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Chapter 18 - Keep on guessing...

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Ryan has to keep on guessing... and so will you... Muahahahahaaaaaa

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Chapter 18 – Keep on guessing…

“Do you know what day it is today?” Ryan asked surreptitiously.
“Urm, Wednesday, I think, or maybe Thursday,” Brendon said, though still unsure.
“It’s Tuesday, dumbass, but it’s more than that,” Ryan retorted.
“Have I forgotten something? It’s not your birthday and it’s definitely not my birthday. It’s not Easter or Christmas so…” Brendon started, still pondering.
“Keep guessing,” Ryan encouraged.
“Oh just tell me pleeeease.”
“Okay, if you really don’t know. It’s our 2 week anniversary, today. What would that be? Gold is 50 years, silver is 25…”
“Bubble wrap maybe? I’ll get you some later but 1st we need to cebrelate,” Brendon said excitedly.
“Don’t you mean celebrate?”
“Naah, celebrating is for dipshits. Only cool people like us get to cebrelate,” Brendon replied, grinning.
Grabbing Ryan’s hand, Brendon dragged him out the door and up the road.
“Where are we going, Bren?” Ryan panted, after a while.
“It’s a surprise. You won’t know till we get there.”
At the end of the road, Ryan was relieved to find a taxi waiting.
“Get in, Ry.” Brendon commanded.
“Bren, where are we going?” Ryan pleaded. “You know I can’t stand surprises.”
“Yes I do and that makes it all the more fun. Anywho, you’ll like this one.” Brendon said, as he climbed in the back and closed the door.
The taxi pulled up in a familiar looking car park, but Ryan still didn’t know where he was. The both got out; Brendon paid the driver and then went to open the trunk. Pulling out two suitcases, he wheeled them over to Ryan.
“Happy anniversary, Ryan. We’re going on holiday!” Brendon said, laughing at Ryan’s gobsmacked expression.
“I… I thought this was the bubble wrap anniversary, not holidays. You acted like you couldn’t remember, damn you, and I believed you.” Ryan babbled, hugging Brendon tightly. “Hang on, you still haven’t told me exactly where we are going.”
“All, in good time, my dear Ryan,” Brendon said, smugly and with that he walked up to the door of the airport and went in.

Aaaw Ryan didn’t have any idea what was going on. I still haven’t worked out how Brendon packed Ryan’s clothes without him noticing they were missing but oh well, never mind eh?
Xxx Nica xxX
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