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Dramatis Personae

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Category: Redwall - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Published: 2006-02-16 - Updated: 2006-02-17 - 765 words


Name: Tigron Sandstar
Species: Sand marten male
Designation: Wraith Lieutenant
Notes: Wields Dawn (longsword) and Dusk (scythe).

Name: Raezel Snowdance
Species: Snow fox female
Designation: Wraith Lieutenant
Notes: Wields Frost (dual-bladed sickle staff)

Name: Tritan Longspear
Species: Rat male
Designation: Wraith Grand Marshal
Notes: Wields Shadowrend (spear); Lord of Bladestone; husband of Serai

Name: Serai Galecut
Species: Rat female
Designation: Wraith Arbiter
Notes: Wields Mist and Rain (long daggers); Lady of Bladestone; wife of Tritan

Name: Rid Razorfang
Species: Wildcat male
Designation: Templar War Marshal
Notes: Wields Rocksunder (greatsword); very strong and agile

Name: Veetyr Crossback
Species: Stoat female
Designation: Praetorian Centurion
Notes: Wife of Blindsight

Name: Blindsight (formerly: Tadochi)
Species: Stoat male
Designation: Wraith Captain
Notes: Wields Fade (Eastern straight saber) and Unseen gear; trained as an Unseen; husband of Veetyr

Name: Kleea Silverstorm
Species: Weasel female
Designation: Wraith Major
Notes: Wields Stormcaller(s) (dual three-bladed wrist blades)

Name: Slydant
Species: Fox male
Designation: High Templar Praetor

Name: Tred
Species: Rat male
Designation: Templar (Pathfinder) Sergeant

Name: Zine Trueblade
Species: Weasel male
Designation: Wraith Captain
Notes: Wields Heartseeker (long rapier); hopeless female-chaser

Name: Felgara Whipclaw
Species: Ferret female
Designation: Wraith Captain
Notes: Wields Windtear (warchain)

Name: Herin Flickerfist
Species: Weasel male
Designation: Wraith Major
Notes: Wields Glimmer (broadsword)

Name: Elvop
Species: Pine marten male
Designation: Templar Captain (Echo Company, 125th Line Battalion)

Name: Caerev
Species: Weasel female
Designation: Templar Captain (Bravo Company, 242nd Archery Battalion)

Name: Suranto Hammerpaw
Species: Rat male
Designation: Templar Captain (Alpha Company, 124th Line Battalion)

Name: Diis
Species: Stoat female
Designation: High Templar Tribune

Name: Blikot
Species: Rat male
Designation: Pathfinder Sergeant Major


Name: Vivian
Species: Mouse female
Designation: Abbess of Redwall

Name: Wallace
Species: Mouse male
Designation: Warrior of Redwall
Note: Wields the sword of Martin the Warrior (paw-and-a-half sword)

Name: Winopal
Species: Otter female
Designation: Otter Warrior
Notes: Adept with lance, sling, and short sword

Name: Audrin
Species: Bank vole male
Designation: Recorder of Redwall

Name: Minerva
Species: Badger female
Designation: Mother of Redwall

Name: Danforth Bouncefoot Fangleton Townes
Species: Hare male
Designation: Redwall hare fighter
Notes: Uses lance and saber

Name: Leena
Species: Harvest mouse female
Designation: Infirmary assistant
Notes: Very skilled with the saber

Name: Treamyst
Species: Squirrel female
Designation: Assistant gatekeeper
Notes: Skilled with otter (dual-ended) javelin


Name: Felblade
Species: Badger male
Designation: Badger Lord of Salamandastron
Notes: Wields personalized halberd

Name: Lucio
Species: Hare male
Designation: Long Patrol Colonel
Notes: Excellent saber-fighter and bowbeast; experienced campaigner

Name: Grimtooth
Species: Stoat male
Designation: Horde Chief
Notes: Wields a ceremonial, functional battleaxe; very large and strong for a stoat

Name: Tanth
Species: Ferret male
Designation: Senior Officer
Notes: Adept with the long rapier

Name: Veredia
Species: Ferret female
Designation: Personal slave of Grutor
Notes: Skilled with bow and batons; abused horribly by Grutor

Name: Keruki
Species: Kangaroo rat female
Designation: Unseen
Weapon: Wields Nightwhisper (chain-sickle); immigrated from the eastern islands; trained as an Unseen


Name: Malcan Oakrune*
Species: Squirrel male
Designation: King of Southsward; Lord of Castle Floret
Notes: Skilled with broadsword; husband of Malaya

Name: Malaya Oakrune*
Species: Squirrel female
Designation: Queen of Southsward; Lady of Castle Floret
Notes: Wields Skyfire (short rapier); wife of Malcan; one-time companion of Riala Goldentail

Name: Canaya Oakrune
Species: Squirrel female
Designation: Princess of Southsward; Mistress of Castle Floret
Notes: Daughter of Malcan and Malaya

Name: Brookrudd
Species: Otter male
Designation: Captain of Castle Floret


Name: Nightalon
Species: Raven male
Designation: King of Phoenix Eyrie

Name: Steelwing
Species: Raven female
Designation: Pinionmaster

Name: Kiern*
Species: Stoat male
Designation: Nighthunt Chieftain
Notes: Very adept with the saber; mate of Astarte

Name: Astarte Darkmoon*
Species: Stoat female
Designation: Nightclaw Captain
Notes: Very adept with the saber; mate of Kiern

Name: Loamstar Lothame*
Species: Fox female
Designation: Nighteye Subcaptain
Notes: Skilled with the glaive; brother of Bladefall

Name: Bloodmoon*
Species: Fox female
Designation: Nightclaw Subcaptain
Notes: Skilled with the scimitar; seer, mate of Bladefall

Name: Swiftblade*
Species: Ferret male
Designation: Nightfang Captain
Notes: Skilled knife-thrower

Name: Bladefall Lothame*
Species: Fox male
Designation: Nightblood Captain
Notes: Excellent knife-fighter; brother of Loamstar; mate of Bloodmoon


Name: Anukronis
Species: Dire wolf-form Dervaga male
Designation: Overlord
Notes: Wields Deathculler (longsword)

Name: Nepskya
Species: Sabercat-form Dervaga female
Designation: Overlord
Notes: Wields Lifestealer (twin-headed spear)

Name: Hermaset
Species: Jackal-form Dervaga male
Designation: Underlord
Notes: Wields Virulence (spear)

Tsarmina (Wildcat)
Verdauga (Wildcat)
Fortunata (Vixen)

Badrang (Stoat)
Tramun Clogg (Stoat)
Skalrag (Fox)

Ferragho (Weasel)
Dethbrush (Fox)
Klitch (Weasel)

Swartt (Ferret)
Zigu (Ferret)
Nightshade (Vixen)

Gabool (Rat)
Flogga (Rat)
Greypatch (Rat)

Urgan Nagru (fox)
Silvamord (fox)
Bluebane (rat)

Krakulat (crow)
Bonebeak (female crow)
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