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Chapter 2- The Standout Alter Team

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In HOLY the Alters are placed on teams in order to carry out their missions that they are given. the most noticeable team is compiled of Zansuke and Koji. This team stands out among all the others. Today this team's assignment they have to scout out the area where a rescue mission will take place. If they run into unregistered alters then they are to defeat all the alter users and report back.As they were scouting around Zansuke said to koji "I don't see anything do you?" as they were walking koji replied "Dude I lived out here remember to me this place is home but, concerning the mission no I don't." so as they continued there scouting mission they noticed a shadow of two people so they continued with caution until the native alters sprang there trap and jumped our heroes then ultimately it was there Nemesis's Yuda who is just a regular native who loves to fight and Muso a former HOLY and HOLD general who was obsessed with power. After the trap had sprung Muso, the former HOLY and HOLD member, attacked Koji. His alter activated and it is called Grim Reaper. A large scythe with a black staff and the blade is blotted red. The main color is black and according to Muso it has the ability to kill any human it cuts even if the wound is not fatal. instantly Koji used his alter power, Kogarasumaru, a samurai in his armor and wielding his sword. Kogarasumaru jumped in front of Muso's attack and the two clash and try to overpower the other. Yuda then attacked Zansuke after she lunched at him with her alter. Her alter makes a igneous arm shield and allows her to shoot fire balls out of the holes in the igneous then Zansuke got his alter in stage one the ice rod. As she charged him he hit her arm and she threw a fire ball at him and he blocked it meanwhile Kogarasumaru and Muso push off and slide. They then stand up and charge once more this time their weapons clashing then being pulled back and once again swung for the attack and hopefully defeat of the opponent. Then yuda and zansuke clash and she throws fire balls but, zansuke jumps to dodge then right in time. and they clash together again and this time when they clash zansuke lifts his rod under her arm and throws her but, while shes being throw she throws a fireball at zansuke and he blocks it and she lands. Will our heroes survive read more next time
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