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Chapter 14

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Laughing and Crying, Smiles and Tears

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I heard distant rustling around but I never woke up. My curtain pulled back, “Aubrey?” I heard Nicks soft voice. I slightly opened my eyes, “What?” I asked still half asleep. “We’re here and we need to go and set up and such so you will have to get up.” he said still talking softly. “Ok.” I sighed out and crawled out of bed.
Brooke and I stumbled around and just took our clothes with us instead of actually getting dressed. We all walked out of the bus. Small mobs of fans ran up to us. I looked down at Brookes watch. It was freaking 2:00 am! What crazy fans get up this early just to see the Jonas Brothers…wait I would’ve done something like that…but that’s beside the point I have changed since then.
After a few pictures and autographs we finally got in the building. What I thought was funny the fans were just as interested in me and Brooke as the Jonas Brothers. Granted they didn’t hit on us like they did them but still.
“Ok you guys we will be in the dressing rooms picking out what we will wear so you guys can do whatever.” Kevin said never looking away from Brooke, who was frozen now that Kevin looked at her. “Ok I think we will just look around. Is there any food here?” I asked since Brooke wouldn’t speak. “Ya just go into that room right over there to the left and there’s tons of food.” he pointed down the hall. They walked away me and Nick locked eyes for only a moment and then they were gone.
I basically dragged Brooke with me since she was STILL frozen. “Ok Brooke what the heck is wrong with you?!?!” I said as we got some food. “Huh? Oh nothing why on earth would you think something was wrong with me when I’m totally fine.” she looked around. “Seriously Brooke I know something is up so you might as well tell me.” I said with my eyebrows raised.
“Ok fine.” she said as she bit the inside of her cheek. “Last night when you weren’t in there and Joe had left me and Kevin were alone.” her face got red. “And?” I asked I knew I was getting impatient but I mean Brooke needed Kevin. I mean she loved him before she even knew him! “And then Kevin got closer and closer. Then he kinda leaned in almost to kiss me but Joe ran in and started to yell out something about Barney but I don’t really know what it was.” she tilted her head.
“Ok so you and Kevin Jonas ALMOST kissed?” I asked excited that maybe she would settle down with a wicked cool guy. “Ya I guess and now I cant even look at him because I’m so embarrassed.” she sighed. “Well Brooke I can understand that but why I mean you are always flirty with guys.” I asked. “I don’t know I mean I don’t see why he’s any different.” she began to think. “Maybe you really like him and you want to make it be perfect but instead you’re being shy.” I said thinking that was very possible. “I guess that’s possible but I cant be in love I just cant.”
Joe walked in, “Hey did you leave any food?” he asked walking past me. “Are you calling me so fat I can eat all the food here?” I asked seeming hurt though I wasn’t. “No I no that’s not what I meant you’re not fat at all!” he said defensively. “I was just joking and yes there is food left and I have plenty of blubber.” I laughed at his glare. “Ok well you don’t have plenty of blubber because if you had plenty of blubber I could use you as a pillow and I haven’t even attempted that yet.” as he spoke I rolled my eyes. “Just get your food and leave.” he smiled and left.
“You like Joe like I like Kevin don’t you?” she asked looking over at me. My mind began to think. Did I? No there’s no way…is there? “Brooke I don’t like him like that I mean even if I did its not like he likes me.” I said keeping my cool. “Ya right whatever.” she shook her head. “You know what Brooke I don’t like your meanness towards me just because you cant love.” I grabbed my heart as I spoke dramatically. We laughed, “Aubrey you are so strange.” she laughed again.
We left the small room and decided to go talk to the boys since we were bored. We knocked on the door. “Hold on.” we heard them say. So we started to sing goofy:
We don’t have time left to regret
Hold on
It will take more than common sense
Hold on
So stop your wondering, take a stand
Hold on
Cause there’s more to life than just to live
Hold on
We laughed. “Ok smartellics!” we heard them yell. The door yanked open. Clothes were everywhere the room was a complete mess. “Ok you guys completely destroyed this room and you haven’t even been here very long.” I managed to laugh out. “Uh hello we are guys.” Joe said as he started to mess around with these red pants on the rack. I rolled my eyes and sat down on a stool.
Nick came out of the bathroom but he didn’t exactly have a shirt on. Brooke never looked away from Kevin since he was talking to her. “Hey you guys what happened to that one shirt I just got?” he asked but stopped in the middle of the room when he seen me. I couldn’t look away I tried and tried but couldn’t. my breath was gone and I couldn’t think it was like I didn’t have any senses anymore. His eyes got wide and he ran back into the bathroom. He was only in boxers and well that was it. I choked a little. Joe started to bust up laughing and Kevin and Brooke finally looked our way. My face was so red I just couldn’t take it so I left the room.
I was walking down the hallway my mind twisting and turning and my heart beating crazy. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and it was just Brooke. “Ok Joe wouldn’t talk because he couldn’t quit laughing so what happened?” she asked curiously. “Umm well I kinda seen Nick in boxers and no shirt.” I halfway mumbled but she understood it. “Are you serious!” she laughed. “Did you like it?” she asked now more serious. “How dare you ask me that!” I made a face at her. “And maybe I liked it a little but that’s beside the point.” I looked down.
“Well I’m gonna go laugh to death with Joe and Kevin so see ya.” she smirked and walked away. She is such a jerk but such a good friend. I just shook my head. I turned to walk away but a set of hands grabbed my shoulders. “Uh Aubrey?” Nick turned me around. “hey nick.” I halfway mumbled and I kept my head down because my face was SO red. “About what happened I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen I didn’t even know you were in there.” he stammered. “Its ok I didn’t really mind.” I covered my mouth right as I said it. What the heck! Why did I just say something that stupid!!! He raised an eyebrow. My face was burning up. “Well I’m thirsty so see ya.” I said quickly and walked away.
Well I just awarded myself with the dumbest person on earth award!


