yelling now. “I didn’t do a single thing! You guys asked me to pick a game and I did!” he yelled back at me. “Not only that but when I opened the door Aubrey had a shocked look on her face! What did you do to her?!?!?” my voice was sharp. “We kissed that’s all! And maybe she was shocked at how good of a kisser I was!” Nick’s voice was loud but a bit shaky. “you know what Nick I’m glad the girls aren’t coming with us because I would hate to have Aubrey go through anymore of harassment from you!” Joe walked in, “Hey you guys guess what? I talked to mommy and she said that Aubrey and Brooke can come with us if they want to and if they’re aloud to of course. But isn’t that great!” mine and Nicks moths dropped.


I was just in the room when mom called me and said that she was here and needed some help with a couple boxes. I ran outside and into the bus, “MOMMY!” I shouted and hugged her. “Joe honey its only been one week.” she just shook her head. I told her all about Aubrey and Brooke and how cool they are and that Kevin and Aubs are going out and well everything! Then I got an idea… “hey mom?” I asked as I moved a box back to the back of the bus. “Yes sweetie.” I heard her huff as she plopped down the box. “Well you know the fans, Aubrey and Brooke, are really cool and Kevin is going out with one of them and I was wondering if maybe they could come with us?” I asked making my best pouty face. “Well we do have two extra bunks… if you can talk them and their parents into it then I guess its fine with me.” I jumped up and hugged her, I cant wait to tell Kevin and Nick!
I ran into the room. They both jerked their heads towards me. “Hey guys guess what? I talked to mommy and she said that Aubrey and Brooke can come with us if they want to and if they’re aloud to of course. But isn’t that great!” I looked at them and their mouths dropped. Yes they must be super surprised! They looked at each other. “Well Kevin isn’t this wonderful.” Nick said with a smirk on his face. “Ya its great!” Kevin sounded not as happy as Nick… well who cares off to call the girls.


My phone rang.
J- Joe
A- me

A- hello?
J- Hey Aubrey its me Joe.
A- Oh hi!
J- Ok I have great news!
A- what?
J- if you get permission you guys can come with us on our tour! isn’t that great!
A- wow Joe it is. I’ll call my mom right now!
hangs up
“Brooke!” I shouted and hopped on the bed with her. “Joe said that if my mom and your mom say we can. We can go on tour with the Jonas Brothers!” I was so happy I forgot all about the Nick deal. “Really!” brooke seemed to forget it too. “Well lets get to calling!” she hopped up and grabbed my phone and called her mom.

B- Brooke
BM- Brookes mom

BM- hello?
B- hey mom its me Brooke.
BM- oh hi Hun
B- I have a big question to ask you…
BM- what is it…
B- well the Jonas Brothers kinda asked us to go on tour with them but I need permission.
BM- wow honey that’s amazing…well are their parents going?
B- ya
BM- and they will take good care of you?
B- yeppers mom
BM- well then I suppose I’m ok with it.
B- REALLY!!!!!
BM- yes sweetie, may I talk to Aubrey?
B- ya sure!
A- hello?
BM- hey I just wanted to ask you to take really good care of Brooke.
A- well of course!
BM- Aubrey I know I can trust you if you weren’t with her I wouldn’t let her go
A- well I’ll be there if mom lets me.
BM- okay well I’ll call you later to check up.
A- k byes
hangs up

“Yes you can go all I have to do is get my mom to let me go.” I shouted and dialed my mom’s number.
A- me
M- my mom

M- hello?
A- Hey mom I have a question…
A- The Jonas Brothers asked me and Brooke to go on tour with them
M- Really?
A- Yes and I really wanna go
M- Well will you behave? Are their parents going?
A- yes and yes
M- well then… sighs I guess I will miss you a lot.
A- me too mom and I have one more thing to tell you.
M- what?
A- me and Kevin are dating!
M- what?
A- me and Kevin Jonas are dating.
M- Honey that’s…that’s wow
A- I know are you ok with it?
M- well as long as he doesn’t try to do anything your not ready for then I don’t.
A- ok he wont I have to go I love you mom!
M- I love you to Aubergene
A- mom why do u call me that?
M- because its cute! And one of your favorite colors.(authors note: Aubergene is a really dark purple)
A- ok mom bye
M- bye
hangs up

“THEY SAID YES!” I shouted and Brooke and I jumped up and hugged and screamed. “JONAS BROTHER TIME!” we both laughed. We have to tell the guys!
Brooke read my thoughts and we ran out of the door. We didn’t even knock we just opened the door. “WE CAN COME!” Brooke and I yelled. Joe cheered. Kevin’s face didn’t light up but I smiled really big and winked. His face brightened.
Joe came up to me and picked me up. We started to spin. My heart beat quick and skipped beats. My stomach turned. My brain was unsure and shook. What was this wacky feeling? He tossed me up a little bit. “Ah!” I screamed but he caught me and set me down. “YAY!” he was so hyper.
We had to get ready for touring. The boys gave me and brooke some money so we could get a bunch of clothes. We shopped for a while till we were tired and had a billion new outfits. “Well lets head out.” Kevin said with his arm around me.
We got to the hotel and we were ready to sleep. Tomorrow I will meet their parents. This is the first good thing that has ever happened. I wonder what its gonna be like. Being happy. Happy wow happy such a good feeling and I never get that much of it but now maybe just maybe I will get some…
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