She walked away before I could say anything. Did she really just say she liked it? I know it shouldn’t but it really perked me up. Man if today kept going this good the concert should go great. I walked back into the dressing room with my brothers and Brooke.
Joe began to laugh. “Ya you laugh but there is now nothing to laugh at.” I smirked. His face got confused, “What?” he asked. “Well there isn’t anything to laugh at anymore.” I replied. “How? I mean that was freaking hilarious.” he laughed again. “Well I solved it so laugh all you want it won’t bother me.” I went on to find a vest. Joe quit laughing since I sucked all the fun out of it. Brothers are so easy to win over all you have to do is ignore them.
I looked down at my watch, 7:00 am. Wow time has flown by. Good thing we have like all day. “Nick which hat should I wear?” Joe asked putting two hats in my face. “Joe I don’t know just pick one.” I said shoving the hats back to him. “Fine I will go ask Aubrey at least she will give me an answer.” he said irritated. I went on looking and picking out clothes I couldn’t decide on what to wear.


My face was crimson. I fanned my hand in front of myself I was boiling. “I cant believe you said that you idiot!” I whispered angrily to myself. I paced around the small room for a little bit. Then I heard Joe humming and walk into the room.
“hey I need your advice.” he said walking up to me. I could feel the heat finally leave my cheeks. “What do ya need Joe?” I asked facing him. “Which hat?” he held two hats towards me. “that one.” I said pointing to the hat that looked just like the one in the SOS video. “thanks.” he said and sat down.
“Why are you still in pajamas?” he asked. “Because I am to lazy to put on real clothes but I will for the concert don’t worry.” I said smiling. “Well you could wear those if you wanted to because I like them.” he smiled. That boy just never quit smiling and I never want him to because his smile always brightens me up. My phone began to vibrate and play ‘Torn Into Pieces’ by Kelly Clarkson. It was my dad…
A- me
D- my dad

A- hey dad
D- we need to talk
A- uh ok Joe looked over at me
D- where are you right now?
A- at home I lied
D- no you’re not…
A- how would you know?
D- Because if you were at home I would’ve picked you up.
A- But I never said I was gonna come with you
D- I decided that 3 months without seeing your father was wrong so I was gonna go pick you up but you weren’t there and your mom wouldn’t tell me everything
A- well I’m not at home ok I’m with the Jonas Brothers you know that band I love but you wouldn’t know that.
D- don’t mouth me! And how dare you go off without even telling me!
A- why do you care! Joe was looking concerned
D- you are just like your bitchy mother!
A- don’t you ever call her that! You never cared about anyone but you so don’t even start to apologize or whatever the hell you do because its not gonna work this time! I’m done with this bull-crap!
hangs up

I couldn’t help it I had never talked to my dad that way but somehow the courage came to me but now I was crying. “What happened?” Joe’s eyes met mine. His face had concern written all over it. “My dad.” was all I could manage to let out. Joe’s arms came around me. The tears were still rolling. “Shh.” he said calmly holding me tight as I clung to him holding on to my sanity.
Time passed I knew it had been a while. Finally the tears stopped and I looked up at Joe. “Please don’t tell anyone about that.” I begged. “I wouldn’t but if you don’t mind me asking what happened?” he said as we sat down. “It was my dad calling to supposedly to check on me but really it was just a cover up like everything he tells me is.” I sighed. “I’m sorry. Your dad is stupid if he cant see how absolutely wonderful you are.” he ran his hand down my arm. “Joe it’s 9:00 and Mom wants to talk with all of us. You know how she is about concerts.” Kevin yelled so Joe left.
I messed around with Brooke and rolling chairs for about two hours it was now 11:00. “Ok I’m done I don’t wanna get ran over again.” Brooke said as she got off the chair. “Alright I’m bored why did we have to come here so freaking early.” I complained. “Because right now we are going to lunch and then after that the real excitement begins.” I heard Kevin say as he came up to us.
We headed off to the meeting room. Everyone was already there and talking. Nick seen me and waved his hand for me to come sit by him. Well I’m glad he isn’t mad about my stupid comment…oh no what if he wants to talk about it. Well its to late because now I’m over there. I sat down and put some food on my plate as everyone else had. Brooke was sitting by Kevin and seemed deeply engrossed in him.
Joe came over and sat on the other side of me. Food piled on his plate it was a mountain of food. I shook my head but he just smiled. I ate my food listening to the conversations passing through the table hearing small bits and pieces of everyone’s conversations. “Aubrey?” I snapped out of my trance it was Nick. “Ya.” I said now facing him. “You haven’t talked at all.” he said looking at me almost concerned. “Oh sorry I was listening to everyone I like to observe.” I laughed lightly. “Well that’s a shame because I would rather observe you than you observe me.” he gave a small smile. My face began to get red. He turned away and ate some more never speaking another word.
My mind was going zany. Did Nick Jonas really just say he liked to observe me meaning he liked to look at me? No way…impossible. Lunch finally ended it was 1:00 pm. Man we had been in here for a while. We all left to go and start getting ready for the concert. Brooke and I followed the boys out and around so we didn’t get lost.
We all walked into this room some people were already in there. “So what are you guys gonna watch us get all fixed up?” Joe asked finally noticing we were behind them. “Well maybe we wanna get all gussied up.” I said as a comeback. “I don’t think even professionals could fix you.” he smirked. “Oh no you didn’t.” my mouth dropped open. I started to make tears form in my eyes. “Oh my god no Aubrey I wasn’t serious I’m so sorry.” he spoke in concern. I looked up at him, “Gotcha.” I laughed. “You meany how dare you go all actress on me.” Joe said shocked. “Oh calm down.” I laughed at him.
Time flew by. Me and Brooke got ready in our cool outfits and our makeup. We looked good if I say so myself. It was 6:00 pm. The concert started at 8:00 and now it was time for sound check. We watched the guys sing beautifully on stage. Sound check ended as we all got ready for the wicked concert tonight. It was 7:27 pm people were waiting outside.
“You guys gonna wish us luck before you get consumed in the crowd?” Nick asked looking right at me. “Well ya.” me and Brooke both said. I gave Kevin a hug and let Brooke talk to him the rest. “Good luck.” I said as I gave Joe a hug. He lifted me up. “Ahh! Joe put me down!” I screamed he laughed and set me down. “I needed a scream for good luck.” a smirk crossed his face. When I was gonna wish nick good luck it got awkward for me. “Well good luck.” I halfway murmured. “Ya thanks I hope your feeling alright I would hate for you to get trampled if you passed out.” he smiled. “I’m fine.” I laughed. He gave me a peck on the cheek and they all walked away.
I froze. My cheeks got hot. Brooke dragged us to our seats. “What?” she asked looking at me. “Nick gave me a kiss on the cheek.” I smiled. “How cute.” she laughed. “Ya well you know maybe seeing Nick with no shirt on wasn’t so bad.” we both laughed. Crowds and mobs of fans came in the concert was about to begin.
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